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Top 100 Lowest Volume Stocks

I like to call these bugs bunny stocks, you know, stocks that have only an average of a few hundred shares/day (mind your Berkshire Hathaway has a volume of a few hundred shares a day, but each share of that stock costs more than $100k). The thing about low volume stocks is that extremely vulnerable to manipulation. For example, if a stock that is trading at $5 has an average volume of 1,000 shares/day, then a trade of $10,000 (2,000 shares) will greatly affect that stock.

Without any further delay, here is the list of the top 100 stocks that have the lowest volume (in both the NYSE and the NASDAQ):

Rank Company Symbol Average Volume Last Volume Price
1 Bear Stearns Depositor TZF 55 205 28.14
2 River Valley Bancorp RIVR 177 300 16.35
3 Merrill Lynch Can HCH 192 300 130.00
4 Liberty Global, Inc. LBTYB 228 200 42.94
5 Haverty Furniture HVT-A 305 100 11.04
6 Moog Inc. Class B MOG-B 322 3500 41.00
7 Grupo Casa Saba SAB 358 1800 16.50
8 Park Bancorp, Inc PFED 389 100 3.00
9 Synthetic Fixed GJI 394 1000 25.11
10 Rand Capital Corporation RAND 405 10452 2.98
11 National Security NSEC 419 300 11.32
12 Constellation Brands STZ-B 422 100 20.32
13 WVS Financial Corporation WVFC 459 124 9.0857
14 Seneca Foods Corporation SENEB 495 660 25.47
15 FFD Financial Corporation FFDF 553 2300 16.00
16 Webster Preferred WBSTP 573 2002 10.80
17 Daily Journal Corporation DJCO 591 1344 73.00
18 Kent Financial Services KENT 691 200 1.1901
19 Gyrodyne Company GYRO 752 700 65.01
20 Sonesta International SNSTA 764 400 18.99
21 Jeffersonville Bancorp JFBC 800 1200 10.06
22 Citizens First Co CZFC 811 2200 7.40
23 Helix Biopharma C HBP 817 300 3.05
24 Glen Burnie Banco GLBZ 825 2799 8.4999
25 John Wiley & Sons JW-B 851 100 50.02
26 Ohio Legacy Corpo OLCB 866 1400 1.24
27 Elements BG Small BSC 906 600 12.9701
28 Lehman ABS Corpor CVB 911 2800 10.64
29 Forest City Enter FCE-B 917 17500 17.90
30 SYNTHETIC FIXED F GJK 922 2200 24.99
31 Structured Produc KRJ 934 200 25.8288
32 Mayflower Bancorp MFLR 948 800 8.8001
33 The Elmira Saving ESBK 956 625 16.45
34 BB&T Corporation MSDXP 973 2265 27.70
35 Electro-Sensors, ELSE 1000 1400 4.38
36 Landmark Bancorp LARK 1047 4700 16.00
37 Sterling Bancshar SBIBN 1055 500 25.69
38 Annapolis Bancorp ANNB 1127 154 4.14
39 James Hardie Indu JHX 1130 100 31.06
40 Birner Dental Man BDMS 1139 200 20.898
41 Synthetic Fixed-I GJH 1155 6500 9.34
42 Investors Real Es IRETP 1159 400 25.80
43 Lehman ABS Corp 6 XFR 1162 600 25.15
44 Siebert Financial SIEB 1172 2418 1.52
45 Lehman ABS Cp 7.8 JBI 1190 1504 26.45
46 Lehman ABS Corp C JZT 1190 2254 24.92
47 Trust Ctfs 2002 1 TZK 1239 1200 25.10
48 Evans Bancorp, In EVBN 1286 2700 13.77
49 TSR, Inc. TSRI 1292 1915 4.84
50 SVB Financial Gro SIVBO 1334 820 24.86
51 Lehman ABS Corpor XKO 1334 440 10.92
52 DNB Financial Cor DNBF 1338 5000 10.40
53 MS Structured Ass HJG 1402 1500 24.01
54 iPath Pure Beta B BCM 1408 900 48.07
55 PreferredPlus Tr PJR 1409 975 25.25
56 Preferred Plus Tr PJA 1425 600 25.70
57 Lehman ABS Corp 7 JZV 1456 2575 25.03
58 McCormick & Compa MKC-V 1466 711 48.7701
59 Merrill Lynch Dep PYV 1467 750 25.16
60 Corts Tr Boeing C HYM 1477 2101 25.50
61 Structured Produc KTN 1498 200 27.97
62 Bank of South Car BKSC 1528 430 10.35
63 New Century Banco NCBC 1538 2142 4.2601
64 Structured Produc HYY 1539 400 25.35
65 MS Structured Ass HJA 1564 6066 25.25
66 First Bancshares, FBSI 1567 200 6.75
67 Fauquier Bankshar FBSS 1578 100 12.14
68 Merrill Lynch Dep CPP 1594 1300 25.13
69 Preferred Plus Tr PKJ 1595 324 25.35
70 Harleysville Savi HARL 1609 2550 14.98
71 Community Financi CFFC 1642 300 3.53
72 Investors Title C ITIC 1675 857 38.10
73 New York Communit HAVNP 1676 4423 11.40
74 Good Times Restau GTIM 1697 810 1.77
75 Hubbell Inc A Com HUB-A 1717 8051 54.00
76 ACNB Corporation ACNB 1727 1543 15.286
77 First Community Corporation FCCO 1747 1040 6.58
78 Nobility Homes NOBH 1765 2036 7.90
79 Plumas Bancorp PLBC 1809 520 2.1494
80 Lehman ABS Corpororation JZS 1817 200 23.36
81 Stratus Properties STRS 1823 194 13.58
82 Norwood Financial NWFL 1844 300 26.755
83 HMN Financial, Inc. HMNF 1881 200 2.35
84 Lehman ABS 6.30 JBO 1923 2863 23.50
85 Mesa Laboratories MLAB 1941 500 33.06
86 North Central Banshares FFFD 1956 3100 17.64
87 Community Bank CBIN 1963 2300 10.50
88 MS Structured Asset DKQ 1966 300 22.39
89 Bel Fuse Inc. BELFA 1973 8200 20.60
90 Pax MSCI North America NASI 1997 357 27.99
91 Perfumania Holdings PERF 2055 1051 13.33
92 Citizens Community Bank CZWI 2059 400 6.28
93 Baldwin & Lyons BWINA 2072 732 25.69
94 Lehman ABS 3.50 JBK 2083 2075 22.22
95 Saturns Goldman Sachs DKP 2102 1698 24.02
96 TIB Financial Cor TIBB 2141 882 13.00
97 Merrill Lynch Dep PKH 2188 1300 25.51
98 Lehman ABS Corpor CWZ 2203 2050 26.03
99 PPlus Trust Ser C PYJ 2223 867 25.20
100 California First CFNB 2266 1084 15.52


– Only NYSE and NASDAQ stocks are included in this list. This list does not include AMEX and OTC stocks.
– There are some stocks such as PGEB that have an average volume of 5 stocks a day, but I’ve opted not to list them because they didn’t have any volume this last Friday. I wanted to list only active stocks.

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Is BAC a Good Buy?

I have traded BAC many many times before, and I have stopped trading it back in January. The reason why I stopped trading it is because it was one of the very few stocks (and the only non-bear stock) that I have lost money on. It’s not that I think this stock is jinxed, it’s just that I’m now burned so many times before because of BAC that I dread even thinking about buying it.

In any case, the stock is currently trading below the $10 level, which means that the stock is, by all standards, cheap. But the question is, is it a good buy?

Here are some facts about Bank of America:

– It is still one of the most powerful banks in the United States, with some exposure to Europe (and its myriad of problems).
– Its market capitalization has dropped below $100 billion for the first time since April 2009 (when recession was at its peak)
– It is resolving, slowly but surely, its problems with the government.
– It is addressing its exposure to the sub-mortgage crisis.
– Its stock is trading at its lowest since April of 2009.
– Its stock has been showing bearish technical movement since mid 2010 (which means it will take some time to confirm that the stock has reversed the bearish trend).
– Its stock is consistently outperformed by that of Citigroup (Hmmm, check my article about Transocean and Noble, maybe at one point BAC will catch up with C)
– Its stock is trading more than 50% below its book value (which is $20.29).
– Bank of America is here to stay.
– The gloomy days are over, it’s just that investors (like me) really hate this stock and are afraid of it.
– Once the bank shows a positive EPS, the stock will jump!

I think BAC has a huge chance of becoming a good stock, simply because it is way undervalued by most standards, and the bank has a huge potential once the sky becomes clear. But I will definitely stay away from it until I see a clear sign that BAC has reverted its bearish trend.

I am constantly monitoring LinkedIn’s Stock (NYSE:LNKD), and I can’t help but comment on this stock (even though I will never ever trade it): This stock is one of the most overvalued stocks of all times, here’s why:

– It is currently trading at a P/E ratio of around 2,800 (2,770 at this very moment). Which means that it will take LinkedIn 2,800 years to buy back its public debt with the current earnings.

– LinkedIn might be soon crushed by Facebook, Google, or maybe another emerging social website.

– LinkedIn has one of the worst CTR of all time (some say that the CTR on LinkedIn’s “targeted” ads is less than 0.01%). This is because of the demographics of LinkedIn’s visitors.

– LinkedIn can be easily cloned. It’s not the most intelligent website on this planet.

– There was no reason (other than to fill the founders’ pockets) for LinkedIn to go public. Think about it, why did they need the money in the first place? The company was making enough and it was profitable.

I guess everyone who’s long on LNKD is either a sucker or is someone who knows something I don’t. In my opinion, there will be another market crash because of all these junk stocks (such as LNKD, YOKU, DANG, and maybe FB) in the next year or two.

Let’s see!

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What Is a Good P/E Ratio?

A P/E Ratio (meaning the Stock Price/Earnings ratio) is an important metric in assessing the health of a stock. A P/E Ratio is simply the price of the stock divided by the current yearly earnings per share. Let’s look at C (NYSE:C). C has a current price of $39.72 and its current yearly earnings (also known as EPS or Earnings Per Share) are $3.29. This means that C’s P/E ratio is $39.72 / $3.29 = 12.07. In other words, it will take Citigroup 12 years to buy back all its stock provided it can sustain the current EPS. Generally, the lower the P/E ratio is, the more of a bargain the stock is. However, this is not always the case….

I have discussed before the dangers of a low P/E ratio; in short, a very low P/E means that the investors do not trust neither the company nor its stock. This is generally due to a gloomy future that the investors believe that the company will face.

On the other hand, a very high P/E ratio means that the investors have high hopes and expectations about the stock, and the company persistently beats their expectations. Examples of stocks trading at a very high P/E ratio are: NFLX (P/E ratio is 76), AMZN (P/E ratio is 93), and LNKD (P/E ratio is 2825, which makes it one of the most overvalued stocks of all time).

So, we know now that both very high and very low P/E ratios are not signs of healthy stocks. So what is a good P/E ratio?

I think a P/E ratio between 10 and 30 is a good P/E ratio, it’s not that high, it’s not that low. Anything falling between 15 and 20 is ideal. Keep in mind, however, that a good P/E ratio alone is not the one and only sign of a good stock, there are many other factors that should be taken into consideration before deciding on buying a stock…

AAPL keeps outperforming the market with its stronger than expected results. The stock has moved from a low of $315 back in June 20th to a record $400 yesterday. The stock touched the $400.00 level for a second yesterday but eventually closed at $1.50 shy of that number (still a record though).

I expect AAPL to close above the $400 level today, and if the stock maintains a price above the $400 for the remainder of the week, then expect it to skyrocket next week, and who knows maybe it may reach $500 by the end of next week.

But the question is, how much is AAPL really worth?

Apple, as stated earlier in this post, keeps beating estimates every quarter, and there is no reason for it whatsoever to trade at a P/E of a mere 15.77. A P/E of 25 is fairer and more logical. Which means that a fair price for AAPL, if we take the current earnings into consideration (EPS = $25.26), should be 25 x $25.26 = $631.25. Yes, AAPL is worth 57% more than what it is worth today. Beware though, AAPL may collapse if the following happens:

– People start hating their products
– Mass media start conspiring against Apple and badmouthing them (I think they’ve done it before)
– Steve Jobs dies

Is AAPL too big to fail? I think not, but at the current moment, nobody wants it to fail, and that’s what really counts.

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List of All TSX Listed Stocks

A few days ago, I published a list of all the companies listed in the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) market. Someone commented on the article and asked for a list of all the stocks listed in the TSX. The reason I didn’t publish it back then is because some companies have more than one stock associated with them, and I only wanted to list the companies back then (with no duplicates).

So, how many stocks are listed in the TSX? Well, there are 2,269 listed stocks, but there are only a few hundred of them that get a decent volume.

So here it is, a list of all the stocks currently active in the TSX! I hope someone, somewhere will find it useful (probably that someone is someone who’s interested in the Canadian stock market)!

Stock Symbol Company Name
AAB Aberdeen Int’l. J
AAB.WT Aberdeen Intl. Wt J
AAH Aastra Technologies
AAV Advantage Oil & Gas
AAV.DB.D Advantage 7.75% Deb
AAV.DB.G Advantage Oil 8% Db
AAV.DB.H Advantage Oil 5% Db
ABC Asia Bio-Chem Group
ABH AbitibiBowater Inc.
ABK.A Allbanc Split A Cap
ABK.PR.B Allbanc Split Pr B
ABO.A Arbor Memorial Cl A
ABO.B Arbor Memorial Cl B
ABT Absolute Software J
ABX Barrick Gold Corp
AC.A Air Canada Cl A VV
AC.B Air Canada Cl B
AC.WT Air Canada Wt
ACC Amica Mature Lfstyle
ACD Accord Financial
ACE.A ACE Aviation Hldg VV
ACE.B ACE Aviation Hldg V
ACM.A Astral Media Cl A NV
ACM.B Astral Media Cl B SV
ACO.X Atco Ltd. Cl I NV
ACO.Y Atco Ltd. Cl II
ACQ AutoCanada Inc.
AD Alaris Royalty Corp.
ADA Acadian Mng Corp. J
ADC.UN Cdn Advantg Conv Un
ADN Acadian Timber Corp.
ADW.A Andrew Peller A NV
ADW.B Andrew Peller Ltd. B
AEF Aurora Oil&Gas Ord J
AEI Arsenal Energy Inc J
AEM Agnico-Eagle Mines
AEM.WT.U Agnico-Eagle Wt USF
AEN Antrim Energy Inc. J
AER Groupe Aeroplan Inc
AER.PR.A Groupe Aeroplan Pr 1
AEU.UN ACTIVEnergy Incm Un
AEZ AEterna Zentaris Inc
AF AlarmForce Ind J
AFN Ag Growth Int’l Inc.
AFN.DB Ag Growth Intl 7% Db
AG.DB Arctic Glacier Deb
AG.UN Arctic Glacier Tr Un
AGB.UN Aston Agribusnss Un
AGF.B AGF Management B NV
AGI Alamos Gold Inc. J
AGT Alliance Grain Trade
AGU Agrium Inc.
AHX Adherex Technology J
AHX.WT Adherex Tech Wt J
AHY.UN Advntg Cdn HiYld Bnd
AIF Altus Group Limited
AIF.DB Altus Group 5.75% Db
AKL Akela Pharma Inc. J
AKT.A Akita Drill Cl A NV
AKT.B Akita Drilling Cl B
ALA AltaGas Ltd.
ALA.PR.A AltaGas Ltd Sr A Pr
ALB Allbanc Splt 2 Cap A
ALB.PR.B Allbanc Splt 2 Pr B
ALB.WT Allbanc Split II Wt
ALC Algoma Central Corp
ALC.DB Algoma Central 6% Db
ALD Allied Gold Ord J
ALS Altius Minerals Corp
AM Automodular Corp
AMC Alexis Minerals J
AMF Amorfix Life J
AMM Almaden Minerals
ANS Ainsworth Lumber Co
ANS.WT Ainsworth Lumber Wt
ANV Allied Nevada Gold J
ANX Anaconda Mining J
AOG.UN Brompton Advntg Un
AP.UN Allied Prop. REIT Un
APV ARISE Technologies J
APV.WT ARISE Technology Wt
APY Anglo Pacific Ord
AQA Aquila Resources J
AQL Aeroquest Int’l Ltd.
AQN Algonquin Power Corp
AQN.DB.A Algonquin Pwr 6.35Db
AQN.DB.B Algonquin Pwr 7% Deb
AR Argonaut Gold Inc. J
AR.WT Argonaut Gold Wt J
ARE Aecon Group Inc.
ARE.DB Aecon Group 7% Deb
ARE.DB.A Aecon Group 6.25% Db
ARF Armtec Infrstcture
ARF.DB Armtec Infras 6.5 Db
ARG Amerigo Resources J
ARL Africo Resources J
ARX ARC Resources Ltd.
ARZ Aurizon Mines J
ASR Alacer Gold Corp. J
ASR.DB Alacer Gold Deb J
ATA ATS Automation Tool
ATB Atrium Innovations
ATD.A Alimentation Cl A MV
ATD.B Alimentation Cl B SV
ATH Athabasca Oil Sand J
ATN Atna Resources J
ATP Atlantic Power
ATP.DB Atlantic Pwr 6.5 Deb
ATP.DB.A Atlantic Pwr 6.25 Db
ATP.DB.B Atlantic Pwr 5.6% Db
AUE Aureus Mining Inc. J
AUI.UN Australia BncIncm Un
AUM Golden Minerals J
AUQ AuRico Gold Inc. J
AUZ.UN Australia BancSec Un
AV.UN Brompton Adv VIP Un
AVF AvenEx Energy Corp.
AVK Avnel Gold Mining J
AVL Avalon Rare Metals J
AVL.WT Avalon Rare Mtl Wt J
AVM Anvil Mining Ltd.
AVP Avcorp Industries
AVR Avion Gold Corp. J
AW.UN A&W Revenue Rylty Un
AX.DB.C Artis REIT C Deb
AX.DB.E Artis REIT E Deb
AX.DB.F Artis REIT F Deb
AXL Anderson Energy Ltd.
AXL.DB Anderson Engy 7.5%Db
AXL.DB.B Anderson Engy 7.25Db
AXR Alexco Resource J
AXY Alterra Power Corp J
AYX Auryx Gold Corp. J
AZ Armistice Resource J
AZC Augusta Resource J
AZD Azure Dynamics J
BA Bell Aliant Inc.
BAA Banro Corporation J
BAA.WT Banro Corp. Wt J
BAB.UN Build America Bnd Un
BAD Badger Daylighting
BAF.PR.A Bell Aliant Pf Eq Pr
BAJ Baja Mining Corp J
BAM.A Brookfld Asset A LV
BAM.PR.B Brookfld Asset Pr 2
BAM.PR.C Brookfld Asset Pr 4
BAM.PR.E Brookfld Asset Pr 8
BAM.PR.G Brookfld Asset Pr 9
BAM.PR.H Brookfld Asset Pr 10
BAM.PR.I Brookfld Asset Pr 11
BAM.PR.J Brookfld Asset Pr 12
BAM.PR.K Brookfld Asset Pr 13
BAM.PR.L Brookfld Asset Pr 14
BAM.PR.M Brookfld Asset Pr 17
BAM.PR.N Brookfld Asset Pr 18
BAM.PR.O Brookfld Asset Pr 21
BAM.PR.P Brookfld Asset Pr 22
BAM.PR.R Brookfld Asset Pr 24
BAM.PR.T Brookfld Asset Pr 26
BAM.PR.X Brookfld Asset Pr 28
BAN Bannerman Res Ord J
BAU Bauer Performance
BBD.A Bombardier Cl A MV
BBD.B Bombardier Cl B SV
BBD.PR.B Bombardier Ser 2 Pr
BBD.PR.C Bombardier 6.25% Pr
BBD.PR.D Bombardier Ser 3 Pr
BBL.A Brampton Brick A SV
BBO Big Bank Big Oil Cap
BBO.PR.A Big Bank Big Oil Pr
BCB Cott Corporation
BCE.PR.R BCE Inc. Pr Ser R
BCE.PR.S BCE Inc. Pr Ser S
BCE.PR.T BCE Inc. Pr Ser T
BCE.PR.Y BCE Inc. Pr Series Y
BCE.PR.Z BCE Inc. Pr Series Z
BCI New Look Eyewear J
BDI Black Diamond Group
BDT Bird Construction
BEI.UN Boardwalk REIT Un
BEK.B Becker Milk Cl B NV
BEV Bennett Env
BEV.WT Bennett Env Wt
BIG.A Big 8 Split Cl A Cap
BIG.PR.B Big 8 Split Inc Pr B
BIG.PR.C Big 8 Split Inc Pr C
BIN Progressive Waste
BIP.UN Brookfield Infras Un
BIR Birchcliff Energy
BK Cdn Banc Recovery A
BK.PR.A Cdn Banc Recovery Pr
BKI Black Iron Inc. J
BKP C.A. Bancorp Inc. J
BKX BNK Petroleum Inc. J
BLD Ballard Power Sys
BLS Boliden AB Ordinary
BLU BELLUS Health Inc.
BLX Boralex Inc. Cl A
BLX.DB Boralex Inc 6.75% Db
BMO Bank of Montreal
BMO.PR.H Bk of Mon Pr Ser 5
BMO.PR.J Bk of Mon Pr Ser 13
BMO.PR.K Bk of Mon Pr Ser 14
BMO.PR.L Bk of Mon Pr Ser 15
BMO.PR.M Bk of Mon Pr Ser 16
BMO.PR.N Bk of Mon Pr Ser 18
BMO.PR.O Bk of Mon Pr Ser 21
BMO.PR.P Bk of Mon Pr Ser 23
BMO.PR.Q Bk of Mon Pr Ser 25
BMO.PR.V Bk of Mon Pr 10 US
BNA.PR.B BAM Split Cl AA Pr 1
BNA.PR.C BAM Split Cl AA Pr 3
BNA.PR.D BAM Split Cl AA Pr 4
BNA.PR.E BAM Split Cl AA Pr 5
BNC Bioniche Life
BND.UN Investment Grade Un
BNE Bonterra Energy Corp
BNG Bengal Energy Ltd. J
BNK Bankers Petroleum J
BNK.WT.A Bankers Pete Wt A J
BNP Bonavista Energy
BNS Bank of Nova Scotia
BNS.PR.J Bank of N S Sr 12 Pr
BNS.PR.K Bank of N S Sr 13 Pr
BNS.PR.L Bank of N S Sr 14 Pr
BNS.PR.M Bank of N S Sr 15 Pr
BNS.PR.N Bank of N S Sr 16 Pr
BNS.PR.O Bank of N S Sr 17 Pr
BNS.PR.P Bank of N S Sr 18 Pr
BNS.PR.Q Bank of N S Sr 20 Pr
BNS.PR.R Bank of N S Sr 22 Pr
BNS.PR.S Bank of N S Sr 24 Pr
BNS.PR.T Bank of N S Sr 26 Pr
BNS.PR.X Bank of N S Sr 28 Pr
BNS.PR.Y Bank of N S Sr 30 Pr
BNS.PR.Z Bank of N S Sr 32 Pr
BOS Airboss of America J
BOX.UN Brookfld Office Prop
BOY Boyuan Constr J
BOY.DB Boyuan Constr Deb J
BOY.DB.A Boyuan Constr 10% Db
BPF.UN Boston Pizza Fnd Un
BPO Brookfield Office
BPO.PR.F Brookfld Office Pr F
BPO.PR.H Brookfld Office Pr H
BPO.PR.I Brookfld Office Pr I
BPO.PR.J Brookfld Office Pr J
BPO.PR.K Brookfld Office Pr K
BPO.PR.L Brookfld Office Pr L
BPO.PR.N Brookfld Office Pr N
BPO.PR.P Brookfld Office Pr P
BPO.PR.U Brookfld Off US Pr G
BPP.PR.G BPO Properties Pr G
BPP.PR.J BPO Properties Pr J
BPP.PR.M BPO Properties Pr M
BPV Bridgeport Ven J
BPV.WT Bridgeport Ven Wt J
BPV.WT.A Bridgeport Ven A WtJ
BQE BioteQ Environmntl J
BR Big Rock Brewery Inc
BRB Brick Brewing J
BRC.UN Brookfield Renew Un
BRD Brigus Gold Corp.
BRD.DB.U Brigus Gld 6.5% USDb
BRD.WT Brigus Gold Corp. Wt
BRD.WT.A Brigus Gld Corp Wt A
BRE Brookfield Rl Est RV
BRF.PR.A Brookfield Eqty A Pr
BRK Brick Ltd. (The)
BRK.DB Brick Ltd. 12% Deb
BRK.WT Brick Ltd. (The) Wt
BRP Brookfield Residentl
BRY Bri-Chem Corp.
BSC BNS Split Corp. II A
BSC.PR.B BNS Split II Pr 1
BSD.PR.A Brookfield Sndvst Pr
BSD.UN Brookfld Sndvest Cap
BSE.UN Brookfld Snd Eqty Un
BT Bonnett’s Energy
BTE Baytex Energy Corp.
BTO B2Gold Corp. J
BU Burcon NutraSc. J
BUC Bucking Horse Energy
BUI Buhler Industries
BWC Bridgewater Systems
BWE BioWest Therapeutc A
BWR Breakwater Resources
BWR.WT.A Breakwater Res Wt
BX BIOX Corporation J
BXE Bellatrix Expl Ltd.
BXE.DB.A Bellatrix 4.75% Deb
BXI BioExx Specialty J
BXS.DB.A Barclays Bank NtI-10
BXS.DB.B Barclays Bank NtI-26
BXS.DB.C Barclays Bank NtI-28
BYD.UN Boyd Group Fnd Tr Un
BZA American Bonanza J
CAB Claymre Advg Bond Un
CAB.A Claymre AdvgBond Adv
CAH.UN Cdn HighYld Focus Un
CAI.DB Cdn Income Mgt 7% Db
CAL Caledonia Mining
CAM Canam Group Inc.
CAM.DB Canam Group 6.25% Db
CAR.UN Cdn Apartment Tr Un
CAS Cascades Inc.
CAX Candax Energy Inc.
CAZ Caza Oil & Gas, J
CBB.UN Copernican Britsh Un
CBD Claymore IncmCore Un
CBD.A Claymre IncmCore Adv
CBN Claymore GrowCore Un
CBN.A Claymre GrowCore Adv
CBO Claymre 1-5YrCorp Un
CBO.A Claymre 1-5YrCorp Ad
CBQ Claymore BRIC ETF Un
CBQ.A Claymore BRIC Adv Un
CBR Claymre BrdCommod Un
CBR.A Claymre BrdCommod Ad
CBU 1st Asset CanBanc A
CBU.PR.A 1st Asset CanBanc Pr
CBW Copernican Split A
CBW.PR.A Copernican Split Pr
CBY Canada Bread Co Ltd.
CCA Cogeco Cable Inc SV
CCI.UN Cdn Convert Plus Un
CCL.A CCL Industries Cl A
CCL.B CCL Industries Cl B
CCM Canarc Resource J
CCO Cameco Corporation
CCP.UN Connor Clark Incm Un
CCP.WT Connor Clark Incm Wt
CCS.PR.C Co-operators Sr C Pr
CCS.PR.D Co-operators Sr D Pr
CCZ CriticalControl J
CDD.UN Core Cdn Dividend Un
CDG Candente Gold Corp J
CDH Corridor Resources
CDL.A Corby Distilleries
CDL.B Corby Distill B NV
CDM Coeur d’Alene Mines
CDS.DB Barrick Engy 4.75 Db
CDU Cardero Resource J
CDV COM DEV Int’l Ltd.
CDW.UN Canadian Wireless Un
CDZ Claymore CDN Div ETF
CDZ.A Claymore CDN Div Adv
CEE Centamin Egypt Ord
CEF.A Central Fund Cl A NV
CEF.U Central Fund A NV US
CEG Cerro Grande Mng J
CEK Caspian Energy Inc J
CEN Coastal Energy Co J
CET Cathedral Engy Serv
CEU Cdn Energy Serv&Tech
CEW Claymre EqWeight Un
CEW.A Claymore EqWght Adv
CEZ Calmena Energy Serv
CF Canaccord Financial
CF.PR.A Canaccord Fin A Pr
CFB Chieftain Metals J
CFG Cluff Gold plc Ord J
CFN.UN Carfinco Income Un
CFP Canfor Corporation
CFS CDN Fin & Utility A
CFS.PR.A CDN Fin & Utility Pr
CFT CE Franklin Ltd.
CFW Calfrac Well Serv
CFX Canfor Pulp Products
CG Centerra Gold Inc.
CGA CGA Mining Limited J
CGG China Gld Intl Res J
CGI Canadian General Inv
CGI.PR.B Cdn General 4.65% Pr
CGI.PR.C Cdn General 3.90% Pr
CGJ Carlisle Goldflds J
CGL Claymore Gld Bul Un
CGL.C Claymre GldBul Nn-hg
CGO Cogeco Inc. SV
CGQ Capital Gain Cap Yld
CGQ.E Capital Gain Eq Div
CGR Claymore Rl Est Un
CGR.A Claymore Rl Est Adv
CGX Cineplex Inc.
CGX.DB Cineplex Inc. 6% Deb
CHB Claymore HighYld Un
CHB.A Claymre HighYld AdUn
CHE.DB Chemtrade Logist Deb
CHE.UN Chemtrade Logistc Un
CHH Centric Health J
CHI Claymore China Un
CHI.A Claymre China Adv Un
CHL.A Cdn Helicopters Inc.
CHL.B Cdn Helicop Group VV
CHM Champion Minerals J
CHR.A Chorus Aviation A VV
CHR.B Chorus Aviation B V
CHR.DB Chorus Avtn 9.5% Db
CHW Chesswood Group Ltd.
CIB Claymre 10Yr Gov Bnd
CIC CanBanc Incm Eqty NV
CIE Claymore Intl IndxUn
CIE.A Claymore Intl IndxAd
CIF Claymore Infras Un
CIF.A Claymore Infras Adv
CIP.UN CI Master LP Units
CIQ.UN Cdn High Incm Eq Un
CIR Copernican Fin Cl A
CIR.PR.A Copernican Fin Pr
CIU.PR.A CU Inc. Pr Ser 1
CIU.PR.B CU Inc. Pr Ser 2
CIU.PR.C CU Inc. Pr Ser 4
CIW.UN Copernican Fin Tr Un
CIX CI Financial Corp.
CJP Claymore JapC$Hedged
CJP.A Claymore JapC$HdgAdv
CJR.B Corus Entrtmnt B
CJT Cargojet Inc.
CJT.A Cargojet Inc. VV
CJT.DB Cargojet Inc 7.5% Db
CKE Chinook Energy Inc.
CKI Clarke Inc.
CKI.DB Clarke Inc. 6% Deb
CKI.DB.A Clarke Inc. 6% Deb A
CLC CML HealthCare Inc.
CLF Claymre 1-5YrBond Un
CLF.A Claymre 1-5YrBnd Adv
CLK ClubLink Enterprises
CLL Connacher Oil & Gas
CLL.DB.A Connacher Oil 4.75Db
CLO Claymore Oil Sand Un
CLO.A Claymore Oil Adv Un
CLQ Cda Lithium Corp. J
CLQ.WT Cda Lithium Corp WtJ
CLR.DB.A Clearwater 7.25% Deb
CLR.DB.B Clearwater 10.5% Deb
CLR.UN Clrwater Seafoods Un
CLS Celestica Inc SV
CLT Celtic Expl Ltd.
CLU Claymore USFndmtl Un
CLU.A Claymore USFndmtl Ad
CLU.B Claymr US Fndmntl B
CLU.C Claymr US Fndmntl C
CM Cdn Imperial Bank
CM.PR.D Cdn Imp Bk Ser 26 Pr
CM.PR.E Cdn Imp Bk Ser 27 Pr
CM.PR.G Cdn Imp Bk Ser 29 Pr
CM.PR.H Cdn Imp Bk Ser 30 Pr
CM.PR.I Cdn Imp Bk Ser 31 Pr
CM.PR.J Cdn Imp Bk Ser 32 Pr
CM.PR.K Cdn Imp Bk Ser 33 Pr
CM.PR.L Cdn Imp Bk Ser 35 Pr
CM.PR.M Cdn Imp Bk Ser 37 Pr
CM.PR.P Cdn Imp Bk Ser 18 Pr
CMG Computer Modelling J
CMH Carmanah Tech Corp.
CMK Cline Mining Corp. J
CML Canickel Mining J
CMP.UN CMP Gold Trust Un
CMP.WT.B CMP Gold Trust B Wt
CMR Claymre MoneyMkt Un
CMR.A Claymre MoneyMkt Adv
CMT Compton Petroleum
CMT.WT Compton Pete Wt
CMW Claymore GlobeMng Un
CMW.A Claymore GlbeMng Adv
CNE Canacol Energy J
CNE.DB Canacol Energy J Deb
CNH Cinch Energy Corp. J
CNJ Cangene Corporation
CNL Continental Gold J
CNL.WT Continental Gld Wt J
CNM.UN Cdn Income Mgt Tr Un
CNM.WT Cdn Income Mgt Tr Wt
CNQ Canadian Natural Res
CNR Cdn Nat’l Railway
CNV.UN Convertible & Yld Un
COA Coastal Contacts Inc
COM Cardiome Pharma Corp
COP Coro Mining Corp. J
COS Cdn Oil Sands Ltd.
COW Claymore GlbAgri Un
COW.A Claymore GlbAgri Adv
COX.UN Coxe Commodity A Un
CP Cdn Pacific Railway
CPA.UN Capital Pwr Incm Un
CPD Claymore S&P/TSX Un
CPD.A Claymore S&P/TSX Adv
CPG Crescent Point Corp.
CPI Condor Petroleum J
CPM.UN Copernican Intl Div
CPN Carpathian Gold J
CPT Coalspur Mines Ord J
CPX Capital Power Corp.
CPX.PR.A Capital Pwr Ser 1 Pr
CQE Cequence Energy Ltd.
CR Crew Energy Inc.
CRA Crescent Gold Ord J
CRG Corona Gold Corp J
CRJ Claude Resources Inc
CRJ.DB Claude Resources Deb
CRJ.WT Claude Resources Wt
CRK Crocodile Gld Corp J
CRK.WT Crocodile Gld Wt J
CRP Ceres Global Ag Corp
CRQ Claymore Cdn Fndmntl
CRQ.A Claymore Cdn Fnd Adv
CRR.DB Crombie REIT 7% Deb
CRR.DB.B Crombie REIT 6.25 Db
CRR.DB.C Crombie REIT 5.75 Db
CRR.UN Crombie Real Est Un
CRT.UN Citadel SMaRT Tr Un
CRW.UN Cinram Int’l Incm Un
CRY CryptoLogic Ltd. Ord
CS Capstone Mining J
CS.DB Capstone Mng 5% Db J
CSA Commercial Solutions
CSB.UN Cdn Banc Cap Sec Un
CSD Claymore Sh Duration
CSD.A Claymore Sh Duratn A
CSD.U Claymre ShDur US$ Un
CSD.V Claymre ShDur US$Adv
CSE Capstone Infras Corp
CSE.DB.A Capstone Infr 6.5 Db
CSE.PR.A Capstone Infr Pr A
CSF Cash Store Fin Srv J
CSH.DB.A Chartwell 5.9% Deb
CSH.UN Chartwell Seniors Un
CSI Colossus Minerals J
CSR.UN Canoe Stgy Res Un
CSS Contrans Group SV
CSU Constellation Softwr
CSY Can-60 Income Eq NV
CTA Crocotta Energy Inc.
CTC Canadian Tire Corp
CTC.A Canadian Tire A NV
CTF.UN Citadel Incm Fund Un
CTF.WT Citadel Incm Fund Wt
CTL Catalyst Paper Corp.
CTU.A Chateau Inc(Le) A SV
CTY Calian Technologies
CU Cdn Utilities A NV
CU.PR.A Cdn Util 2nd Pr W
CU.PR.B Cdn Util 2nd Pr X
CU.X Cdn Utilities Cl B
CUF.DB Cominar REIT 6.3%Deb
CUF.DB.B Cominar REIT 5.7%Deb
CUF.DB.C Cominar REIT 5.8%Deb
CUF.DB.D Cominar REIT 6.5% Db
CUF.DB.E Cominar REIT 5.75 Db
CUF.UN Cominar Real Est Un
CUM Copper Mountain J
CUP.U Caribbean Ut Cl A US
CUQ Churchill Corp. Cl A
CUQ.DB Churchill Corp 6% Db
CUR DiagnoCure Inc. J
CUS.DB Canexus Income 8% Db
CUS.DB.A Canexus Incm III Deb
CUS.DB.B Canexus Incm IV Deb
CUS.UN Canexus Incm Fnd Un
CUV Curis Resources J
CVD Claymore Advtg Bond
CVD.A Claymre Advtg BndAdv
CVE Cenovus Energy Inc.
CVG Clairvest Group Inc
CVI.A Calvalley Pete A J
CVL Cervus Equipment
CVT CVTech Group Inc. J
CVV CanAlaska Uranium J
CVZ Calvista Gold J
CVZ.WT Calvista Gold Wt J
CWA Coast Wholesale App
CWB Cdn Wstrn Bank
CWB.PR.A Cdn Wstrn Bk Sr 3 Pr
CWB.WT Cdn Wstrn Bank Wt
CWF Cdn World Fund Ltd
CWG Craig Wireless SV J
CWH Chartwell Tech Inc J
CWL Caldwell Partners
CWO Claymore BrdEmerg Un
CWO.A Claymor BrdEmrg Adv
CWT.DB.A Calloway REIT 6.65Db
CWT.DB.B Calloway REIT 5.75Db
CWT.UN Calloway REIT Tr Un
CWW Claymre GlbWater Un
CWW.A Claymre GlbWater Adv
CWX CanWel Building Grp
CWX.DB CanWel Bldg 5.85 Deb
CX CYBERplex Inc. J
CXA.B Cons HCI Hldgs Cl B
CXF Cdn Conv Liq Uni Un
CXF.A Cdn Conv LiqUni AdUn
CXN Chalice Gold Ord J
CXS Counsel Corporation
CXX Crosshair Expl J
CXY CryptoLogic Exchg
CYB Cymbria Corp Cl A NV
CYH Claymre Advntg Un
CYH.A Claymre Advntg AdvUn
CYM Cymat Technologies J
CZE C&C Energia Ltd. J
CZN Cdn Zinc Corp. J
CZP.PR.A CPI Prefer Eqty Pr 1
CZP.PR.B CPI Prefer Eqty Pr 2
CZQ Contl Precious Min J
D.DB Dundee REIT 6.5% Deb
D.DB.A Dundee REIT 5.7% Deb
D.DB.B Dundee REIT 6% Deb
D.UN Dundee REIT Tr Un
DA.A Discovery Air Cl A J
DA.DB.A Discovry Air 8.375Db
DAA PwrShrs DB Agri Long
DAD PwrShrs DB Agri Shrt
DAY Daylight Energy Ltd.
DAY.DB.C Daylight 10% 2013 Db
DAY.DB.D Daylight 6.25 2014Db
DBO D-Box Tech Inc. A J
DC.A Dundee Corp. Cl A SV
DC.DB Dundee Corp 5.85% Db
DC.PR.A Dundee Corp 5% Pr 1
DC.PR.B Dundee Corp. Pr 2
DCD.UN 1st Asset Divers Un
DCI DirectCash Payments
DCM Dundee Capital Mkts
DD DDS Wireless Int’l J
DDS Labopharm Inc.
DEE Delphi Energy Corp.
DEJ Dejour Energy Inc J
DEN Dundee Energy Ltd. J
DF Dividend 15Split 2 A
DF.PR.A Dividend 15Splt 2 Pr
DFE Day4 Energy Inc. J
DFI Diamond Fields J
DFN Dividend 15 Splt A
DFN.PR.A Dividend 15 Splt Pr
DG.UN Global Divers 04-1Un
DGC Detour Gold Corp J
DGI.DB.A Data Group 6.00% Deb
DGI.UN Data Group Income Un
DGJ PwrShrs DB Gld Short
DGS Div Growth Splt Cl A
DGS.PR.A Div Growth Split Pr
DGU PwrShrs DB Gold Long
DH Davis + Henderson
DHX DHX Media Ltd.
DII.A Dorel Ind Inc A MV
DII.B Dorel Ind Inc B SV
DKI.UN Deans Knight Incm Un
DL Danier Leather SV
DLR Horizon US$ Cur A Un
DLR.U Horizon US$Cur A USF
DM Duluth Metals Ltd. J
DM.U Duluth Metals USF J
DML Denison Mines Corp
DMM Dynasty Metals Inc J
DMN.PR.A Dominion Citrus Pr A
DNA Dalradian Res Inc. J
DNA.WT Dalradian Res Wt J
DNC Deans Knight Corp.
DND Cipher Pharma J
DNG Dynacor Gold Mines J
DNK Dynetek Industries J
DNT Candente Copper J
DOE PwrShr DB Crude Shrt
DOF.UN 1st AssetDivOppor Un
DOL Dollarama Inc.
DOM.UN Dominion Citrus Un
DPF.UN DPF India Opport Un
DPM Dundee Precious Mtl
DPM.WT Dundee Precious Wt
DPM.WT.A Dundee Precious Wt A
DPS.UN Diversified Pr Tr Un
DR Medical Facilities
DR.DB Medical Fac 7.5% Deb
DRN Delrand Resources J
DRX ADF Group Inc. SV
DS Dividend Select 15Eq
DSG Descartes Systems
DTX DeeThree Expl Ltd. J
DW.PR.A DundeeWealth 4.75 Pr
DWI DragonWave Inc.
DZR Diaz Resources Ltd.
E Enterprise Oilfield
EAT Prime Restaurants A
ECA EnCana Corporation
ECG Envoy Capital Group
ECI EnerCare Inc.
ECI.DB EnerCare 6.25% Deb
ECP Ecopetrol SA ADRs
ECU ECU Silver Mining J
ECU.WT ECU Silver Mng Wt J
EDR Endeavour Silver J
EDR.WT Endeavour Slvr Wt J
EDV Endeavour Mining Ord
EDV.WT.A Endeavour Mng Ord Wt
EDV.WT.C Endeavour Mng Aug Wt
EE Exall Energy Corp. J
EFH EGI Financial Hldgs
EFL Electrovaya Inc.
EFR Energy Fuels Inc. J
EFX Enerflex Ltd.
EGL.UN Eagle Energy Tr Un J
EGU European Goldfield J
EGZ Energizer Res Inc J
EH easyhome Ltd.
EIF Exchange Income Corp
EIF.DB.A Exchange Incm 7.5 Db
EIF.DB.B Exchange Incm 6.5 Db
EIF.DB.C Exchng Incm 5.75 Deb
EIF.DB.D Exchange Incm 6.25Db
EIT.UN EnerVest Divers Un
EIT.WT.A EnerVest Divers A Wt
EKO Noveko Int’l Inc A J
ELC CIC Energy Corp. J
ELD Eldorado Gold Corp.
ELF E-L Financial Corp.
ELF.PR.F E-L Financial 1st Pr
ELF.PR.G E-L Financl 4.75 Pr2
ELR Eastern Platinum J
EMA Emera Incorporated
EMA.PR.A Emera Inc. Ser A Pr
EMC EMC Metals Corp. J
EMC.WT EMC Metals Wt J
EMD EMED Mining Ltd Ord
EME Emerge Oil & Gas J
EMP.A Empire Co Cl A NV
EMP.PR.B Empire Co Pr Ser 2
ENB Enbridge Inc.
ENB.PR.A Enbridge 5.50% Pr
ENF Enbridge Incm Hldgs
ENI.UN Energy Income Fnd Un
EOS.UN EnerVest Engy Oil Un
EPS Epsilon Energy Ltd J
EQI Eqty Financl Hldgs J
EQN Equinox Minerals J
EQU Equal Energy Ltd.
EQU.DB.A Equal Engy 8.25% Deb
EQU.DB.B Equal Engy 6.75% Deb
ER Eastmain Resources J
ERD Erdene Res Dev J
ERF Enerplus Corporation
ERO iPath EUR/USD Exchg
ES Energy Split Cap Yld
ES.PR.B Energy Split Pr B
ESI Ensign Engy Services
ESL Enghouse Systems Ltd
ESN Essential Energy Ltd
ESP Espial Group Inc. J
ET Evertz Technologies
ETC Equitable Group Inc.
ETC.PR.A Equitable Grp Pr 1
ETG Entree Gold Inc. J
ETX Etrion Corporation J
EVG Evolving Gold Corp J
EVT Economic Investment
EWP.UN First Asset Pipes Un
EXE.DB Extendicare 5.70% Db
EXE.DB.A Extendicare 7.25% Db
EXE.UN Extendicare REIT Un
EXN Excellon Resources J
EXT Extract Res Ord J
FAP Aberdeen Asia-Pacifc
FAR Foraco Int’l SA
FAY.U 1st AsstYldOpporB US
FAY.UN 1st AsstYld Opport A
FBK Fibrek Inc.
FC Firm Cap Mtg Invest
FC.DB Firm Cap Mtg 6% Deb
FC.DB.A Firm Cap Mtg 5.75%Db
FCC.NT.B Frontera Coppr 1ANtJ
FCO Formation Metals J
FCO.WT Formation Metal Wt J
FCR First Capital Realty
FCR.DB.A First Capital 5.5 Db
FCR.DB.B First Capital US Db
FCR.DB.C First Capital 6.25Db
FCR.DB.D First Capital 5.7 Db
FCR.DB.E First Capital 5.4 Db
FCS.PR.B Faircourt Split Pr
FCS.UN Faircourt Splt Tr Un
FEL Fairborne Engy Ltd J
FEL.DB Fairborne Engy Deb J
FES Flint Energy Serv
FFH Fairfax Financial SV
FFH.PR.C Fairfax Fin Ser C Pr
FFH.PR.E Fairfax Fin Ser E Pr
FFH.PR.G Fairfax Fin Ser G Pr
FFH.PR.I Fairfax Fin Ser I Pr
FFH.U Fairfax Fin SV USF
FFI.UN Flaherty&Crum Fix Un
FFL iPath US Treas Flat
FFL.U iPath USTreasFlat US
FFN Fin 15 Split II A
FFN.PR.A Fin 15 Split II Pr
FGL Forzani Group Cl A
FGX Faircourt Gld Incm A
FGX.WT.B Faircourt Gold Wt B
FGX.WT.C Faircourt Gold Wt C
FIC Can-Fin Incm Eqty NV
FIE Claymore Cdn Fin Un
FIE.A Claymore Cdn Fin Adv
FIU First Uranium Corp J
FIU.DB First Uranium Deb J
FIU.NT First Uranium Note J
FLC Frontline Tech Inc J
FM First Quantum Mnrl J
FMC Forbes&Manhattn Coal
FMD Futuremed Healthcare
FN First Nat’l Fin Corp
FN.PR.A 1st Natl Fin Sr 1 Pr
FNA.UN First Natl Alarm UnJ
FNI First Nickel Inc. J
FNV Franco-Nevada Corp.
FNV.WT FrancoNevada Corp Wt
FNV.WT.A Franco-Nevada Wt A
FNV.WT.B FrancoNevada GLW WtB
FOS PhosCan Chemical J
FP FP Newspapers Inc.
FPR.PR.A Financl Pref Sec Pr
FR First Majestic J
FRB Forbes Energy Serv
FRC Canyon Services Grp
FRO Frontr RareErth OrdJ
FRO.WT Frontier Earths Wt J
FRU Freehold Royalties
FSD.UN 1st TrAdv ShDur A Un
FSS Front St Stgy Yld NV
FSV FirstService Corp SV
FSV.DB.U FirstService US6.5Db
FSV.PR.U FirstService USF Pr
FSY Forsys Metals Corp J
FSZ Fiera Sceptre A SV
FT Fortune Minerals J
FT.WT.A Fortune Min Wt A J
FTF.UN Focused Globe Trnd A
FTG Firan Tech Grp Corp.
FTN Financial 15 Splt A
FTN.PR.A Financial 15 Splt Pr
FTP Fortress Paper Ltd A
FTS Fortis Inc.
FTS.PR.C Fortis Inc. 1st Pr C
FTS.PR.E Fortis Inc. 1st Pr E
FTS.PR.F Fortis Inc. 1st Pr F
FTS.PR.G Fortis Inc. 1st Pr G
FTS.PR.H Fortis Inc. 1st Pr H
FTT Finning Int’l Inc.
FTU US Financial 15 Cl A
FTU.PR.A US Financial 15 Pr
FVI Fortuna Silver Mines
FVL Freegold Ventures J
FXA Afexa Life Science A
FXF Can-Financials Un
FXF.A Can-Financials AdvUn
FZP.UN Fidelity Part 96 Un
G Goldcorp Inc.
GAA Gazit America Inc. J
GAA.WT Gazit America Wt J
GAA.WT.A Gazit America A Wt J
GAS Claymore Nat Gas Un
GAT.UN UBS Global Alloc. Un
GBA GlobalBanc Advntg8 A
GBA.PR.A GlobalBanc Advntg8Pr
GBG Great Basin Gold J
GBG.DB Gt Basin Gld 8% Db J
GBI Global Railway Ind J
GBP.UN Global Bk Premium Un
GBU Gabriel Resources J
GBV Group Bikini Village
GBX iPath GBP/USD Exchg
GBX.U iPath GBP/US Exch US
GC Great Cdn Gaming
GCE Grande Cache Coal J
GCG Guardian Capital
GCG.A Guardian Cap Cl A NV
GCI.UN Canoe GO CDA Incm Un
GCI.WT Canoe GO CDA Incm Wt
GCL Colabor Group Inc.
GCL.DB Colabor Group 7% Deb
GCL.DB.A Colabor Grp 5.7% Deb
GCM Gran Colombia Gold J
GCM.WT Gran Colombia Wt J
GCM.WT.A Gran Colombia A Wt J
GCT GVIC Commun Cl B
GD Distinction Group J
GDC Genesis Land Dev
GDI General Donlee Cda
GDI.DB General Donlee 7% Db
GDL Goodfellow Inc.
GDP.UN Global Dividend Un
GDS Gendis Inc.
GEI Gibson Energy Inc
GEN GeneNews Limited J
GEO Geodrill Limited Ord
GFT.UN Connor C&L Fin 2 Un
GFV Global 45 Split Cl A
GFV.PR.A Global 45 Split Pr
GGA Goldgroup Mining J
GGN Gryphon Gold Corp. J
GH Gamehost Inc.
GH.DB Gamehost Inc 6.25 Db
GII.UN Globe Divers Grd 2Un
GIL Gildan Activewear
GIX Geologix Expl Inc. J
GL Golden Peaks Res J
GLA.U Global Alumina USF J
GLG GLG Life Tech Corp J
GLN Glentel Inc.
GMC Geovic Mining Corp J
GMC.WT Geovic Mining Wt J
GMC.WT.A Geovic Mining Wt A J
GMC.WT.B Geovic Mining Wt B J
GMF.UN GMIncome & Growth Un
GMF.WT GMIncome & Growth Wt
GMM.U General Motors Co US
GMO General Moly, Inc.
GMP GMP Capital Inc.
GMP.PR.B GMP Capital Ser B Pr
GMX Globex Mining Ent J
GND Gennum Corporation
GNE Call Genie Inc. J
GO Galleon Energy Cl A
GOZ Gold-Ore Resources J
GPC Sr Gold Producers A
GPD Gldn Predator Corp J
GPD.WT Gldn Predator Wt J
GPF.UN Gold Participate Un
GPF.WT.A Gold Participate Wt
GPR Gt Panther Silver J
GQM Golden Queen Mng J
GRC Goldstone Res Inc J
GRZ Gold Reserve Cl A J
GS Gluskin Sheff SV
GSB.UN Gov’t Strip Bond Un
GSC Golden Star Resource
GSL Greystar Resources J
GSY Argosy Energy Inc.
GTE Gran Tierra Energy J
GTE.WT Gran Tierra Engy WtJ
GTH U.S. Geothermal J
GTU.U Central GoldTr US Un
GTU.UN Central GoldTrust Un
GTX Gran Tierra Exchg J
GUR Global Uranium Eqty
GUY Guyana Goldfields J
GVC Glacier Media Inc. J
GVX Grandview Gold Inc J
GW Garda World Sec A J
GWO Great-West Lifeco
GWO.PR.F Gt-West Lifeco Pr F
GWO.PR.G Gt-West Lifeco Pr G
GWO.PR.H Gt-West Lifeco Pr H
GWO.PR.I Gt-West Lifeco Pr I
GWO.PR.J Gt-West Lifeco Pr J
GWO.PR.L Gt-West Lifeco Pr L
GWO.PR.M Gt-West Lifeco Pr M
GWO.PR.N Gt-West Lifeco Pr N
GWR GWR Global Water Res
GXI GuestLogix Inc. J
HAA Horizons Balanced Un
HAB Horizon CorpBnd E Un
HAC Horizon Seasonl E Un
HAF Horizon Tactcl Bnd E
HAG Horizon AlphaGrtmn E
HAH Horizons 60 130/30 E
HAL Horizons Dividend E
HAP Horizon AlphaIncm+Un
HAR Harmony Asset Ltd. J
HAT Hathor Expl Ltd J
HAV Horizons NA Value E
HAW Horizons NA Growth E
HAY.UN Stone Agribusinss Un
HAZ Horizon GlblDiv E Un
HBB.UN Harvest Bk & Bldg Un
HBD Horizon Gld Bear+ Un
HBM HudBay Minerals Inc.
HBP Helix BioPharma
HBU Horizon Gld Bull+ Un
HCF.UN Harvest Incm&Gro Un
HCF.WT Harvest Incm&Gro Wt
HCG Home Capital Group
HCI Hartco Inc.
HCR.UN Homburg Cda REIT Un
HDD Horizons US$ Br+ Un
HDU Horizons US$ Bul+ Un
HDX Posera-HDX Inc. A J
HE Hanwei Energy Serv
HED Horizon BetaEngyBear
HEE Horizons Incm Engy E
HEF Horizons Incm Fin E
HEG Homeland Energy J
HEM Hemisphere GPS Inc.
HEP Horizons Gold Prod E
HEQ HOMEQ Corporation
HES.UN Horizon US Eq Incm A
HEU Horizon BetaEngyBull
HEW Horizons 60EqlWgt Un
HEX Horizon Enhnc IncmEq
HF Hanfeng Evergreen
HFD Horizon BetaFin Bear
HFR Horizons FltRate Bnd
HFU Horizon BetaFin Bull
HGD Horizon BetaGld Bear
HGI.UN Glbl Adv Tel&Util Un
HGI.WT Glbl Adv Tel&Util Wt
HGU Horizon BetaGld Bull
HGY.UN Horizons Gold Yld Un
HIB Horizon Gold Invrs A
HIE Horizons Engy Invrs
HIF Horizons Fin Invrs A
HIG Horizon Gold Invrs A
HII.A Homburg Invest A SV
HII.B Homburg Invest B MV
HIN Horizon NatGas Invrs
HIO Horizon CrudeOil Inv
HIS Hart Stores Inc.
HIT.UN Fiera High Income Un
HIU Horizon SP500Inverse
HIX Horizons 60 Invrs A
HIZ Horizon Slvr Invrs A
HJD Horizons EmergMkt Br
HJE Horizon GMP JrOilGas
HJU Horizons EmergMkt Bl
HKD Horizon CopperBr+ A
HKU Horizon Copper Bl+ A
HLF High Liner Foods Inc
HLF.A High Liner Foods NV
HLR.DB Holloway REIT 8%Db J
HLR.DB.A Holloway 6.5% Deb J
HLR.UN Holloway REIT Un J
HMD Horizon Metal Br+ Un
HMM.A Hammond Mfg Cl A SV
HMU Horizon Metal Bul+Un
HNC Hard Creek Nickel J
HND Horizon NatGas Br+Un
HNL Horizon Nth Logstc J
HNO Horizon NtGas/CrdOil
HNT.DB.C Huntingdon 7.50% Deb
HNT.UN Huntingdon REIT Un
HNU Horizon NatGas BulUn
HOC Heritage Oil Exchg J
HOD Horizon CrdeOil BrUn
HON Horizon CrdOil/NtGas
HOU Horizon CrdeOil BlUn
HPR Horizon Pref Cl E Un
HPS.A Hammond Power A SV
HQD Horizons NASDQ100 Br
HQU Horizons NASDQ100 Bl
HR.DB H&R REIT 6.65% Deb
HR.DB.B H&R REIT 6.75% Deb
HR.DB.C H&R REIT 6.0% Deb
HR.DB.D H&R REIT 5.90% Deb
HR.UN H&R Rl Est Staple Un
HRG High River Gold
HRT Harte Gold Corp. J
HRX Heroux-Devtek Inc.
HSB.PR.C HSBC Bank Cl 1 Pr C
HSB.PR.D HSBC Bank Cl 1 Pr D
HSB.PR.E HSBC Bank Cl 1 Pr E
HSC.UN HBanc Capital Sec Un
HSD Horizons S&P500 Br A
HSE Husky Energy Inc.
HSE.PR.A Husky Energy Sr 1 Pr
HSI.UN Harvest Sustain Un
HSL HSE Integrated Ltd
HSU Horizons S&P500 Bl A
HTD Horizon US30yrBnd Br
HTE.DB.D Harvest Oper 6.4% Db
HTE.DB.E Harvest Oper7.25%-13
HTE.DB.F Harvest Oper7.25%-14
HTE.DB.G Harvest Opers7.5%-15
HTU Horizon US30yrBnd Bl
HUC Horizn WntrNY CrdOil
HUG Horizons COMEXGold A
HUK Horizons Copper A Un
HUN Horizn WntrNY NatGas
HUV Horizon ShTrm Futr A
HUZ Horizons COMEXSlvr A
HVU Horizon ShrtFutr Bl+
HW Harry Win Diamond
HWD Hardwoods Dist Inc.
HWO High Arctic Engy Inc
HXD Horizon Beta60Bear A
HXS Horizon S&P500 C$Hdg
HXT Horizon S&P/TSX60 A
HXT.U Horizon S&P/TSX60 US
HXU Horizon Beta60Bull A
HYB.UN DDJ High Yld Fund Un
HYD Hyduke Energy Serv
HYG Hydrogenics Corp
HYM.UN High Yield & Mtg Un
HZD Horizon COMEXSlvr Br
HZM Horizonte Min Ord J
HZU Horizon COMEXSlvr Bl
I IntelliPharma Intl J
IAG Indstrl Alliance Ins
IAG.PR.A Indstrl AlliancePr B
IAG.PR.C Indstrl AlliancePr C
IAG.PR.E Indstrl AlliancePr E
IAG.PR.F Indstrl AlliancePr F
IAM Integrated Asset Mgt
IAU Intrepid Mines Ord J
IBG IBI Group Inc.
IBG.DB IBI Group Inc. 7% Db
IBG.DB.A IBI Group 5.75% Db
IBG.DB.B IBI Group 6.00% Deb
ICE Canlan Ice Sports
ICI Inter-Citic Mine J
ICP IC Potash Corp. J
ICS Intrinsyc Software J
IDC Int’l Datacasting J
IDG Indigo Books & Music
IDL Imaging Dynamics J
IE Ivanhoe Energy Inc
IE.DB Ivanhoe Engy 5.75 Db
IFC Intact Fin Corp.
IFC.PR.A Intact Fin A Ser 1
IFC.R Intact Financial Rec
IFP.A Int’l Forest Cl A SV
IGM IGM Financial Inc.
IGM.PR.B IGM Financial B Pr
IGT iShares Gold Trust
II iPath Optimize Cur
II.U iPath OptimizeCur US
III Imperial Metals Corp
IIP.DB InterRent REIT 7% Db
IIP.UN InterRent REIT Un J
IMG Iamgold Corporation
IMN Inmet Mining Corp.
IMO Imperial Oil Ltd.
IMP Intermap Technology
IMX Imax Corporation
IMZ Int’l Minerals J
IMZ.DB Int’l Minerals Deb J
INC.UN Income Fin Tr Un
INE Innergex Renew Engy
INE.DB Innergex Renew Deb
INE.PR.A Innergex Renew Pr A
INN.DB.B InnVest REIT 6% B Db
INN.DB.C InnVest REIT 5.85 Db
INN.DB.D InnVest REIT 6.75 Db
INN.DB.E InnVest REIT 6% E Db
INN.DB.F InnVest REIT 5.75 Db
INN.UN InnVest REIT Stapled
INV INV Metals Inc. J
IPL.UN Inter Pipeline Un
IRD Int’l Road Dynamics
IRG Imvescor Restaurant
IRG.DB Imvescor Rest 7.75Db
IRL Minera IRL Ltd. Ord
ISA Isotechnika Pharma
ISL.U ING Fltg RtSnr US Un
ISL.UN ING Fltg Rt Snr A Un
ISM Inspiration Mining J
ISN Insignia Energy J
ISR Int’l Sovereign J
ITH Int’l Tower Hill J
ITP Intertape Polymer
IVA Ivanhoe AU Ltd Ord J
IVA.WT Ivanhoe AU Ltd Wt J
IVN Ivanhoe Mines Ltd
IVW Ivernia Inc. J
JAG Jaguar Mining Inc. J
JCT Jewett-Cameron Trdng
JDN Jayden Resources J
JDU JDS Uniphase Exch NV
JE Just Energy Group
JE.DB Just Engy Grp 6% Db
JE.DB.A Just Energy 6% A Deb
JEC Jura Energy Corp.
JFC Jaguar Financial J
JOV Jovian Capital J
JYN iPath JPY/USD Exchg
JYN.U iPath JPY/US Exch US
K Kinross Gold Corp.
K.WT.B Kinross Gld 2011Wt B
K.WT.C Kinross Gld 2013Wt C
K.WT.D Kinross Gold Wt D
KAT Katanga Mining Ltd.J
KAT.NT Katanga Mining Nt J
KAT.WT Katanga Mining Wt J
KBL K-Bro Linen Inc.
KBR Kimber Resources J
KDX Klondex Mines Ltd. J
KEG.UN Keg Royalties Fnd Un
KEY Keyera Corp.
KEY.DB.A Keyera Corp 8.25 Deb
KFS Kingsway Financial
KGI Kirkland Lake Gld J
KGN Keegan Resources J
KMP Killam Properties J
KMP.DB.A Killam Ppty 5.65Db J
KMP.DB.B Killam Ppty 5.45Db J
KOR Corvus Gold Inc. J
KRI Khan Resources Inc J
KRN Karnalyte Res J
KRY Crystallex Int’l J
KSP.UN Kingsway LROC Pr Un
L Loblaw Companies Ltd
L.PR.A Loblaw Co. Ser A Pr
LAC Lithium Americas J
LAM Laramide Resources J
LAS.A Lassonde Ind Cl A SV
LB Laurentian Bk of Can
LB.PR.D Laurentian Bk Pr 9
LB.PR.E Laurentian Bk Pr 10
LBE Liberty Mines Inc. J
LBS Life & Banc Split A
LBS.PR.A Life & Banc Split Pr
LCS Brompton Life Splt A
LCS.PR.A Brompton LifeSplt Pr
LEG Legacy Oil + Gas Inc
LEX Lexam VG Gold Inc. J
LFE Cdn Life Co Split A
LFE.PR.A Cdn Life Co Split Pr
LGT.A Logistec Corp. A MV
LGT.B Logistec Corp Cl B
LIF.UN Labrador Iron Ore Un
LII Logan Int’l Inc.
LIM Labrador Iron Hldg J
LIP Lipari Energy, Inc J
LIP.WT Lipari Energy Wt J
LIQ Liquor Stores NA Ltd
LIQ.DB Liquor Stores NA Deb
LLL lululemon athletica
LMA La Mancha Resource J
LNF Leon’s Furniture Ltd
LNR Linamar Corporation
LNV Longview Oil Corp.
LOR Lorus Therapeutics
LPK Lupaka Gold Corp J
LPK.WT Lupaka Gld Corp Wt J
LPR Lone Pine Res Inc.
LPV.UN Global Stgy Mastr Un
LQW Liquidation World
LRM Linear Metals Corp J
LRT.DB.G Lanesborough SerG Db
LRT.NT.A Lanesborough A Nt J
LRT.UN Lanesborough Tr Un J
LRT.WT Lanesborough Tr Wt J
LRT.WT.A Lanesborough A Wt J
LSC Lifeco Split A Cap
LSC.PR.C Lifeco Split Cl C Pr
LSG Lake Shore Gold J
LUN Lundin Mining Corp
LUP Lundin Petroleum AB
LW Leisureworld Sr Care
LXF Can-60 Income Com Un
LXF.A Can-60 Income Adv Un
LYD Lydian Int’l Ord J
MAA MagIndustries Corp J
MAG MAG Silver Corp. J
MAI Minera Andes Inc. J
MAK Minemakers Ltd Ord J
MAL Magellan Aerospace
MAW Mawson Resources J
MB MEGA Brands Inc.
MB.NT MEGA Brands 10% Deb
MB.WT MEGA Brands Inc. Wt
MBA CIBT Education Grp J
MBB.UN Manulfe Bromp Bnd Un
MBC MBAC Fertilizer J
MBN Middlefield Bancorp
MBT Manitoba Telecom
MBX Microbix Biosystms J
MCB McCoy Corporation
MCZ Mad Catz Interactv J
MDA MacDonald Dettwiler
MDF Mediagrif Interactv
MDG Medicago Inc. J
MDI Major Drilling Group
MDM Minerl Deposit Ord J
MDZ.A MDC Partners Cl A SV
ME Moneta Porcupine J
MEG MEG Energy Corp.
MEL Midway Energy Ltd.
MEQ Mainstreet Equity J
MET Metalore Resources
MFC Manulife Financial
MFC.PR.A Manulife Fin Sr 1 Pr
MFC.PR.B Manulife Fin Sr 2 Pr
MFC.PR.C Manulife Fin Sr 3 Pr
MFC.PR.D Manulife Fin Sr 4 Pr
MFC.PR.E Manulife Fin Sr 1 Pr
MFC.PR.F Manulife Fin Sr 3 Pr
MFI Maple Leaf Foods Inc
MFL Minefinders Corp. J
MFL.WT Minefinders Wt J
MFT.M Manulife Fin MaCS
MG Magna Int’l Inc.
MGA Mega Uranium Ltd. J
MGA.WT Mega Uranium Wt J
MGA.WT.A Mega Uranium Wt 3 J
MGA.WT.B Mega Uranium B Wt J
MGN Magnotta Winery
MGO Migao Corporation
MGT Mines Management J
MGT.WT.U Mines Mgt Wt USF J
MGX MGM Energy Corp.
MHR McGraw-Hill Ryerson
MHY.UN Marret High Yield Un
MIC Genworth MI Canada
MID.UN MINT Incme Fnd Tr Un
MIF.UN Marquest Cdn Eqty Un
MIG.UN Marret Invest Bnd Un
MIM MI Developments Inc.
MIM.B MI Developments B MV
MKP MCAN Mortgage Corp.
MKZ.UN MacKenzie Master Un
ML Mercator Minerals J
ML.WT Mercator Min Wt J
ML.WT.A Mercator Min Wt A J
MLG Malaga Inc. J
MLP Front St MLP Incm Eq
MLP.WT Front St MLP Incm Wt
MLQ Front St MLP IncmEq2
MM Mood Media Corp. J
MM.DB.U Mood Media US Deb J
MMF.UN Marret Multi-Stgy Un
MMM Minco Gold Corp. J
MMN.UN Multi-Managr LP 1 Un
MMP.UN Precious Mtl&Mine Un
MMW Magma Metals Ord J
MN March Networks Corp
MNB Mirabela Nickl Ord J
MND Mandalay Res Corp J
MND.WT Mandalay Res Wt J
MNR Mediterranean Res J
MOL Moly Mines Ltd Ord J
MOZ Marathon Gold Corp J
MPC Madison Pacific Cl B
MPC.C Madison Pacific NV
MPI Metals Plus Incm A
MPM Markland AGF Eqty NV
MPV Mountain Province J
MQA.UN Macquarie EmrgMkt Un
MQA.WT Macquarie EmrgMkt Wt
MRC Morguard Corporation
MRD Melcor Developments
MRE Martinrea Int’l Inc.
MRI.U Mercer Int’l Inc. US
MRN Marengo Mining Ord J
MRT.DB Morguard REIT 6.5 Db
MRT.UN Morguard Real Est Un
MRU.A Metro Inc. Cl A SV
MRY Mariana Res Ord J
MSD Mosaid Technologies
MSI Morneau Shepell Inc.
MSN.UN Morguard Sunstone Un
MSO.UN Manulfe StgyOppor Un
MSV Minco Silver Corp J
MT Miranda Technologies
MTA Matrix Asset Mgt J
MTL Mullen Group Ltd.
MTM Mitec Telecom Inc.
MTY MTY Food Group Inc.
MUN Mundoro Capital J
MWE Mawson West Ord J
MX Methanex Corporation
MXF Can-Materials Un
MXF.A Can-Materials Adv Cl
MXG Maxim Power Corp.
MYG MethylGene Inc. J
NA Nat’l Bank of Canada
NA.PR.K Nat’l Bank Ser 15 Pr
NA.PR.L Nat’l Bank Ser 16 Pr
NA.PR.M Nat’l Bank Ser 20 Pr
NA.PR.N Nat’l Bank Ser 21 Pr
NA.PR.O Nat’l Bank Ser 24 Pr
NA.PR.P Nat’L Bank Ser 26 Pr
NAE NAL Energy Corp.
NAE.DB NAL Energy 6.75% Db
NAE.DB.A NAL Energy 6.25% Db
NAF.UN Nth American Fin Un
NAL Newalta Corporation
NAL.DB Newalta Corp. 7% Deb
NAS Northstar Aerospace
NAU Northland Res S.A. J
NBD Norbord Inc.
NBD.WT Norbord Inc. Wt
NBF NB Split Corp. A Cap
NBF.PR.A NB Split Corp. A Pr
NCC.A Nfld Capital Cl A SV
NCC.B Nfld Capital Cl B MV
NCD.UN N.A. Advantg Conv Un
NCU Nevada Copper Corp J
ND New Dawn Mining J
NDM Nthrn Dynasty Min J
NDN Nordion Inc.
NDQ Novadaq Tech Inc. J
NEM Neo Material Tech
NEM.DB.U Neo Material 5% USDb
NEW.A Newgrowth Cl A Cap
NEW.PR.C Newgrowth Corp. Pr 2
NFC Northern Fin Corp J
NFI.UN New Flyer Ind IDS Un
NG NovaGold Resources J
NGD New Gold Inc. J
NGD.DB New Gold Inc 5% Db J
NGD.NT New Gold Inc 10%Nt J
NGD.WT.A New Gold Inc A Wt J
NGD.WT.B New Gold Inc B Wt J
NGD.WT.C New Gold Inc C Wt J
NGL Angle Energy Inc.
NGL.DB Angle Engy 5.75% Deb
NGQ NGEx Resources Inc J
NGX Northgate Minerals
NHC Northstar Healthcare
NI Victory Nickel Inc J
NIC Pure Nickel Inc. J
NIF.UN Noranda Incm PriorUn
NII Norsat International
NKO Niko Resources
NLN NeuLion, Inc. J
NMC Newmont Mining Exchg
NNE.A NEMI Nthrn Engy A J
NNN NiMin Energy Corp J
NOA N.A. Energy Partners
NPC Allon Therapeutics J
NPI Northland Power Inc.
NPI.DB.A Northland Pwr6.25 Db
NPI.PR.A Northland Power Pr
NPR.UN Nthn Ppty Staple Un
NRE Namibia Rare Earth J
NRG Alter NRG Corp. J
NRI Nuvo Research Inc.
NSI.PR.D Nova Scotia Pwr D Pr
NSU Nevsun Resources J
NTA Noventa Ltd Ord J
NTI Northcore Tech Inc J
NUS Nautilus Minerals J
NVA NuVista Energy Ltd.
NWC North West Company
NWH.UN NW Healthcare Un
NWI Nuinsco Resources J
NXJ NexJ Systems Inc. J
NXY Nexen Inc.
NXY.PR.U Nexen 7.35% Note US
OBF.UN O’Leary BrIC-Plus Un
OBP Ondine Biomedical J
OCB.UN OLeary Advntg Bnd Un
OCF Middlefld Tac EngyEq
OCH.UN OLeary Cdn IncmOpp 2
OCS.UN OCP Credit Stgy Un
OCV.UN Yld Advan Conv Db Un
OCX Onex Corporation SV
OCY.UN O’Leary Cdn Incm Un
OCZ.UN O’Leary Cdn Eqty Un
OGC OceanaGold Corp.
OGD Orbit Garant Drill
OGF.UN Brompton Oil&Gas Un
OHA.UN OLeary Hard Asset Un
OLE Oromin Exploration J
ONC Oncolytics Biotech
ONE 01 Communique Lab J
ONR Open Range Energy
OPC OPTI Canada Inc.
OPM Opta Minerals Inc.
ORA Aura Minerals Inc. J
ORE Orezone Gold Corp.
ORL Orocobre Ltd. Ord J
ORV Orvana Minerals J
OSF.UN Oil Sands Sector Un
OSK Osisko Mining Corp J
OSL.UN OCP Senior Credit Un
OSU Orsu Metals Corp. J
OTC Open Text Corp
OTT.UN Otelco Inc. IDS Un
OUS.UN Omega Adv US Cap Un
OUS.WT Omega Adv US Cap Wt
OUY.U O’Leary US Stgy U Un
OUY.UN O’Leary US Stgy A Un
OXF Can-Engy Incm Com Un
OXF.A Can-Engy Incm Adv Un
OYM Olympus Pacific Min
P Primero Mining Corp.
P.WT Primero Mining Wt
PAA Pan American Silver
PAP.A Paulin H. & Co Cl A
PBG Petrobank Energy
PBH Premium Brands Hldgs
PBH.DB Premium Brands 7% Db
PBH.DB.A Premium Brand 5.75Db
PBL Pollard Banknote Ltd
PBN PetroBakken Energy
PBU.UN Precious Mtl Buln Un
PBY.UN Canso Credit A Un
PCD.UN Pathfinder Convrt Un
PCE Pace Oil and Gas Ltd
PCN Pacrim Int’l Capital
PCU.UN Premier Cdn Incm Un
PD Precision Drill Corp
PDC PwrShares Cdn Div Un
PDL N.A. Palladium Ltd.
PDL.WT.B N.A. Palladium B Wt
PDN Paladin Energy Ord J
PDV Prime Dividend Cl A
PDV.PR.A Prime Dividend Pr
PEQ Divers PrivateEqty A
PEY Peyto Expl & Dev
PFB PFB Corporation
PFH PwrShr HY CorpBnd Un
PFN Pacific Nth West J
PFR.UN Advantged Prefer Un
PG Premier Gold Mines J
PGD Peregrine Diamonds J
PGF Pengrowth Energy
PGL PwrShares UlDLUX Gvt
PGM Peregrine Metals J
PGM.WT Peregrine Metals WtJ
PHD Phonetime Inc. J
PHS.U Sprott Phy Silver US
PHX PHX Energy Services
PHY.U Sprott Phy Gld Un US
PIC.A Premium Income Cl A
PIC.PR.A Premium Income Pr
PIC.WT Premium Income Wt
PIH Pacific Insight Elec
PIX Peer 1 Network Ent
PJC.A Jean Coutu Group SV
PKI Parkland Fuel Corp.
PKI.DB Parkland Fuel 6.5 Db
PKI.DB.A Parkland Fuel 5.75Db
PKL PC Gold Inc. J
PLB Paladin Labs Inc.
PLG Pilot Gold Inc. J
PLI ProMetic Life J
PLK Palko Environmental
PLS Polaris Minerals J
PLT.UN Parallel Energy Un
PME Sentry Prime Metal A
PMG Petrominerales Ltd.
PMT Perpetual Energy Inc
PMT.DB.C Perpetual 6.5% Deb
PMT.DB.D Perpetual 7.25% Deb
PMT.DB.E Perpetual 7% Deb
PMU Pacific Rim Mining J
PMZ.DB Primaris Retail Deb
PMZ.DB.A Primaris REIT 5.85Db
PMZ.DB.B Primaris REIT 6.3%Db
PMZ.DB.C Primaris REIT 5.4%Db
PMZ.UN Primaris Retail Un
PNC.A Postmedia Ntwrk C J
PNC.B Postmedia Ntwrk VV J
PNG Pac Northern Gas
PNG.PR.A Pac Nrthn 6 3/4% Pr
PNP Pinetree Capital J
PNP.WT Pinetree Cap Wt J
PNP.WT.A Pinetree Cap Wt A J
PNP.WT.B Pinetree Cap Wt B J
POL Polo Resources Ord J
POM Polymet Mining J
POT Potash Corp of Sask
POU Paramount Res Cl A
POW Power Corp of Cda SV
POW.PR.A Power Corp 5.60% Pr
POW.PR.B Power Corp 5.35% Pr
POW.PR.C Power Corp 5.80% Pr
POW.PR.D Power Corp 5.00% Pr
POW.PR.E Power Corp Part. Pr
POW.PR.F Power Corp 1st Pr
PPF.UN Propel Multi-Stgy Un
PPF.WT Propel Multi-Stgy Wt
PPL Pembina Pipeline
PPL.DB.C Pembina Pipe 5.75 Db
PPN Platmin Limited
PPS PwrShares Cdn Pr Un
PRE Pacific Rubiales J
PRE.DB Pacific Rubiale Db J
PRI Primary Engy Recycle
PRP ProSep Inc. J
PRQ Progress Energy Res
PRQ.DB.A Progress Engy 6.25Db
PRQ.DB.B Progress Engy 5.25Db
PRQ.DB.C Progress Engy 5.75Db
PRT.UN PRT Forest Trust Un
PRU Perseus Mining Ord J
PRW Petrowest Corp. Cl A
PRX Protox Therapeutic J
PSB PwrShares CorpBnd Un
PSD Pulse Seismic Inc.
PSF.UN Preferred Invest Un
PSI Pason Systems Inc.
PSR Polar Star Mining J
PSV Pure Energy Services
PTI Patheon Inc. RV
PTM Platinum Grp Metal J
PTQ Petaquilla Mineral J
PTS Points Int’l Ltd. J
PTZ Pethealth Inc. J
PUR Pure Tech Ltd. J
PVE Provident Energy Ltd
PVE.DB.E Provident 5.75% Db E
PVE.DB.F Provident 5.75% Db F
PVG Pretium Resources J
PVG.WT Pretium Res Wt J
PWC Pacific & Western
PWC.NT.C Pacifc & Wstrn C Nt
PWC.PR.A Pacific&Wstrn 7% Pr
PWC.PR.B Pacific & Wstrn B Pr
PWC.WT Pacific & Western Wt
PWE Pwrtech Uranium A J
PWF Power Financial Corp
PWF.PR.A Power Financial Pr A
PWF.PR.E Power Financial Pr D
PWF.PR.F Power Fin 5.25% Pr E
PWF.PR.G Power Fin 5.90% Pr F
PWF.PR.H Power Fin 5.75% Pr H
PWF.PR.I Power Fin 6% Pr I
PWF.PR.K Power Fin 4.95% Pr K
PWF.PR.L Power Fin 5.10% Pr L
PWF.PR.M Power Fin 6% Pr M
PWF.PR.O Power Fin 5.80% Pr O
PWF.PR.P Power Fin 4.40% Pr P
PWT Penn West Petroleum
PWT.DB.F Penn West 6.5 Dec Db
PXX BlackPearl Res Inc J
PYC Primary Corp. J
PYC.WT Primary Corp. Wt J
PZA.UN Pizza Pizza Incm Un
PZG Paramount Gold&Sil J
QBR.A Quebecor Inc Cl A MV
QBR.B Quebecor Inc Cl B SV
QEC Questerre Corp. J
QMI Queenston Mining Inc
QUX Quadra FNX Mining
QUX.WT Quadra FNX Mining Wt
R Romarco Minerals J
RAV.UN Ravensource Fund Un
RBA Ritchie Bros Auction
RBM Response Biomed J
RBN.UN Blue Ribbon Incm Un
RBN.WT.A Blue Ribbon Incm Wt
RBS R Split 3 Corp A Cap
RBS.PR.A R Split 3 Corp. Pr A
RC RDM Corporation J
RCB Red Crescent Res J
RCH Richelieu Hardware
RCI.A Rogers Comm Cl A
RCI.B Rogers Comm Cl B NV
RCL Ridley Inc.
RCM RuggedCom Inc.
RDI Rockwell Diamonds J
RDL Redline Commun Grp J
RE Rock Energy Inc. J
REF.UN Cdn Real Estate Un
REI.UN RioCan Rl Est Tr Un
RES Rare Element Res J
RET Reitman’s Canada
RET.A Reitman’s Cda A NV
REZ Redzone Resources J
RF.A NorRock Rlty Fin A
RF.PR.A NorRock Rlty Fin Pr
RF.WT NorRock Rlty Fin Wt
RGL Royal Gold, Inc.
RGT Rockgate Capital J
RIB.UN Ridgewood Cdn Bnd Un
RIC Richmont Mines
RIM Research in Motion
RIN Resinco Cap Partners
RIT.UN First Asset REIT Un
RKN Redknee Solutions J
RME Rocky Mtn Dealership
RME.DB Rocky Mtn 7.00% Deb
RMM.DB Retrocom 7.5% Deb
RMM.DB.A Retrocom 6.75% Deb
RMM.DB.B Retrocom 5.45% Deb
RMM.UN Retrocom REIT Un
RMP RMP Energy Inc. J
RMX Rubicon Minerals J
RN Rio Novo Gold Ord J
RN.WT Rio Novo Gold Wt J
RNK Rainmaker Entrnmnt
RNX Royal Nickel Corp. J
RNX.WT Royal Nickel Wt J
RON.PR.A RONA inc. 5.25% Pr
RPG Ram Power, Corp. J
RPG.WT Ram Power, Corp Wt J
RPI.UN Richards Pckng Un
RRB.UN Connor, C&L RRI Un
RSC Strateco Resources J
RSI Rogers Sugar Inc.
RSI.DB.B Rogers Sugar 5.9% Db
RSI.DB.C Rogers Sugar 5.7% Db
RTG Ratel Group Ltd. J
RTK Artek Exploration J
RTU.UN Cdn Resources Tr Un
RUS Russel Metals Inc.
RUS.DB Russel Metals 7.75Db
RUT Rutter Inc. J
RV Revolution Res J
RVM Revett Minerals J
RVX Resverlogix Corp. J
RXM Rockex Mining Corp J
RY Royal Bank of Canada
RY.NO.A Royal Nik225LEOS Nt2
RY.NO.B Royal Nik225LEOS Nt1
RY.NO.C Royal Ind-AsianLeoNT
RY.NO.U Royal S&P500LEOS US2
RY.NT.A Royal Bk Nik225 Nt 3
RY.NT.B Royal Bk D10 LEOS N2
RY.NT.C Royal GlobeLEOS Nt23
RY.NT.U Royal GlbeLEOS N18US
RY.PR.A Royal Bank Pr Ser AA
RY.PR.B Royal Bank Pr Ser AB
RY.PR.C Royal Bank Pr Ser AC
RY.PR.D Royal Bank Pr Ser AD
RY.PR.E Royal Bank Pr Ser AE
RY.PR.F Royal Bank Pr Ser AF
RY.PR.G Royal Bank Pr Ser AG
RY.PR.H Royal Bank Pr Ser AH
RY.PR.I Royal Bank Pr Ser AJ
RY.PR.L Royal Bank Pr Ser AL
RY.PR.N Royal Bank Pr Ser AN
RY.PR.P Royal Bank Pr Ser AP
RY.PR.R Royal Bank Pr Ser AR
RY.PR.T Royal Bank Pr Ser AT
RY.PR.W Royal Bank Pr Ser W
RY.PR.X Royal Bank Pr Ser AV
RY.PR.Y Royal Bank Pr Ser AX
RYL Royal Host Inc.
RYL.DB.B Royal Host 6.00% Deb
RYL.DB.C Royal Host 6.25% Deb
RYL.DB.D Royal Host 5.90% Deb
S Sherritt Int’l Corp
SAC Sth American Silvr J
SAM Starcore Intl Mine J
SAP Saputo Inc.
SAS St. Andrew Gldflds J
SAU St. Augustine Gld J
SBB Sabina Gld & Slvr J
SBC Brompton Splt Banc A
SBC.PR.A Brompton Splt Bnc Pr
SBI Serabi Mng plc Ord J
SBI.WT Serabi Mng plc Wt J
SBN S Split Corp Cl A
SBN.PR.A S Split Corp. Pr
SBR Silver Bear Res J
SBS SemBioSys Genetics J
SBT.U Silver Bullion US
SBT.UN Silver Bullion Un
SC Shoppers Drug Mart
SCC Sears Canada Inc
SCL.A ShawCor Ltd. Cl A SV
SCL.B ShawCor Ltd. Cl B MV
SCP Sprott Resource Corp
SCR Score Media A SV J
SCS Second Wave Pete J
SCU Second Cup Ltd. The
SDF.UN Signature Divers Un
SDI Spectral Diagnstcs
SDY Strad Energy Serv J
SEA Seabridge Gold Inc J
SEC Senvest Capital Inc
SEQ Shoreline Energy J
SES Secure Energy Serv J
SGF Shore Gold Inc. J
SGQ SouthGobi Res Ltd J
SGR San Gold Corp. J
SGT.UN Sentry Select Gbl Un
SHR Sure Energy Inc.
SIA.U Skylon Int’l B US Un
SIA.UN Skylon Int’l A Un
SII Sprott Inc.
SIL Sprott Res Lending
SIN.UN SCITI Trust Trans Un
SIS Savaria Corp. J
SJ Stella-Jones Inc.
SJR.B Shaw Comm Cl B NV
SJR.PR.A Shaw Comm Cl 2 Pr A
SKA.UN Skylon All Asset Un
SKG.UN Skylon Growth Tr Un
SKL Skope Energy Inc. J
SLF Sun Life Fin Inc.
SLF.PR.A Sun Life Fin Pr A
SLF.PR.B Sun Life Fin Ser2 Pr
SLF.PR.C Sun Life Fin Ser3 Pr
SLF.PR.D Sun Life Fin Ser4 Pr
SLF.PR.E Sun Life Fin Ser5 Pr
SLF.PR.F Sun Life Fin Sr6R Pr
SLF.PR.G Sun Life Fin Sr8R Pr
SLP.UN Skylon Global Cap Un
SLR Solitario Expl J
SLS SL Split Corp. A Cap
SLS.PR.A SL Split Corp. A Pr
SLW Silver Wheaton Corp.
SLW.WT.U Silvr Wheaton C WtUS
SLX Silvermex Res Inc. J
SMX SMTC Mfg Corp Exchg
SNC SNC – Lavalin Group
SO Softchoice Corp
SOQ Sonde Resources J
SOT.PR.A Split REIT Opport Pr
SOT.UN Split REIT Opport Un
SOY SunOpta, Inc.
SPB Superior Plus Corp.
SPB.DB.B Superior Pls 5.75 Db
SPB.DB.C Superior Pls 5.85%Db
SPB.DB.D Superior Plus 7.5 Db
SPB.DB.E Superior+ 5.75 Deb E
SPB.DB.F Superior+ 6% Deb F
SPD Silver Predator J
SPM Scorpio Mining J
SPO.UN Skylon Gbl Cap Un II
SPZ Sprott Power Corp.
SQP Strongco Corporation
SQZ Serica Energy Ord J
SRF Sun-Rype Products
SRQ.DB Scott’s REIT 2007 Db
SRQ.DB.A Scott’s REIT 2009 Db
SRQ.UN Scott’s REIT Un
SRU Starfield Resource J
SRV.UN SIR Royalty Incm Un
SSI Sterling Shoes Inc.
SSI.DB Sterling Shoes 6.5Db
SSO Silver Standard Res
SST iPath US Treas Steep
SST.U iPath US TreasStp US
ST Stonegate Agricom J
ST.WT Stonegate Agricm WtJ
STB Student Transport
STB.DB.A Student Trans 7.5 Db
STB.DB.B Student Trans 6.75Db
STB.DB.U Student Trans 6.25US
STM Strathmore Mineral J
STN Stantec Inc.
STO Spartan Oil Corp. J
STP Sthrn Pacific Res J
STP.DB Sthrn Pacific 6%Db J
STQ Income STREAMS 3 Cap
SU Suncor Energy Inc.
SUE Sulliden Gold Corp J
SUM Solium Capital Inc J
SVB Silver Bull Res J
SVC Sandvine Corp J
SVM Silvercorp Metals J
SVR.C Claymore Sil Bul N-H
SVR.UN Claymore Sil Bul Un
SVU Spur Ventures Inc. J
SVY Savanna Energy Corp.
SW Sierra Wireless
SWH Sunwah Int’l Ltd.
SWI Swisher Hygiene Inc.
SWP.UN Salida Wealth Fnd Un
SWY Stornoway Diamond J
SXC SXC Health Solutions
SXI Synex Internt’l J
SXP Supremex Inc.
T TELUS Corporation
T.A TELUS Corporation NV
TA TransAlta Corp.
TA.PR.D TransAlta Ser A Pr
TAO TAG Oil Ltd. J
TAO.WT TAG Oil Ltd. Wt J
TBE Twin Butte Energy J
TBL Taiga Building Prod
TBL.NT Taiga Building Nt
TBP.UN T.Boone Pickens A Un
TC Tucows Inc.
TCA.PR.X TransCan Pipe Pr U
TCA.PR.Y TransCan Pipe Pr Y
TCK.A Teck Res Cl A MV
TCK.B Teck Res Cl B SV
TCL.A Transcontinentl A SV
TCL.B Transcontinentl B MV
TCL.PR.D Transcontinentl D Pr
TCM Thompson Creek Metal
TCM.WT Thompson Creek Wt
TCN Tricon Capital Group
TCP Trident Perform Cl A
TCT.UN Top 10 Cdn Fin Tr Un
TCW Trican Well Service
TCZ Trident Perform II A
TD T.D. Bank
TD.PR.A T.D. Bank Ser AA Pr
TD.PR.C T.D. Bank Ser AC Pr
TD.PR.E T.D. Bank Ser AE Pr
TD.PR.G T.D. Bank Ser AG Pr
TD.PR.I T.D. Bank Ser AI Pr
TD.PR.K T.D. Bank Ser AK Pr
TD.PR.M T.D. Bank Ser M Pr
TD.PR.N T.D. Bank Ser N Pr
TD.PR.O T.D. Bank Ser O Pr
TD.PR.P T.D. Bank Ser P Pr
TD.PR.Q T.D. Bank Ser Q Pr
TD.PR.R T.D. Bank Ser R Pr
TD.PR.S T.D. Bank Ser S Pr
TD.PR.Y T.D. Bank Ser Y Pr
TDG Trinidad Drilling
TDS.C TD Split Inc. Cl C
TDS.PR.C TD Split Inc. C Pr 1
TET Trilogy Energy Corp.
TFI TransForce Inc.
TFI.DB TransForce Inc 6% Db
TGA.UN TransGlobe REIT Un
TGF.UN Timbercreek Globe Un
TGL TransGlobe Energy J
TGO TeraGo Inc.
TGS Tiger Resource Ord J
TGZ Teranga Gold Corp. J
TH Theratechnologies
THD Third Cdn Gen Inv
THI Tim Hortons Inc.
THO Tahoe Resources J
THR Thundermin Res J
TI.UN TerraVest Income Un
TID Tuscany Intl Drill J
TID.WT Tuscany Intl Wt J
TIH Toromont Industries
TIL.DB Tree Island Wire Deb
TIL.UN Tree Island Wire Un
TIM Timminco Limited
TKM Tekmira Pharm Corp.
TKO Taseko Mines Ltd.
TLB TearLab Corp. J
TLF.UN Tech Leaders Incm Un
TLH Talison Lithium Ord
TLM Talisman Energy Inc.
TLN Thallion Pharma J
TLO Talon Metals Corp. J
TMA Trimac Transport A
TMB Tembec Inc.
TMB.WT Tembec Inc. Wt
TMC Timbercreek Mortge A
TML Treasury Metals J
TMM Timmins Gold Corp. J
TNP TransAtlantic Pete J
TNX Tanzanian Royalty J
TOR TriAusMin Ordinary J
TOT Total Engy Serv Inc.
TOT.DB Total Engy 5.75% Deb
TOU Tourmaline Oil Corp.
TPK Ten Peaks Coffee
TPL Tethys Petroleum J
TPS Turbo Power Systems
TPX.A MolsonCoors Cda A LV
TPX.B MolsonCoors Cda B NV
TRE Sino-Forest Corp.
TRF.UN 1st Asset EngyRes Un
TRH.UN Triax Diversfd Units
TRI Thomson Reuters Corp
TRI.PR.B Thomson Reuter Pr II
TRP TransCan Corporation
TRP.PR.A TransCan Corp Pr 1
TRP.PR.B TransCan Corp Pr 3
TRP.PR.C TransCan Corp Pr 5
TRY Troy Res NL Ord J
TRZ.A Transat A.T. Cl A
TRZ.B Transat A.T. Cl B
TS.B Torstar Cl B NV
TT Terra Energy Corp.
TTH Trans Therapeutics J
TV Trevali Mining J
TVA.B TVA Group Inc. B NV
TVI TVI Pacific Inc J
TWF TimberWest Forest Corp.
TX Tuckamore Cap Mgt
TX.DB.B Tuckamore Cap 8% Deb
TX.DB.C Tuckamore 3.624 Deb
TXG Torex Gold Res J
TXG.WT Torex Gold Res Wt J
TXL Tesla Exploration
TXT.PR.A Top 10 Split Tr Pr
TXT.UN Top 10 Split Tr Un
TYF.UN IA Clarington Yld Un
TZT Tranzeo Wireless J
U Uranium Participate
UEX UEX Corporation J
UF.UN Uranium Focused Un
UFS Domtar Corporation
UFX Domtar Cda Paper Ex
UMJ Ursa Major Mineral J
UNC United Corporations
UNC.PR.A United Corp 1st Pr
UNC.PR.B United Corp Pr 59
UNC.PR.C United Corp Pr 63
UNG.PR.C Union Gas 5 1/2% Pr
UNG.PR.D Union Gas 6% B Pr
UNS Uni-Select Inc.
UNS.DB Uni-Select 5.9% Deb
URB Urbana Corporation
URB.A Urbana Corp. Cl A NV
URB.WT.B Urbana Corp. B Wt
URE Ur-Energy Inc. J
URZ Uranerz Energy J
USC United Silver Corp J
UST.PR.A Utility Split Pr Sec
UST.UN Utility Split Cap Un
UTC.C Utility Corp Cl ‘C’
UTE.UN Cdn Util & Tel FndUn
UUU Uranium One Inc. J
UUU.DB Uranium One 4.25Db J
UUU.DB.A Uranium One 5% Deb J
UXE US Gld Cdn Acquis Ex
UXG US Gold Corp. J
VAA Vaaldiam Mining J
VCM Vecima Networks Inc.
VEM Vena Resources J
VET Vermilion Energy Inc
VFF Village Farms Int’l
VGQ Virginia Mines Inc J
VGZ Vista Gold Corp
VGZ.WT.U Vista Gold USF Wt
VIC Vicwest Inc.
VIC.DB Vicwest Inc. 6% Deb
VIP.UN Brompton VIP Incm Un
VLC Velocity Minerals J
VLN Velan Inc. SV
VNR Valener Inc.
VRO Vero Energy Inc.
VRX Valeant Pharm Int’l
VSN Veresen Inc.
VSN.DB.C Veresen 5.75% Deb
VT Viterra Inc.
VTN Vitran Corporation
VTR Volta Resources J
VXX iPath S&P500 Vix ST
VXX.U iPath S&P500VixST US
VXZ iPath S&P500 VIX MT
W.PR.H Westcoast Engy 5.50%
W.PR.J Westcoast Engy 5.60%
WB Whistler Blackcomb
WCM.A Wilmington Cap A NV
WCM.B Wilmington Cap B
WCP Whitecap Resources J
WCS.A Wescast Ind Cl A SV
WDN Waldron Enegry J
WDO Wesdome Gold Mines
WDO.DB Wesdome Gold 7% Deb
WED Westaim Corporation
WEF Western Forest Prod
WEQ.DB WstrnOne Equity 9%Db
WEQ.DB.B WstrnOne Eqty 8.5%Db
WEQ.DB.C WstrnOne Eqty 8% Deb
WEQ.UN WstrnOne Equity Un
WES Western Fin Group
WES.PR.A Western Fin Grp 3 Pr
WES.PR.B Western Fin Grp 4 Pr
WES.PR.C Western Fin Grp 5 Pr
WEW WebTech Wireless Inc
WFC Wall Financial Corp
WFE WestFire Energy J
WFI WaterFurnace Engy J
WFI.U WaterFurnace USF J
WFS World Fin Split Cl A
WFS.PR.A World Fin Split Pr
WFT West Fraser Timber
WG WGI Heavy Minerals
WGR Witwatersrand Ord J
WIN Wi-Lan Inc.
WIX Winstar Resources J
WJA WestJet Airlines Ltd
WJA.A WestJet Airline Vary
WJX Wajax Corporation
WLC Westrn Lithium USA J
WLT Walter Energy, Inc
WLT.WT Walter Energy Wt
WM Wallbridge Mng Co J
WN Weston George
WN.PR.A Weston George 1 Pr
WN.PR.C Weston George III Pr
WN.PR.D Weston George IV Pr
WN.PR.E Weston George V Pr
WNX Warnex Inc. J
WPK Winpak Limited
WPT Westport Innovations
WPX Wstrn Potash Corp. J
WRK.DB.E Whiterock REIT 6.3Db
WRK.DB.F Whiterock REIT 6% Db
WRK.DB.G Whiterock REIT 7% Db
WRK.DB.K Whiterock REIT5.95Db
WRK.UN Whiterock REIT Un
WRN Westrn Copper Corp J
WRN.WT Western Copper Wt J
WRX Wireless Matrix J
WSA Western Areas NL J
WTE.UN Westshore Terminl Un
WTG White Tiger Gold Ltd
WZL Wenzel Downhole Tool
X TMX Group Inc.
XAL iShrs AlternatePortf
XBB iShares DEX Universe
XBC Xebec Adsorption J
XBM iShares GlblBase Mtl
XBZ iShare MSCI Brazil
XCB iShrs DEX Corp Bond
XCG iShrs DJ Slct Growth
XCH iShares China Indx
XCR iShrs Conserve Core
XCS IShrs S&P/TSX Smlcap
XCV iShrs DJ Slct Value
XDC Xtreme Coil Drill J
XDV iShares DJ Slct Div
XEB iShre JP USD EmrgMkt
XEG iShares S&P/TSX Engy
XEI iShares Eqty Incm Un
XEM iShare MSCI Emerg Un
XEN iShare Jantzi Social
XFN iShares S&P/TSX Fins
XG Extorre Gold Mines J
XGB iShrs DEX Gov’t Bond
XGC iShrs Complete Portf
XGD iShares S&P/TSX Gold
XGR iShrs GrowCore Portf
XHB iShare DEX HYBrd Bnd
XHC iShare HlthcareCad-H
XHG Star Hedge Mgr II
XHG.WT Star Hedge Mgr II Wt
XHM.A Star Hedge Mgr Cl A
XHY iShare US HiYld Bnd
XIC iShare S&P/TSX Compo
XID iShare CNX Nif India
XIG iShare US IG CorpBnd
XIT iShares S&P/TSX Tech
XIU iShares S&P/TSX60 Un
XLA iShare Latin 40Index
XLB iShrs DEX LT Bond Un
XMA iShare S&P/TSX Matrl
XMC Xceed Mortgage Corp.
XMD iShare S&P/TSX Compl
XMF.A M Split Corp. Cap
XMF.PR.B M Split Corp Cl 1 Pr
XMF.PR.C M Split Corp Cl 2 Pr
XMF.WT.A M Split Corp 2012 Wt
XPF iShare NA Pref StkUn
XQQ iShare NASDAQ 100 Un
XRB iShrs DEX Rl Ret Bnd
XRC Exeter Resource J
XRG Xinergy Ltd. J
XRG.WT Xinergy Ltd. Wt J
XSB iShares DEX ST Bond
XSP iShare S&P500 CAD-Hg
XSR Cdn Sat Radio A SV J
XST iShares Consumr Stpl
XSU iShares Russell 2000
XTC Exco Technologies
XTD TDb Split Cl A
XTD.PR.A TDb Split Prior Eqty
XTG Xtra-Gold Resource J
XTR iShare Divers MoIncm
XUT iShares Utilities Un
XWD iShare MSCI World Un
XYM Star Prtfolio YldMgr
XYM.WT Star Portfolio Wt
YCM Commerce Split Cap
YCM.PR.A Commerce Split I Pr
YCM.PR.B Commerce Split II Pr
YCM.PR.X Commerce Splt PrtyEq
YCM.WT.A Commerce Splt 2012Wt
YCM.X Commerce Splt A 2010
YLD Split Yield Capital
YLD.PR.A Split Yield Cl I Pr
YLD.PR.B Split Yield Cl II Pr
YLO Yellow Media Inc.
YLO.DB.A Yellow Media 6.25 Db
YLO.PR.A Yellow Media 4.25 Pr
YLO.PR.B Yellow Media 5% Pr
YLO.PR.C Yellow Media Sr 3 Pr
YLO.PR.D Yellow Media Sr 5 Pr
YM YM BioSciences J
YNG Yukon-Nevada Gold J
YNG.WT Yukon-Nevada Wt J
YOU.UN Yield Advantage Un
YRB.A Yorbeau Res Cl A J
YRI Yamana Gold Inc.
ZAG BMO AggregateBnd ETF
ZAR Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd
ZAZ Zazu Metals Corp. J
ZAZ.WT Zazu Metals Wt J
ZCA BMO Agriculture Un
ZCB BMO Base Metals Un
ZCE BMO Energy Commodity
ZCH BMO China Eq Hdg ETF
ZCL ZCL Composites Inc
ZCM BMO Mid Crp Bond ETF
ZCP BMO Precious Metals
ZCS BMO Shrt Crp Bnd ETF
ZDM BMO IntlEqty Hed ETF
ZEB BMO Eql Wgt Bank ETF
ZFL BMO Lng Federal Bond
ZFM BMO Mid Fed Bnd Indx
ZFS BMO Shrt Fed Bnd ETF
ZGI BMO Gbl Infrastr ETF
ZID BMO India Eq Hdg ETF
ZJG BMO Junior Gold ETF
ZJN BMO Junior Gas ETF
ZJO BMO Junior Oil ETF
ZL Zarlink Semiconduct
ZL.DB Zarlink 6.0% Deb
ZLC BMO Long Crp Bnd ETF
ZMI BMO Monthly Incm Un
ZNC Zincore Metals Inc J
ZPP Zongshen PEM Pwr J
ZPS BMO Shrt Prv Bnd ETF
ZQQ BMO Nasdaq EqHed ETF
ZRR BMO Rl Return Bond
ZUB BMO Eq Wgt US Banks
ZUH BMO EqWgt US Health
ZUT BMO Eql Wgt Util ETF
ZWB BMO Coverd CallCdnBk
ZXA BMO 2013 Corp Bnd Un
ZXB BMO 2015 Corp Bnd Un
ZXC BMO 2020 Corp Bnd Un
ZXD BMO 2025 Corp Bnd Un

Note: The list above is up to date as of July 21st, 2011.

We have all heard about the phone hacking scandal, which was done by one of Murdoch little tabloid newspapers that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. The scandal has shaken Murdoch’s media empire so bad that the losses are now astronomical.

To make things short, the scandal started weighing on NWSA as of July 6th. On July 5th, the stock was trading at $18.13, yesterday the stock closed at $14.97 (down 18% so far). Now since there are 2.63 billion common shares, this means that the market capitalization of News Corporation was reduced by $8.31 billion (that’s in less than 2 weeks). Now how much did Rupert Murdoch lose?

Since Murdoch controls around 30% of News Corporation, then his total loss is around $2.5 billion.

July 18, 2011 | In: Financial

BAC Falls Below $10

Bank of America (NYSE: BAC) is now trading in single digits, current at $9.89. Look at today’s chart for the stock:

BAC Trading Below $10

I know I have said this would happen a week ago, but hey, it eventually happened, and not long after I predicted it. I think $10 will become a huge resistance for the stock if the stock closes below the $10 level by the end of this week.

Note that there was a huge volume for this stock in the first 2 minutes of trading, about 17 million shares traded hands. So BAC is going down on very high volume.

I don’t know where BAC will go from here, but it’s not looking good (come to think of it, it rarely looks good for this stock).

IRE (NYSE:IRE) has dropped yesterday below the $1 level, and is currently trading at $0.91. As we already know, NYSE (as well as NASDAQ) rules require that the stock maintains a price above $1 at all time, and if it drops below the $1 level, then it has 1 month to climb to at least $1, or else it’s booted out of the market (after a warning period).

This means that Bank of Ireland’s executives will most likely go for a reverse split. I think they’ll probably go for either a 1:5 (same as AIB) or 1:10. If they go with a 1:10 reverse split, then the following will happen:

– The number of shares will drop below the billion share level, and it will become only 320 million shares.
– The price of the stock will be around $9.11 (if it doesn’t go down further between now and the reverse split).
– The stock will continue to decline, because reverse splits are bad and are looked upon unfavorably by the investors.

I think both AIB and IRE are now the playgrounds of “shorters” (those who short stocks). Both of them have no future, and the serious problems in Europe are now emerging to the surface (forget about Greece and Portugal, there’s now Italy and Spain). I expect another reverse split for AIB probably in 2 months from now, I think this time they will go with a 1:10 just so they can last until the end of the year before the next reverse split.

I wanted to know how many companies are listed in the TSX, but, when I went to check the TSX page that listed the companies, I was surprised that each page was limited to all 10 entries, so there was no downloadable list and no way to find out how many companies are listed in the Toronto Stock Exchange. I think with the exception of TSX executives, everyone agrees with me that it’s a very lame way for presenting the information to the user.

So, I did the hard job and compiled a list of all the public companies in the Canadian market listed in the TSX, and here it is:

  • 01 Communique Laboratory Inc.
  • A&W Revenue Royalties Income Fund
  • Aastra Technologies Limited
  • Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Investment Company Limited
  • Aberdeen International Inc.
  • AbitibiBowater Inc.
  • Absolute Software Corporation
  • Acadian Mining Corporation
  • Acadian Timber Corp.
  • Accord Financial Corp.
  • ACE Aviation Holdings Inc.
  • ACTIVEnergy Income Fund
  • ADF Group Inc.
  • Adherex Technologies Inc.
  • Advantage Oil & Gas Ltd.
  • Advantaged Canadian High Yield Bond Fund
  • Advantaged Preferred Share Trust
  • Aecon Group Inc.
  • Aeroquest International Limited
  • AEterna Zentaris Inc.
  • Afexa Life Sciences Inc.
  • Africo Resources Ltd.
  • Ag Growth International Inc.
  • AGF Management Limited
  • AGF Master Limited Partnership
  • Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.
  • Agrium Inc.
  • Ainsworth Lumber Co. Ltd.
  • Air Canada
  • AirBoss of America Corp.
  • Akela Pharma Inc.
  • Akita Drilling Ltd.
  • Alacer Gold Corp.
  • Alamos Gold Inc.
  • Alaris Royalty Corp.
  • AlarmForce Industries Inc.
  • Alexco Resource Corp.
  • Alexis Minerals Corporation
  • Algoma Central Corporation
  • Algonquin Power & Utilities Corp.
  • Alimentation Couche-Tard Inc.
  • Allbanc Split Corp.
  • Allbanc Split Corp. II
  • Alliance Grain Traders Inc.
  • Allied Gold Mining PLC
  • Allied Nevada Gold Corp.
  • Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Allon Therapeutics Inc.
  • Almaden Minerals Ltd.
  • AltaGas Ltd.
  • Alter NRG Corp.
  • Alterra Power Corp.
  • Altius Minerals Corporation
  • Altus Group Limited
  • American Bonanza Gold Corp.
  • Amerigo Resources Ltd.
  • Amica Mature Lifestyles Inc./Style de Vie Amica Inc.
  • Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd.
  • Anaconda Mining Inc.
  • Anderson Energy Ltd.
  • Andrew Peller Limited/Andrew Peller Limitee
  • Angle Energy Inc.
  • Anglo Pacific Group PLC
  • Antrim Energy Inc.
  • Anvil Mining Limited
  • Aquila Resources Inc.
  • Arbor Memorial Services Inc.
  • ARC Resources Ltd.
  • Arctic Glacier Income Fund
  • Argonaut Gold Inc.
  • Argosy Energy Inc.
  • ARISE Technologies Corporation
  • Armistice Resources Corp.
  • Armtec Infrastructure Inc.
  • Arsenal Energy Inc.
  • Artek Exploration Ltd.
  • Artis Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Asia Bio-Chem Group Corp.
  • Aston Hill Global Agribusiness Fund
  • Astral Media Inc.
  • Atco Ltd.
  • Athabasca Oil Sands Corp.
  • Atlantic Power Corporation
  • Atna Resources Ltd.
  • Atrium Innovations Inc.
  • ATS Automation Tooling Systems Inc.
  • Augusta Resource Corporation
  • Aura Minerals Inc.
  • Aureus Mining Inc.
  • AuRico Gold Inc.
  • Aurizon Mines Ltd.
  • Aurora Oil & Gas Limited
  • Auryx Gold Corp.
  • Australian Banc Capital Securities Trust
  • Australian Banc Income Fund
  • AutoCanada Inc.
  • Automodular Corporation
  • Avalon Rare Metals Inc.
  • Avcorp Industries Inc.
  • AvenEx Energy Corp.
  • Avion Gold Corporation
  • Avnel Gold Mining Limited
  • Axia NetMedia Corporation
  • Azure Dynamics Corporation
  • B2Gold Corp.
  • Badger Daylighting Ltd.
  • Baja Mining Corp.
  • Ballard Power Systems Inc.
  • BAM Split Corp.
  • Bank of Montreal
  • Bank of Nova Scotia (The)
  • Bankers Petroleum Ltd.
  • Bannerman Resources Limited
  • Banro Corporation
  • Barclays Bank PLC Fixed Income Notes
  • Barrick Energy Inc.
  • Barrick Gold Corporation
  • Bauer Performance Sports Ltd.
  • Baytex Energy Corp.
  • BCE Inc.
  • Becker Milk Company Ltd. (The)
  • Bell Aliant Inc.
  • Bell Aliant Preferred Equity Inc.
  • Bellatrix Exploration Ltd.
  • BELLUS Health Inc.
  • Bengal Energy Ltd.
  • Bennett Environmental Inc.
  • Big 8 Split Inc.
  • Big Bank Big Oil Split Corp.
  • Big Rock Brewery Inc.
  • BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd.
  • Bioniche Life Sciences Inc.
  • BioteQ Environmental Technologies Inc.
  • BioWest Therapeutics Inc.
  • BIOX Corporation
  • Birchcliff Energy Ltd.
  • Bird Construction Inc.
  • Black Diamond Group Limited
  • Black Iron Inc.
  • BlackPearl Resources Inc.
  • Blue Ribbon Income Fund
  • BMO 2013 Corporate Bond Target Maturity ETF
  • BMO 2015 Corporate Bond Target Maturity ETF
  • BMO 2020 Corporate Bond Target Maturity ETF
  • BMO 2025 Corporate Bond Target Maturity ETF
  • BMO Aggregate Bond Index ETF
  • BMO Agriculture Commodities Index ETF
  • BMO Base Metals Commodities Index ETF
  • BMO China Equity Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO Covered Call Canadian Banks ETF
  • BMO Dow Jones Canada Titans 60 Index ETF
  • BMO Dow Jones Industrial Average Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO Emerging Markets Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO Emerging Markets Equity Index ETF
  • BMO Energy Commodities Index ETF
  • BMO Equal Weight REITs Index ETF
  • BMO Equal Weight US Banks Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO Equal Weight US Health Care Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO Equal Weight Utilities Index ETF
  • BMO Global Infrastructure Index ETF
  • BMO High Yield US Corporate Bond Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO India Equity Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO International Equity Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO Junior Gas Index ETF
  • BMO Junior Gold Index ETF
  • BMO Junior Oil Index ETF
  • BMO Long Corporate Bond Index ETF
  • BMO Long Federal Bond Index ETF
  • BMO Mid Corporate Bond Index ETF
  • BMO Mid Federal Bond Index ETF
  • BMO Monthly Income ETF
  • BMO Nasdaq 100 Equity Hedged To CAD Index ETF
  • BMO Precious Metals Commodities Index ETF
  • BMO Real Return Bond Index ETF
  • BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Banks Index ETF
  • BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Global Base Metals Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMO S&P/TSX Equal Weight Oil & Gas Index ETF
  • BMO Short Corporate Bond Index ETF
  • BMO Short Federal Bond Index ETF
  • BMO Short Provincial Bond Index ETF
  • BMO US Equity Hedged to CAD Index ETF
  • BMTC Group Inc.
  • BNK Petroleum Inc.
  • BNS Split Corp. II
  • Boardwalk Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Boliden AB
  • Bombardier Inc.
  • Bonavista Energy Corporation
  • Bonnett’s Energy Corp.
  • Bonterra Energy Corp.
  • Boralex Inc.
  • Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund
  • Boyd Group Income Fund
  • Boyuan Construction Group, Inc.
  • BPO Properties Ltd.
  • Brampton Brick Limited
  • Breakwater Resources Ltd.
  • Bri-Chem Corp.
  • Brick Brewing Co. Limited
  • Bridgeport Ventures Inc.
  • Bridgewater Systems Corporation
  • Brigus Gold Corp.
  • Brompton Advantaged Oil & Gas Income Fund
  • Brompton Advantaged VIP Income Fund
  • Brompton Lifeco Split Corp.
  • Brompton Oil & Gas Income Fund
  • Brompton Split Banc Corp.
  • Brompton VIP Income Fund
  • Brookfield Asset Management Inc.
  • Brookfield Infrastructure Partners L.P.
  • Brookfield Office Properties Canada
  • Brookfield Office Properties Inc.
  • Brookfield Real Estate Services Inc.
  • Brookfield Renewable Power Fund
  • Brookfield Renewable Power Preferred Equity Inc.
  • Brookfield Residential Properties Inc.
  • Brookfield Soundvest Equity Fund
  • Brookfield Soundvest Split Trust
  • Bucking Horse Energy Inc.
  • Buhler Industries Inc.
  • Build America Investment Grade Bond Fund
  • Burcon Nutrascience Corporation
  • C.A. Bancorp Inc.
  • C&C Energia Ltd.
  • CAE Inc.
  • Caldwell Partners International Inc. (The)
  • Caledonia Mining Corporation
  • Calfrac Well Services Ltd.
  • Calian Technologies Ltd.
  • Call Genie Inc.
  • Calloway Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Calmena Energy Services Inc.
  • Calvalley Petroleum Inc.
  • Calvista Gold Corporation
  • Cameco Corporation
  • Can-60 Income Corp.
  • Can-60 Income ETF
  • Can-Energy Income ETF
  • Can-Financials Income Corp.
  • Can-Financials Income ETF
  • Can-Materials Income ETF
  • Canaccord Financial Inc.
  • Canacol Energy Ltd.
  • Canada Bread Company, Limited
  • Canada Lithium Corp.
  • Canadian Advantaged Convertibles Fund
  • Canadian Apartment Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Canadian Banc Capital Securities Trust
  • Canadian Banc Recovery Corp.
  • Canadian Convertible Liquid Universe ETF
  • Canadian Convertibles Plus Fund
  • Canadian Energy Services & Technology Corp.
  • CANADIAN Financials & Utilities Split Corp.
  • Canadian General Investments, Limited
  • Canadian Helicopters Group Inc.
  • Canadian High Income Equity Fund
  • Canadian High Yield Focus Fund
  • Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce
  • Canadian Income Management Inc.
  • Canadian Income Management Trust
  • Canadian Life Companies Split Corp.
  • Canadian National Railway Company
  • Canadian Natural Resources Limited
  • Canadian Oil Sands Limited
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Limited
  • Canadian Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Canadian Resources Income Trust
  • Canadian Satellite Radio Holdings Inc.
  • Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited
  • Canadian Utilities & Telecom Income Fund
  • Canadian Utilities Limited
  • Canadian Western Bank
  • Canadian Wireless Trust
  • Canadian World Fund Limited
  • Canadian Zinc Corporation
  • CanAlaska Uranium Ltd.
  • Canam Group Inc.
  • Canarc Resource Corp.
  • CanBanc Income Corp.
  • Candax Energy Inc.
  • Candente Copper Corp.
  • Candente Gold Corp.
  • Canexus Income Fund
  • Canfor Corporation
  • Canfor Pulp Products Inc.
  • Cangene Corporation
  • Canickel Mining Limited
  • Canlan Ice Sports Corp.
  • Canoe ‘GO CANADA’ Income Fund
  • Canoe Strategic Resources Income Fund
  • Canso Credit Income Fund
  • CanWel Building Materials Group Ltd.
  • Canyon Services Group Inc.
  • Capital Gains Income STREAMS Corporation
  • Capital Power Corporation
  • Capital Power Income L.P.
  • Capstone Infrastructure Corporation
  • Capstone Mining Corp.
  • Cardero Resource Corp.
  • Cardiome Pharma Corp.
  • Carfinco Income Fund
  • Cargojet Inc.
  • Caribbean Utilities Company, Ltd.
  • Carlisle Goldfields Limited
  • Carmanah Technologies Corporation
  • Carpathian Gold Inc.
  • Cascades Inc.
  • Caspian Energy Inc.
  • Catalyst Paper Corporation
  • Cathedral Energy Services Ltd.
  • Caza Oil & Gas, Inc.
  • CCL Industries Inc.
  • CE Franklin Ltd.
  • Celestica Inc.
  • Celtic Exploration Ltd.
  • Cenovus Energy Inc.
  • Centamin Egypt Limited
  • Centerra Gold Inc.
  • Central Fund of Canada Limited
  • Central GoldTrust
  • Centric Health Corporation
  • Cequence Energy Ltd.
  • Ceres Global Ag Corp.
  • Cerro Grande Mining Corporation
  • Cervus Equipment Corporation
  • CGA Mining Limited
  • CGI Group Inc.
  • Chalice Gold Mines Limited
  • Champion Minerals Inc.
  • Chartwell Seniors Housing Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Chartwell Technology Inc.
  • Chemtrade Logistics Income Fund
  • Chesswood Group Limited
  • Chieftain Metals Inc.
  • China Gold International Resources Corp. Ltd.
  • Chinook Energy Inc.
  • Chorus Aviation Inc.
  • Churchill Corporation (The)
  • CI Financial Corp.
  • CI Master Limited Partnership
  • CIBT Education Group Inc.
  • CIC Energy Corp.
  • Cinch Energy Corp.
  • Cineplex Inc.
  • Cinram International Income Fund
  • Cipher Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • Citadel Income Fund
  • Citadel SMaRT Fund
  • Clairvest Group Inc.
  • Clarke Inc.
  • Claude Resources Inc.
  • Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Corporate Bond ETF
  • Claymore 1-5 Yr Laddered Government Bond ETF
  • Claymore Advantaged Canadian Bond ETF
  • Claymore Advantaged Convertible Bond ETF
  • Claymore Advantaged High Yield Bond ETF
  • Claymore Advantaged Short Duration High Income ETF
  • Claymore Balanced Growth CorePortfolio ETF
  • Claymore Balanced Income CorePortfolio ETF
  • Claymore BRIC ETF
  • Claymore Broad Commodity ETF
  • Claymore Broad Emerging Markets ETF
  • Claymore Canadian Financial Monthly Income ETF
  • Claymore Canadian Fundamental Index ETF
  • Claymore China ETF
  • Claymore Equal Weight Banc & Lifeco ETF
  • Claymore Global Agriculture ETF
  • Claymore Global Infrastructure ETF
  • Claymore Global Monthly Advantaged Dividend ETF
  • Claymore Global Real Estate ETF
  • Claymore Gold Bullion ETF
  • Claymore International Fundamental Index ETF
  • Claymore Inverse 10 Yr Government Bond ETF
  • Claymore Japan Fundamental Index ETF C$ hedged
  • Claymore Natural Gas Commodity ETF
  • Claymore Oil Sands Sector ETF
  • Claymore Premium Money Market ETF
  • Claymore S&P Global Water ETF
  • Claymore S&P/TSX Canadian Dividend ETF
  • Claymore S&P/TSX CDN Preferred Share ETF
  • Claymore S&P/TSX Global Mining ETF
  • Claymore Silver Bullion Trust
  • Claymore US Fundamental Index ETF
  • Clearwater Seafoods Income Fund
  • Cline Mining Corporation
  • ClubLink Enterprises Limited
  • Cluff Gold plc
  • CML HealthCare Inc.
  • CMP Gold Trust
  • Co-operators General Insurance Company
  • Coalspur Mines Limited
  • Coast Wholesale Appliances Inc.
  • Coastal Contacts Inc.
  • Coastal Energy Company
  • Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation
  • Cogeco Cable Inc.
  • Cogeco Inc.
  • Colabor Group Inc.
  • Colossus Minerals Inc.
  • COM DEV International Ltd.
  • Cominar Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Commerce Split Corp.
  • Commercial Solutions Inc.
  • COMPASS Income Fund
  • Compton Petroleum Corporation
  • Computer Modelling Group Ltd.
  • Condor Petroleum Inc.
  • Connacher Oil and Gas Limited
  • Connor, Clark & Lunn Conservative Income & Growth Fund
  • Connor, Clark & Lunn Global Financials Fund II
  • Connor, Clark & Lunn Real Return Income Fund
  • Consolidated HCI Holdings Corporation
  • Constellation Software Inc.
  • Continental Gold Limited
  • Continental Precious Minerals Inc.
  • Contrans Group Inc.
  • Convertible & Yield Advantage Trust
  • Copernican British Banks Fund
  • Copernican International Financial Split Corp.
  • Copernican International Premium Dividend Fund
  • Copernican World Banks Split Inc.
  • Copernican World Financial Infrastructure Trust
  • Copper Mountain Mining Corporation
  • Corby Distilleries Limited
  • Core Canadian Dividend Trust
  • Coro Mining Corp.
  • Corona Gold Corporation
  • Corridor Resources Inc.
  • Corus Entertainment Inc.
  • Corvus Gold Inc.
  • Cott Corporation
  • Counsel Corporation
  • Coxe Commodity Strategy Fund
  • CPI Preferred Equity Ltd.
  • Craig Wireless Systems Ltd.
  • Crescent Gold Limited
  • Crescent Point Energy Corp.
  • Crew Energy Inc.
  • CriticalControl Solutions Corp.
  • Crocodile Gold Corp.
  • Crocotta Energy Inc.
  • Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Crosshair Exploration & Mining Corp.
  • CryptoLogic Exchange Corporation
  • CryptoLogic Limited
  • Crystallex International Corporation
  • CU Inc.
  • Curis Resources Ltd.
  • CVTech Group Inc.
  • Cyberplex Inc.
  • Cymat Technologies Ltd.
  • Cymbria Corporation
  • D-Box Technologies Inc.
  • Dalradian Resources Inc.
  • Danier Leather Inc.
  • Data Group Income Fund (The)
  • Davis + Henderson Corporation
  • Day4 Energy Inc.
  • Daylight Energy Ltd.
  • DDJ High Yield Fund
  • DDS Wireless International Inc.
  • Deans Knight Income and Growth Fund
  • Deans Knight Income Corporation
  • DeeThree Exploration Ltd.
  • Dejour Energy Inc.
  • Delphi Energy Corp.
  • Delrand Resources Limited
  • Denison Mines Corp.
  • Descartes Systems Group Inc. (The)
  • Detour Gold Corporation
  • DHX Media Ltd.
  • DiagnoCure Inc.
  • Diamond Fields International Ltd.
  • Diaz Resources Ltd.
  • DirectCash Payments Inc.
  • Discovery Air Inc.
  • Distinction Group Inc.
  • Diversified Preferred Share Trust
  • Diversified Private Equity Corp.
  • Dividend 15 Split Corp.
  • Dividend 15 Split Corp. II
  • Dividend Growth Split Corp.
  • Dividend Select 15 Corp.
  • Dollarama Inc.
  • Dominion Citrus Income Fund
  • Dominion Citrus Limited
  • Domtar (Canada) Paper Inc.
  • Domtar Corporation
  • Dorel Industries Inc.
  • DPF India Opportunities Fund
  • DragonWave Inc.
  • Duluth Metals Limited
  • Dundee Capital Markets Inc.
  • Dundee Corporation
  • Dundee Energy Limited
  • Dundee Precious Metals Inc.
  • Dundee Real Estate Investment Trust
  • DundeeWealth Inc.
  • Dynacor Gold Mines Inc.
  • Dynasty Metals & Mining Inc.
  • Dynetek Industries Ltd.
  • E-L Financial Corporation Limited
  • Eagle Energy Trust
  • Eastern Platinum Limited
  • Eastmain Resources Inc.
  • easyhome Ltd.
  • Economic Investment Trust Limited
  • Ecopetrol S.A.
  • ECU Silver Mining Inc.
  • EGI Financial Holdings Inc.
  • Eldorado Gold Corporation
  • Electrovaya Inc.
  • EMC Metals Corp.
  • EMED Mining Public Limited
  • Emera Incorporated
  • Emerge Oil & Gas Inc.
  • Empire Company Limited
  • Enbridge Inc.
  • Enbridge Income Fund Holdings Inc.
  • EnCana Corporation
  • Endeavour Mining Corporation
  • Endeavour Silver Corp.
  • EnerCare Inc.
  • Enerflex Ltd.
  • Energizer Resources Inc
  • Energy Fuels Inc.
  • Energy Income Fund
  • Energy Split Corp. Inc.
  • Enerplus Corporation
  • EnerVest Diversified Income Trust
  • EnerVest Energy and Oil Sands Total Return Trust
  • Enghouse Systems Limited
  • Ensign Energy Services Inc.
  • Enterprise Oilfield Group, Inc.
  • Entree Gold Inc.
  • Envoy Capital Group Inc.
  • Epsilon Energy Ltd.
  • Equal Energy Ltd.
  • Equinox Minerals Limited
  • Equitable Group Inc.
  • Equity Financial Holdings Inc.
  • Erdene Resource Development Corporation
  • Espial Group Inc.
  • Essential Energy Services Ltd.
  • Etrion Corporation
  • European Goldfields Limited
  • Evertz Technologies Limited
  • Evolving Gold Corp.
  • Exall Energy Corporation
  • Excellon Resources Inc.
  • Exchange Income Corporation
  • Exco Technologies Limited
  • Exeter Resource Corporation
  • EXFO Inc.
  • Extendicare Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Extorre Gold Mines Limited
  • Extract Resources Limited
  • Fairborne Energy Ltd.
  • Faircourt Gold Income Corp.
  • Faircourt Split Trust
  • Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited
  • Fibrek Inc.
  • Fidelity Partnership 1996
  • Fiera High Income Trust
  • Fiera Sceptre Inc.
  • Financial 15 Split Corp.
  • Financial 15 Split Corp. II
  • Financial Preferred Securities Corporation
  • Finning International Inc.
  • Firan Technology Group Corporation
  • Firm Capital Mortgage Investment Corporation
  • First Asset Canadian Dividend Opportunity Fund
  • First Asset CanBanc Split Corp.
  • First Asset Diversified Convertible Debenture Fund
  • First Asset Energy & Resource Fund
  • First Asset Pipes & Power Income Fund
  • First Asset REIT Income Fund
  • First Asset Yield Opportunity Trust
  • First Capital Realty Inc.
  • First Majestic Silver Corp.
  • First National AlarmCap Income Fund
  • First National Financial Corporation
  • First Nickel Inc.
  • First Quantum Minerals Ltd.
  • First Trust Advantaged Short Duration High Yield Bond Fund
  • First Uranium Corporation
  • FirstService Corporation
  • Flaherty & Crumrine Investment Grade Fixed Income Fund
  • Flint Energy Services Ltd.
  • Focused Global Trends Fund
  • Foraco International SA
  • Forbes and Manhattan Coal Corp.
  • Forbes Energy Services Ltd.
  • Formation Metals Inc.
  • Forsys Metals Corp.
  • Fortis Inc.
  • Fortress Paper Ltd.
  • Fortuna Silver Mines Inc.
  • Fortune Minerals Limited
  • Forzani Group Ltd. (The)
  • FP Newspapers Inc.
  • Franco-Nevada Corporation
  • Freegold Ventures Limited
  • Freehold Royalties Ltd.
  • Front Street MLP Income Fund II Ltd.
  • Front Street MLP Income Fund Ltd.
  • Front Street Strategic Yield Fund Ltd.
  • Frontera Copper Corporation
  • Frontier Rare Earths Limited
  • Frontline Technologies Inc.
  • Futuremed Healthcare Products Corporation
  • Gabriel Resources Ltd.
  • Galleon Energy Inc.
  • Gamehost Inc.
  • Garda World Security Corporation
  • GASFRAC Energy Services Inc.
  • Gazit America Inc.
  • Gendis Inc.
  • GeneNews Limited
  • General Donlee Canada Inc.
  • General Moly, Inc.
  • General Motors Company
  • Genesis Land Development Corp.
  • GENIVAR Inc.
  • Gennum Corporation
  • Genworth MI Canada Inc.
  • Geodrill Limited
  • Geologix Explorations Inc.
  • George Weston Limited
  • Geovic Mining Corp.
  • Gibson Energy Inc.
  • Gildan Activewear Inc.
  • Glacier Media Inc.
  • Glentel Inc.
  • GLG Life Tech Corporation
  • Global 45 Split Corp.
  • Global Advantaged Telecom & Utilities Income Fund
  • Global Alumina Corporation
  • Global Banks Premium Income Trust
  • Global Diversified Investment Grade Income Trust
  • Global Diversified Investment Grade Income Trust II
  • Global Dividend Fund
  • Global Railway Industries Ltd.
  • Global Strategy Master LP
  • Global Uranium Fund Inc.
  • GlobalBanc Advantaged 8 Split Corp.
  • Globex Mining Enterprises Inc.
  • Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.
  • GLV Inc.
  • GMIncome & Growth Fund
  • GMP Capital Inc.
  • Gold Participation and Income Fund
  • Gold Reserve Inc.
  • Gold-Ore Resources Ltd.
  • Goldcorp Inc.
  • Golden Minerals Company
  • Golden Peaks Resources Ltd.
  • Golden Predator Corp.
  • Golden Queen Mining Co. Ltd.
  • Golden Star Resources Ltd.
  • Goldgroup Mining Inc.
  • Goldstone Resources Inc.
  • Goodfellow Inc.
  • Government Strip Bond Trust
  • Gran Colombia Gold Corp.
  • Gran Tierra Energy Inc.
  • Gran Tierra Exchangeco Inc.
  • Grande Cache Coal Corporation
  • Grandview Gold Inc.
  • Great Basin Gold Ltd.
  • Great Canadian Gaming Corporation
  • Great Panther Silver Limited
  • Great-West Lifeco Inc.
  • Greystar Resources Ltd.
  • Groupe Aeroplan Inc.
  • Groupe Bikini Village inc.
  • Gryphon Gold Corporation
  • Guardian Capital Group Limited
  • GuestLogix Inc.
  • Guyana Goldfields Inc.
  • GVIC Communications Corp.
  • GWR Global Water Resources Corp.
  • H. Paulin & Co. Limited
  • H&R Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Hammond Manufacturing Company Limited
  • Hammond Power Solutions Inc.
  • Hanfeng Evergreen Inc.
  • Hanwei Energy Services Corp.
  • Hard Creek Nickel Corporation
  • Hardwoods Distribution Inc.
  • Harmony Asset Limited
  • Harry Winston Diamond Corporation
  • Hart Stores Inc.
  • Hartco Inc.
  • Harte Gold Corp.
  • Harvest Banks & Buildings Income Fund
  • Harvest Canadian Income & Growth Fund
  • Harvest Operations Corp.
  • Harvest Sustainable Income Fund
  • Hathor Exploration Limited
  • HBanc Capital Securities Trust
  • Helix BioPharma Corp.
  • Hemisphere GPS Inc.
  • Heritage Oil Corporation
  • Heroux-Devtek Inc.
  • High Arctic Energy Services Inc.
  • High Liner Foods Incorporated
  • High River Gold Mines Ltd.
  • High Yield & Mortgage Plus Trust
  • Holloway Lodging Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Homburg Canada Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Homburg Invest Inc.
  • Home Capital Group Inc.
  • Homeland Energy Group Ltd.
  • HOMEQ Corporation
  • Horizon North Logistics Inc.
  • Horizons AlphaPro Balanced ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Corporate Bond ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Dividend ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Enhanced Income Energy ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Enhanced Income Equity ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Enhanced Income Financials ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Enhanced Income Gold Producers ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Floating Rate Bond ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Gartman ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Global Dividend ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Income Plus ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro North American Growth ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro North American Value ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Preferred Share ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro S&P/TSX 60 Equal Weight Index ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Seasonal Rotation ETF
  • Horizons AlphaPro Tactical Bond ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Copper Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Copper Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Gold Bullion Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Gold Bullion Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Gold Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro COMEX Silver Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro MSCI Emerging Markets Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro MSCI Emerging Markets Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NASDAQ-100 Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NASDAQ-100 Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Crude Oil Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Long Crude Oil/Short Natural Gas Spread ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Long Natural Gas/Short Crude Oil Spread ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Natural Gas Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Natural Gas Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro NYMEX Natural Gas Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60 Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60 Bull Plus
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX 60¿ Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Energy Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Energy Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Energy Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Financials Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Financials Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Capped Financials¿ Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Base Metals TM Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Base Metals TM Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Gold Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Gold Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro S&P/TSX Global Gold Inverse ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro U.S. 30-yr Bond Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro U.S. 30-yr Bond Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro U.S. Dollar Bear Plus ETF
  • Horizons BetaPro U.S. Dollar Bull Plus ETF
  • Horizons COMEX Copper ETF
  • Horizons COMEX Gold ETF
  • Horizons COMEX Silver ETF
  • Horizons Enhanced U.S. Equity Income Fund
  • Horizons GMP Junior Oil and Gas Index ETF
  • Horizons Gold Yield Fund
  • Horizons S&P 500 Index (C$ Hedged) ETF
  • Horizons S&P/TSX 60 130/30 ETF
  • Horizons S&P/TSX 60 Index ETF
  • Horizons U.S. Dollar Currency ETF
  • Horizons Winter-Term NYMEX Crude Oil ETF
  • Horizons Winter-Term NYMEX Natural Gas ETF
  • Horizonte Minerals Plc.
  • HSBC Bank Canada
  • HSE Integrated Ltd.
  • HudBay Minerals Inc.
  • Huntingdon Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Husky Energy Inc.
  • Hydrogenics Corporation
  • Hyduke Energy Services Inc.
  • IA Clarington Aston Hill Tactical Yield Fund
  • IAMGOLD Corporation
  • IBI Group Inc.
  • IC Potash Corp.
  • IGM Financial Inc.
  • Imaging Dynamics Company Ltd.
  • IMAX Corporation
  • Imperial Metals Corporation
  • Imperial Oil Limited
  • IMRIS Inc.
  • Imvescor Restaurant Group Inc.
  • Income Financial Trust
  • Income STREAMS III Corporation
  • INDEXPLUS Dividend Fund
  • Indigo Books & Music Inc.
  • Industrial Alliance Insurance and Financial Services Inc.
  • ING Floating Rate Senior Loan Fund
  • Inmet Mining Corporation
  • Innergex Renewable Energy Inc.
  • InnVest Real Estate Investment Trust
  • INSCAPE Corporation
  • Insignia Energy Ltd.
  • Inspiration Mining Corporation
  • Intact Financial Corporation
  • Integrated Asset Management Corp.
  • IntelliPharmaCeutics International Inc.
  • Inter Pipeline Fund
  • Inter-Citic Minerals Inc.
  • Intermap Technologies Corporation
  • International Datacasting Corporation
  • International Forest Products Limited
  • International Minerals Corporation
  • International Road Dynamics Inc.
  • International Sovereign Energy Corp.
  • International Tower Hill Mines Ltd.
  • InterRent Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Intertape Polymer Group Inc.
  • Intrepid Mines Limited
  • Intrinsyc Software International, Inc.
  • INV Metals Inc.
  • Investment Grade Trust
  • iPath CBOE S&P 500 BuyWrite Index ETN
  • iPath EUR/USD Exchange Rate ETN
  • iPath GBP/USD Exchange Rate ETN
  • iPath JPY/USD Exchange Rate ETN
  • iPath Optimized Currency Carry ETN
  • iPath S&P 500 VIX Mid-Term Futures ETN
  • iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN
  • iPath US Treasury Flattener ETN
  • iPath US Treasury Steepener ETN
  • iShares Alternatives Completion Portfolio Builder Fund
  • iShares China Index Fund
  • iShares Conservative Core Portfolio Builder Fund
  • iShares DEX All Corporate Bond Index Fund
  • iShares DEX All Government Bond Index Fund
  • iShares DEX HYBrid Bond Index Fund
  • iShares DEX Long Term Bond Index Fund
  • iShares DEX Real Return Bond Index Fund
  • iShares DEX Short Term Bond Index Fund
  • iShares DEX Universe Bond Index Fund
  • iShares Diversified Monthly Income Fund
  • iShares Dow Jones Canada Select Dividend Index Fund
  • iShares Dow Jones Canada Select Growth Index Fund
  • iShares Dow Jones Canada Select Value Index Fund
  • iShares Global Completion Portfolio Builder Fund
  • iShares Gold Trust
  • iShares Growth Core Portfolio Builder Fund
  • iShares J.P. Morgan USD Emerging Markets Bond Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares Jantzi Social Index Fund
  • iShares MSCI Brazil Index Fund
  • iShares MSCI EAFE Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Index Fund
  • iShares MSCI World Index Fund
  • iShares NASDAQ 100 Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares Russell 2000 Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares S&P 500 Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares S&P CNX Nifty India Index Fund
  • iShares S&P Global Healthcare Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares S&P Latin America 40 Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX 60 Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Consumer Staples Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Energy Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Financials Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Information Technology Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Materials Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped REIT Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Capped Utilities Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Completion Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Equity Income Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Global Base Metals Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX Global Gold Index Fund
  • iShares S&P/TSX North American Preferred Stock Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares S&P/TSX SmallCap Index Fund
  • iShares U.S. High Yield Bond Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • iShares U.S. IG Corporate Bond Index Fund (CAD-Hedged)
  • Isotechnika Pharma Inc.
  • Ivanhoe Australia Limited
  • Ivanhoe Energy Inc.
  • Ivanhoe Mines Ltd.
  • Ivernia Inc.
  • Jaguar Financial Corporation
  • Jaguar Mining Inc.
  • Jayden Resources Inc.
  • JDS Uniphase Canada Ltd.
  • Jean Coutu Group (PJC) Inc. (The)
  • Jewett-Cameron Trading Company Ltd.
  • Jovian Capital Corporation
  • Jura Energy Corporation
  • Just Energy Group Inc.
  • K-Bro Linen Inc.
  • Karnalyte Resources Inc.
  • Katanga Mining Limited
  • Keegan Resources Inc.
  • Keg Royalties Income Fund (The)
  • Keyera Corp.
  • Khan Resources Inc.
  • Killam Properties Inc.
  • Kimber Resources Inc.
  • Kingsway Financial Services Inc.
  • Kingsway Linked Return of Capital Trust
  • Kinross Gold Corporation
  • Kirkland Lake Gold Inc.
  • Klondex Mines Ltd.
  • La Mancha Resources Inc.
  • Labopharm Inc.
  • Labrador Iron Mines Holdings Limited
  • Labrador Iron Ore Royalty Corporation
  • Lake Shore Gold Corp.
  • Lanesborough Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Laramide Resources Ltd.
  • Lassonde Industries Inc.
  • Laurentian Bank of Canada
  • Le Chateau Inc.
  • Legacy Oil + Gas Inc.
  • Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation
  • Leon’s Furniture Limited
  • Lexam VG Gold Inc.
  • Liberty Mines Inc.
  • Life & Banc Split Corp.
  • Lifeco Split Corporation Inc.
  • Linamar Corporation
  • Linear Metals Corporation
  • Lipari Energy, Inc.
  • Liquidation World Inc.
  • Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd.
  • Lithium Americas Corp.
  • Loblaw Companies Limited
  • Logan International Inc.
  • Logistec Corporation
  • Lone Pine Resources Inc.
  • Longview Oil Corp.
  • Lorus Therapeutics Inc.
  • lululemon athletica inc.
  • Lundin Mining Corporation
  • Lundin Petroleum AB
  • Lupaka Gold Corp.
  • Lydian International Limited
  • M Split Corp.
  • MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd.
  • Mackenzie Master Limited Partnership
  • Macquarie Emerging Markets Infrastructure Income Fund
  • Mad Catz Interactive, Inc.
  • Madison Pacific Properties Inc.
  • MAG Silver Corp.
  • Magellan Aerospace Corporation
  • MagIndustries Corp.
  • Magma Metals Limited
  • Magna International Inc.
  • Magnotta Winery Corporation
  • Mainstreet Equity Corp.
  • Major Drilling Group International Inc.
  • Malaga Inc.
  • Mandalay Resources Corporation
  • Manitoba Telecom Services Inc.
  • Manulife Brompton Advantaged Bond Fund
  • Manulife Financial Capital Trust
  • Manulife Financial Corporation
  • Manulife Strategic Income Opportunities Fund
  • Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
  • Marathon Gold Corporation
  • March Networks Corporation
  • Marengo Mining Limited
  • Mariana Resources Limited
  • Markland AGF Precious Metals Corp.
  • Marquest Canadian Equity Income Fund
  • Marret High Yield Strategies Fund
  • Marret Investment Grade Bond Fund
  • Marret Multi-Strategy Income Fund
  • Martinrea International Inc.
  • Matrix Asset Management Inc.
  • Mawson Resources Limited
  • Mawson West Ltd.
  • Maxim Power Corp.
  • MBAC Fertilizer Corp.
  • MCAN Mortgage Corporation
  • McCoy Corporation
  • McGraw-Hill Ryerson Limited
  • MDC Partners Inc.
  • MDN Inc.
  • Mediagrif Interactive Technologies Inc.
  • Medicago Inc.
  • Medical Facilities Corporation
  • Mediterranean Resources Ltd.
  • MEG Energy Corp.
  • MEGA Brands Inc.
  • Mega Uranium Ltd.
  • Melcor Developments Ltd.
  • Mercator Minerals Ltd.
  • Mercer International Inc.
  • Metalore Resources Limited
  • Metals Plus Income Corp.
  • Methanex Corporation
  • MethylGene Inc
  • Metro Inc.
  • MGM Energy Corp.
  • MI Developments Inc.
  • Microbix Biosystems Inc.
  • Middlefield Bancorp Limited
  • Middlefield Tactical Energy Corporation
  • Midway Energy Ltd.
  • Migao Corporation
  • Minco Gold Corporation
  • Minco Silver Corporation
  • Minefinders Corporation Ltd.
  • Minemakers Limited
  • Minera Andes Inc.
  • Minera IRL Limited
  • Mineral Deposits Limited
  • Mines Management, Inc.
  • MINT Income Fund
  • Mirabela Nickel Ltd.
  • Miranda Technologies Inc.
  • Mitec Telecom Inc.
  • Molson Coors Canada Inc.
  • Moly Mines Limited
  • Moneta Porcupine Mines Inc.
  • Mood Media Corporation
  • Morguard Corporation
  • Morguard Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Morguard Sunstone Real Estate Income Fund
  • Morneau Shepell Inc.
  • MOSAID Technologies Incorporated
  • Mountain Province Diamonds Inc.
  • MTY Food Group Inc.
  • Mullen Group Ltd.
  • Multi-Manager Limited Partnership I
  • Mundoro Capital Inc.
  • NAL Energy Corporation
  • Namibia Rare Earths Inc.
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Nautilus Minerals Inc.
  • NB Split Corp.
  • NEMI Northern Energy & Mining Inc.
  • Neo Material Technologies Inc.
  • NeuLion, Inc.
  • Nevada Copper Corp.
  • Nevsun Resources Ltd.
  • New Dawn Mining Corp.
  • New Flyer Industries Inc.
  • New Gold Inc.
  • New Look Eyewear Inc.
  • Newalta Corporation
  • Newfoundland Capital Corporation Limited
  • Newgrowth Corp.
  • Newmont Mining Corporation of Canada Limited
  • Nexen Inc.
  • NexJ Systems Inc.
  • NGEx Resources Inc.
  • Niko Resources Ltd.
  • NiMin Energy Corp.
  • Niocan Inc.
  • Noranda Income Fund
  • Norbord Inc.
  • Nordion Inc.
  • NorRock Realty Finance Corporation
  • Norsat International Inc.
  • North American Advantaged Convertibles Fund
  • North American Energy Partners Inc.
  • North American Financials Capital Securities Trust
  • North American Palladium Ltd.
  • Northcore Technologies Inc.
  • Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd.
  • Northern Financial Corporation
  • Northern Property Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Northgate Minerals Corporation
  • Northland Power Inc.
  • Northland Resources S.A.
  • Northstar Aerospace, Inc.
  • Northstar Healthcare Inc.
  • Northwest Healthcare Properties Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Nova Scotia Power Inc.
  • Novadaq Technologies Inc.
  • NovaGold Resources Inc.
  • Noveko International Inc.
  • Noventa Limited
  • Nuinsco Resources Limited
  • NuVista Energy Ltd.
  • Nuvo Research Inc.
  • O’Leary Advantaged Tactical Global Corporate Bond Fund
  • O’Leary BrIC-Plus Income & Growth Fund
  • O’Leary Canadian Equity Income Fund
  • O’Leary Canadian Income Opportunities Fund
  • O’Leary Canadian Income Opportunities Fund 2
  • O’Leary Hard Asset Income Fund
  • O’Leary U.S. Strategic Yield Advantaged Fund
  • OceanaGold Corporation
  • OCP Credit Strategy Fund
  • OCP Senior Credit Fund
  • Oil Sands Sector Fund
  • Olympus Pacific Minerals Inc.
  • Omega Advisors U.S. Capital Appreciation Fund
  • Oncolytics Biotech Inc.
  • Ondine Biomedical Inc.
  • ONEX Corporation
  • Open Range Energy Corp.
  • Open Text Corporation
  • OPMEDIC Group Inc.
  • Opta Minerals Inc.
  • OPTI Canada Inc.
  • Orbit Garant Drilling Inc.
  • Orezone Gold Corporation
  • Orocobre Limited
  • Oromin Explorations Ltd.
  • Orsu Metals Corporation
  • Orvana Minerals Corp.
  • Osisko Mining Corporation
  • Otelco Inc.
  • Pace Oil & Gas Ltd.
  • Pacific & Western Credit Corp.
  • Pacific Insight Electronics Corp.
  • Pacific North West Capital Corp.
  • Pacific Northern Gas Ltd.
  • Pacific Rim Mining Corp.
  • Pacific Rubiales Energy Corp.
  • Pacrim International Capital Inc.
  • Paladin Energy Ltd
  • Paladin Labs Inc.
  • Palko Environmental Ltd.
  • Pan American Silver Corp.
  • Parallel Energy Trust
  • Paramount Gold and Silver Corp.
  • Paramount Resources Ltd.
  • Parkland Fuel Corporation
  • Pason Systems Inc.
  • Patheon Inc.
  • Pathfinder Convertible Debenture Fund
  • PC Gold Inc.
  • Peer 1 Network Enterprises, Inc.
  • Pembina Pipeline Corporation
  • Pengrowth Energy Corporation
  • Penn West Petroleum Ltd.
  • Peregrine Diamonds Ltd.
  • Peregrine Metals Ltd.
  • Perpetual Energy Inc.
  • Perseus Mining Limited
  • Petaquilla Minerals Ltd.
  • Pethealth Inc.
  • PetroBakken Energy Ltd.
  • Petrobank Energy And Resources Ltd.
  • Petrominerales Ltd.
  • Petrowest Corporation
  • Peyto Exploration & Development Corp.
  • PFB Corporation
  • Phonetime Inc.
  • PhosCan Chemical Corp.
  • PHX Energy Services Corp.
  • Pilot Gold Inc.
  • Pinetree Capital Ltd.
  • Pizza Pizza Royalty Income Fund
  • Platinum Group Metals Ltd.
  • Platmin Limited
  • Points International Ltd.
  • Polar Star Mining Corporation
  • Polaris Minerals Corporation
  • Pollard Banknote Limited
  • Polo Resources Limited
  • Polymet Mining Corp.
  • Posera-HDX Inc.
  • Postmedia Network Canada Corp.
  • Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc.
  • Power Corporation of Canada
  • Power Financial Corporation
  • PowerShares 1-5 Year Laddered Investment Grade Corporate Bond Index ETF
  • PowerShares Canadian Dividend Index ETF
  • PowerShares Canadian Preferred Share Index ETF
  • PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Long Exchange Traded Notes
  • PowerShares DB Agriculture Double Short Exchange Traded Notes
  • PowerShares DB Crude Oil Double Short Exchange Traded Notes
  • PowerShares DB Gold Double Long Exchange Traded Notes
  • PowerShares DB Gold Double Short Exchange Traded Notes
  • PowerShares Fundamental High Yield Corporate Bond (CAD Hedged) Index ETF
  • PowerShares QQQ (CAD Hedged) Index ETF
  • PowerShares Ultra DLUX Long Term Government Bond Index ETF
  • Powertech Uranium Corp.
  • Precious Metals and Mining Trust
  • Precious Metals Bullion Trust
  • Precision Drilling Corporation
  • Preferred Share Investment Trust
  • Premier Canadian Income Fund
  • Premier Gold Mines Limited
  • Premium Brands Holdings Corporation
  • Premium Income Corporation
  • Pretium Resources Inc.
  • Primaris Retail Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Primary Corp.
  • Primary Energy Recycling Corporation
  • Prime Dividend Corp.
  • Prime Restaurants Inc.
  • Primero Mining Corp.
  • Progress Energy Resources Corp.
  • Progressive Waste Solutions Ltd.
  • ProMetic Life Sciences Inc.
  • Propel Multi-Strategy Fund
  • ProSep Inc.
  • Protox Therapeutics Inc.
  • Provident Energy Ltd.
  • PRT Forest Regeneration Income Fund
  • Pulse Seismic Inc.
  • Pure Energy Services Ltd.
  • Pure Nickel Inc.
  • Pure Technologies Ltd.
  • QLT Inc.
  • Quadra FNX Mining Ltd.
  • Quebecor Inc.
  • Queenston Mining Inc.
  • Questerre Energy Corporation
  • R Split III Corp.
  • Rainmaker Entertainment Inc.
  • Ram Power, Corp.
  • Rare Element Resources Ltd.
  • Ratel Group Limited
  • Ravensource Fund
  • RDM Corporation
  • Red Crescent Resources Limited
  • Redknee Solutions Inc.
  • Redline Communications Group Inc.
  • Redzone Resources Ltd.
  • REIT INDEXPLUS Income Fund
  • Reitmans (Canada) Limited
  • Research In Motion Limited
  • Resinco Capital Partners Inc.
  • Response Biomedical Corp.
  • Resverlogix Corp.
  • Retrocom Mid-Market Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Revett Minerals Inc.
  • Revolution Resources corp.
  • Richards Packaging Income Fund
  • Richelieu Hardware Ltd.
  • Richmont Mines Inc.
  • Ridgewood Canadian Investment Grade Bond Fund
  • Ridley Inc.
  • Rio Novo Gold Inc.
  • RioCan Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers Incorporated
  • RMP Energy Inc.
  • Rock Energy Inc.
  • Rockex Mining Corporation
  • Rockgate Capital Corp.
  • Rockwell Diamonds Inc.
  • Rocky Mountain Dealerships Inc.
  • Rogers Communications Inc.
  • Rogers Sugar Inc.
  • Romarco Minerals Inc.
  • RONA inc.
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Royal Gold, Inc.
  • Royal Host Inc.
  • Royal Nickel Corporation
  • Rubicon Minerals Corporation
  • RuggedCom Inc.
  • Russel Metals Inc.
  • Rutter Inc.
  • S Split Corp.
  • Sabina Gold & Silver Corp.
  • Salida Wealth Preservation (Listed) Fund
  • San Gold Corporation
  • Sandvine Corporation
  • Saputo Inc.
  • Savanna Energy Services Corp.
  • Savaria Corporation
  • SCITI ROCS Trust
  • SCITI Trust
  • Score Media Inc.
  • Scorpio Mining Corporation
  • Scott’s Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Seabridge Gold Inc.
  • Sears Canada Inc.
  • Second Cup Ltd. (The)
  • Second Wave Petroleum Inc.
  • Secure Energy Services Inc.
  • Semafo Inc.
  • SemBioSys Genetics Inc.
  • Senior Gold Producers Income Corp.
  • Sentry Select Global Index Income Trust
  • Sentry Select Primary Metals Corp.
  • Senvest Capital Inc.
  • Serabi Mining plc
  • Serica Energy PLC
  • Shaw Communications Inc.
  • ShawCor Ltd.
  • Sherritt International Corporation
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Corporation
  • Shore Gold Inc.
  • Shoreline Energy Corp.
  • Sierra Wireless, Inc.
  • Signature Diversified Value Trust
  • Silver Bear Resources Inc.
  • Silver Bull Resources, Inc.
  • Silver Bullion Trust
  • Silver Predator Corp.
  • Silver Standard Resources Inc.
  • Silver Wheaton Corp.
  • Silvercorp Metals Inc.
  • Silvermex Resources Inc.
  • Sino-Forest Corporation
  • SIR Royalty Income Fund
  • Skope Energy Inc.
  • Skylon All Asset Trust
  • Skylon Global Capital Yield Trust
  • Skylon Global Capital Yield Trust II
  • Skylon Growth & Income Trust
  • Skylon International Advantage Yield Trust
  • SL Split Corp.
  • SMART Technologies Inc.
  • SMTC Manufacturing Corporation of Canada
  • SNC-Lavalin Group Inc.
  • Softchoice Corporation
  • Solitario Exploration & Royalty Corp.
  • Solium Capital Inc.
  • Sonde Resources Corp.
  • South American Silver Corp.
  • Southern Pacific Resource Corp.
  • SouthGobi Resources Ltd.
  • Spartan Oil Corp.
  • Spectral Diagnostics Inc.
  • Split REIT Opportunity Trust
  • Split Yield Corporation
  • Sprott Inc.
  • Sprott Physical Gold Trust
  • Sprott Physical Silver Trust
  • Sprott Power Corp.
  • Sprott Resource Corp.
  • Sprott Resource Lending Corp.
  • Spur Ventures Inc.
  • St Andrew Goldfields Ltd.
  • St. Augustine Gold and Copper Limited
  • Stantec Inc.
  • Star Hedge Managers Corp.
  • Star Hedge Managers Corp. II
  • Star Portfolio Corp.
  • Starcore International Mines Ltd.
  • Starfield Resources Inc.
  • Stella-Jones Inc.
  • Sterling Shoes Inc.
  • Stone Agribusiness Fund
  • Stonegate Agricom Ltd.
  • Stornoway Diamond Corporation
  • Strad Energy Services Ltd.
  • Strateco Resources Inc.
  • Strathmore Minerals Corp.
  • Strongco Corporation
  • Student Transportation Inc.
  • Sulliden Gold Corporation Ltd.
  • Sun Life Capital Trust
  • Sun Life Financial Inc.
  • Sun-Rype Products Ltd.
  • Suncor Energy Inc.
  • SunOpta, Inc.
  • Sunwah International Limited
  • Superior Plus Corp.
  • Supremex Inc.
  • Sure Energy Inc.
  • Swisher Hygiene Inc.
  • SXC Health Solutions Corp.
  • Synex International Inc.
  • T. Boone Pickens Energy Fund
  • TAG Oil Ltd.
  • Tahoe Resources Inc.
  • Taiga Building Products Ltd.
  • Talisman Energy Inc.
  • Talison Lithium Limited
  • Talon Metals Corp.
  • Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corporation
  • Taseko Mines Limited
  • TD Split Inc.
  • TDb Split Corp.
  • TearLab Corporation
  • Tech Leaders Income Fund
  • Teck Resources Limited
  • TECSYS Inc.
  • Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation
  • TELUS Corporation
  • Tembec Inc.
  • Ten Peaks Coffee Company Inc.
  • TeraGo Inc.
  • Teranga Gold Corporation
  • Terra Energy Corp.
  • TerraVest Income Fund
  • Tesla Exploration Ltd.
  • Tethys Petroleum Limited
  • Thallion Pharmaceuticals Inc.
  • The Brick Ltd.
  • The Cash Store Financial Services Inc.
  • The North West Company Inc.
  • Theratechnologies Inc.
  • Third Canadian General Investment Trust Limited
  • Thompson Creek Metals Company Inc.
  • Thomson Reuters Corporation
  • Thundermin Resources Inc.
  • Tiger Resources Limited
  • Tim Hortons Inc.
  • Timbercreek Global Real Estate Fund
  • Timbercreek Mortgage Investment Corporation
  • TimberWest Forest Corp.
  • Timminco Limited
  • Timmins Gold Corp.
  • TMX Group Inc.
  • Top 10 Canadian Financial Trust
  • Top 10 Split Trust
  • Torex Gold Resources Inc.
  • Toromont Industries Ltd.
  • Toronto-Dominion Bank (The)
  • Torstar Corporation
  • Total Energy Services Inc.
  • Tourmaline Oil Corp.
  • TransAlta Corporation
  • Transat A.T. Inc.
  • TransAtlantic Petroleum Ltd.
  • TransCanada Corporation
  • TransCanada PipeLines Limited
  • Transcontinental Inc.
  • TransForce Inc.
  • TransGlobe Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust
  • TransGlobe Energy Corporation
  • Transition Therapeutics Inc.
  • Tranzeo Wireless Technologies Inc.
  • Treasury Metals Inc.
  • Tree Island Wire Income Fund
  • Trevali Mining Corporation
  • TriAusMin Limited
  • Triax Diversified High-Yield Trust
  • Trican Well Service Ltd.
  • Tricon Capital Group Inc.
  • Trident Performance Corp.
  • Trident Performance Corp. II
  • Trilogy Energy Corp.
  • Trimac Transportation Ltd.
  • Trinidad Drilling Ltd.
  • Troy Resources NL
  • TSO3 Inc.
  • Tuckamore Capital Management Inc.
  • Tucows Inc.
  • Turbo Power Systems Inc.
  • Tuscany International Drilling Inc.
  • TVA Group Inc.
  • TVI Pacific Inc.
  • Twin Butte Energy Ltd.
  • U.S. Geothermal Inc.
  • UBS Global Allocation Trust
  • UEX Corporation
  • Uni-Select Inc.
  • Union Gas Limited
  • United Corporations Limited
  • United Silver Corp.
  • Ur-Energy Inc.
  • Uranerz Energy Corporation
  • Uranium Focused Energy Fund
  • Uranium One Inc.
  • Uranium Participation Corporation
  • Urbana Corporation
  • Ursa Major Minerals Incorporated
  • US Financial 15 Split Corp.
  • US Gold Canadian Acquisition Corporartion
  • US Gold Corporation
  • Utility Corp.
  • Utility Split Trust
  • Vaaldiam Mining Inc.
  • Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.
  • Valener Inc.
  • Vecima Networks Inc.
  • Velan Inc.
  • Velocity Minerals Ltd.
  • Vena Resources Inc.
  • Veresen Inc.
  • Vermilion Energy Inc.
  • Vero Energy Inc.
  • Victory Nickel Inc.
  • Vicwest Inc.
  • Village Farms International, Inc.
  • Virginia Mines Inc.
  • Vista Gold Corp.
  • Viterra Inc.
  • Vitran Corporation Inc.
  • Volta Resources Inc.
  • Wajax Corporation
  • Waldron Energy Corporation
  • Wall Financial Corporation
  • Wallbridge Mining Company Limited
  • Walter Energy, Inc.
  • Warnex Inc.
  • WaterFurnace Renewable Energy, Inc.
  • WebTech Wireless Inc
  • Wenzel Downhole Tools Ltd.
  • Wescast Industries Inc.
  • Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.
  • West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd.
  • Westaim Corporation (The)
  • Westcoast Energy Inc.
  • Western Areas NL
  • Western Copper Corporation
  • Western Financial Group Inc.
  • Western Forest Products Inc.
  • Western Lithium USA Corporation
  • Western Potash Corp.
  • WesternOne Equity Income Fund
  • WestFire Energy Ltd.
  • WestJet Airlines Ltd.
  • Westport Innovations Inc.
  • Westshore Terminals Investment Corporation
  • WGI Heavy Minerals, Incorporated
  • Whistler Blackcomb Holdings Inc.
  • White Tiger Gold Ltd.
  • Whitecap Resources Inc.
  • Whiterock Real Estate Investment Trust
  • Wi-LAN Inc.
  • Wilmington Capital Management Inc.
  • Winpak Ltd.
  • Winstar Resources Ltd.
  • Wireless Matrix Corporation
  • Witwatersrand Consolidated Gold Resources Limited
  • World Financial Split Corp.
  • Xceed Mortgage Corporation
  • Xebec Adsorption Inc.
  • Xinergy Ltd.
  • Xtra-Gold Resources Corp.
  • Xtreme Coil Drilling Corp.
  • Yamana Gold Inc.
  • Yellow Media Inc.
  • Yield Advantage Income Trust
  • Yield Advantaged Convertible Debentures Fund
  • YIELDPLUS Income Fund
  • YM BioSciences Inc.
  • Yorbeau Resources Inc.
  • Yukon-Nevada Gold Corp.
  • Zargon Oil & Gas Ltd.
  • Zarlink Semiconductor Inc.
  • Zazu Metals Corporation
  • ZCL Composites Inc.
  • Zincore Metals Inc.
  • Zongshen PEM Power Systems Inc.

There are 1,549 listed companies in the TSX stock exchange. Note that some of these companies are not really companies, but ETFs, such as the ones that have to do with iPath or Horizons.

This list is up to date as of July 13th, 2011.