August 24, 2011 | In: Technology

Your LinkedIn Account Has Been Blocked Scam

I just received an email stating that my LinkedIn Account has been blocked, apparently due to suspicious activity such as too many failed login attempts. Thankfully, because I investigate all the links before clicking on them, I noticed that the link does not go LinkedIn, but to another website, where you will probably be greeted with something that will render your PC unusable (don’t click on that link).

I think email is becoming more and more unreliable, I’m receiving scam emails everyday claiming that they are being sent from legitimate companies (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn). There are two solutions to this problem:

  • Email servers everywhere should not accept emails claiming to be sent from one domain while they are being sent from another (this is actually a setting on the mail server, but sometimes legitimate emails fall through the cracks).
  • Create a global filter that all emails sent have to go through before reaching their final destination. That filter will check if the identity of the sender really matches the “Sender” information on the email. If it doesn’t, then the email is rejected. This is, however, the worst solution when it comes to privacy. Where will that global server be, who will monitor it, and who will have access to its logs?

In any case, I feel that the number of scammers is increasing exponentially over the last few months (I used to receive these emails every week, now it’s multiple times every day!). Apparently, governments (especially the US government) are no longer “tough” on them.

Now since this post is mainly about LinkedIn, how is LNKD doing? Apparently not very well, as the market has woken up since last month and has discovered that LinkedIn is way overvalued. Even at the current price of $78.62, LNKD is trading at a P/E of 1,121 – it’s only one thousand one hundred and twenty years before LinkedIn is able to pay back the investors at the current earnings, assuming, of course, in a thousand years from now, LinkedIn still exists, the Internet still exists, the stock market still exists, the world still exists, and stock traders are not all burning in hell!

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