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Why RIM Is Losing Market Share

I have discussed RIM many times before, stating that the company is doomed, long before everyone else thought that it was. However, I have never discussed, in details, why the RIM is losing market share. Here’s why I think RIM is consistently losing market share to competitors such as Apple’s iPhone and Android powered phones:

  • RIM is providing an unreliable service: RIM’s last stronghold is its blackberry service. But when this service goes down for a few days it does scare away users: why would users stick with a service that is now considered to be intermittent?
  • RIM is taking its users for suckers: We all thought that RIM will take drastic measures in order to compensate affected customers for the outage mentioned above, such as free blackberry service for several months, but instead, RIM offered its users free downloads for specific junk (such as games/applications that nobody ever cared and nor will care about). Apparently RIM thinks of its userbase as a bunch of suckers. I personally think that those sticking with RIM after this ridiculous offering should be officially labelled as suckers.

  • RIM no longer innovates: When was the last time you heard that RIM had something new to offer (and not another copycat version of an Apple product, such as the PlayBook that nobody seems to care about, and that will be soon be offered for free after vouchers and discounts)? RIM seems unable to come up with something new. They are stuck in 2007 and they can’t seem to think forward anymore. Why would users continue to use RIM’s products when other companies have so much better things to offer?

  • RIM’s products are not fully connected in this connected world: Although finally RIM decided to open up its products, that move came a little too late. RIM’s blackberry service still needs a blackberry to run (correct me if I’m wrong….) and nobody is buying blackberries anymore. If you want to connect with your friend using the blackberry service your friend needs to own a blackberry as well.

  • RIM’s products are being dropped from large firms: Before, RIM’s products were the smartphones of choice for large organizations (including the US government). Now RIM’s products are being dropped from the buy lists of these organizations mainly because of security concerns and other issues that have to do with the “no-innovation” factor.

  • RIM’s products are ugly by today’s standards: A blackberry might’ve been cool 3 or 4 years ago (I always thought the thing was quite ugly), but by today’s standards, RIM’s products are hideous, and their ugliness can only be compared to that of Ericsson’s (Not Sony-Ericsson, just Ericsson) phones that were offered to the mobile market back in 1996.

Finally, if you’re willing to invest in RIM, remember that even RIM top executives are not buying shares in their company anymore. Not a very good sign, huh? Get out, fast!

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