June 2, 2014 | In: Trivia

Why Is It That Everything Is Bigger at the Airport

Try traveling from any airport in the world and you’ll feel like Alice in Wonderland after drinking the shrinking potion: everything is bigger at the airport, much bigger.

You find huge TicTacs, Toblerones (I have no idea why Toblerones are very prominent at airports), M&Ms, Nutellas (we’re talking about 10 pound Nutella jar here) – everything.

What’s weird is that it’s an airport, and you’re meant to fly after buying these huge things, and there is some serious space limitation (especially if you’re traveling coach/economy) when it comes to the things that you can take with you on board. Very odd.

I mean, why on earth do Airport managers think that having a huge Nutella jar is a good sell at an airport I have no idea. Do they think that we’re still in the 70’s, where you have to worry about getting Nutella when traveling to many countries (of course, that’s assuming that you like Nutella in the first place despite the fact that it can harm your teeth).

It’s really hard for anyone to find a logical explanation for this phenomenon (which is worldwide by the way), if anybody knows the reasoning behind this, then please share.

Until then, take a look at this 200 pill orange TicTac:

TicTac Orange – 200 Pills!

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