September 22, 2014 | In: Trivia

Why Canadians Wait in Line for New iPhones (Hint: It’s Not About the iPhone)

Every time a new iPhone is out, Canadians wait in line every day for months (until the new iPhone is available in abundance) to buy it. For the untrained eye, this might look like a Canadian obsession with new technology, especially with new iPhones. But, for those of us who have a little more knowledge about Canadians, the real reason lies elsewhere.

In Canada, and unlike the United States, Apple stores sell new iPhones unlocked (e.g. not restricted to a certain carrier), and these phones are usually worth a lot more than locked phones, and can be sold to anyone anywhere since they can work in any country and with any carrier.

Those obsessed Canadians are not really obsessed. In fact, they probably couldn’t care less about the iPhone, because the second they buy it, they will try to sell it on eBay. If you check eBay right now, you will see a bunch of unlocked iPhones being sold by Canadians (and only by Canadians), sometimes for $1,000 more than the original price. Not too bad for waiting in line for a day’s work of doing nothing other than waiting in line.

So, if you pass by a long line of eager Canadians waiting in front of an Apple store to get the new iPhone, then remember, it’s not about the iPhone, it’s about the money!

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