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Which Stock Has the Most Splits?

Not an easy question to answer. Unless you go through every stock and check how many historic splits that stock had so far, then there is no way you can know which stock has the most reverse splits.

I first thought that the stock which has the most reverse splits was INTC. This is because when I was a kid my uncle told me (and I still remember this, no idea why) that Intel used to split its stock in half every year. That was back in the 90s. So, I first checked Intel, and while the split used to happen every other year (and not every year as my uncle said), Intel had an impressive history of splitting its stock. It split it one time in the ’87, after that the stock dropped to a few pennies (that’s why there was a huge volume on the stock in 1988). Intel then recovered in the 90s and split its stock again in ’93, and then in ’95, ’97, and a final split was done in 2000, before the big NASDAQ crash. In total, INTC experienced 6 splits, all of them were 2:1 splits, with the exception of the one done in ’87, which was a 3:2 split.

But, to my surprise, INTC was not the stock with the most splits, there was one that had even more. After heavy research, I discovered that the stock that has the most splits is AFL (AFLAC Incorporated). In total, AFL (by the way, AFL is currently at a very attractive price – it is trading at a yearly low, I suggest you check it) has had 7 splits so far: 3 in the 80s (3 years in a row), 3 in the 90s, and 1 in 2001. Here are the details:

– 1985: 3:2
– 1986: 4:3
– 1987: 2:1
– 1993: 5:4
– 1996: 3:2
– 1998: 2:1
– 2001: 2:1

Just for fun, let’s see if you owned 2 INTC shares and 2 AFL shares in 1984 how many shares you would have had today:

INTC: 2 x 3/2 x 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 x 2/1 = 96 (2 INTC shares in 1984 equal to 96 INTC shares today)
AFL: 2 x 3/2 x 4/3 x 2/1 x 5/4 x 3/2 x 2/1 x 2/1 = 60 (2 AFL shares in 1984 equal to 60 AFL shares today)

So, while AFL had more splits than INTC, Intel gave its investors more shares for their 2 shares than AFLAC. I wish that Intel will return to its might once again. I don’t know why its stock is not performing well these days, most PCs are powered by their technologies.

I think it’s save to say that this article falls into the trivia category, it’s not essential information for investors to know, but it’s good to know!

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