May 14, 2011 | In: Trivia

What Is the Oldest Listed and Still Traded Stock?

Since it’s Saturday, I figured I publish something light and, of course, interesting to the investors. Today I will focus on the oldest listed stocks in the NYSE and the NASDAQ.

So, what is the oldest listed stock on the NYSE?

The oldest listed stock is that of “Bank of New York” (see here), now listed under the “The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation”, stock ticker is BK. The stock has dropped 7% so far this year, and is currently bearish on the short, intermediate, and long term. It has an EPS of 2.13, and its P/E of 13.17 is very acceptable. I would wait though for the stock to reverse the current bearish trend before entering.

Honestly I was surprised to see that the oldest listed stock on the NYSE is still traded! Just think about it, this stock witnessed all the phases of the evolution of the trading platform, that started somewhere with using carrier pigeons to finally using the Internet.

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