October 13, 2011 | In: Trivia

What Is the Most Traded Stock?

Following my little post on the most traded ETF, I was curious to know which stock is the most traded one on the US market.

Well, immediately I suspected SPY simply because a volume of almost 300 millions shares/day is a lot (there are smaller mature markets that don’t even have this average volume). And after further investigation, I have discovered that I was right, SPY is really the most traded stock in the US market. But how much money does that volume translate into? Let’s see…

SPY is currently trading at around $120, and since the average volume is 300,000,000 shares, then the total value of transactions (per day) for SPY is about $36 billion dollars (again, that’s per day!), which makes SPY by far the biggest contributor in the daily activity of the US market when it comes to money! The second closest is Apple, with a total value of transactions of around $8.75 billion every day. That’s less than 25% of SPY’s!

Note that before the reverse split, it was Citigroup that was the most traded stock in the US market, with an average volume as high as 500 million shares!

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