October 24, 2011 | In: Trivia

What Is CNN Stock Ticker?

CNN is one of the largest news channel in the US, and most likely the largest in the world. Since CNN is that important, it must have needed investors’ money in order to expand, and thus it must be a public company, and thus it must have a stock ticker. Right?

Well, while it’s true that CNN needed (and still needs) investors’ money to expand, it is not listed, and it doesn’t have a stock ticker. Why, well, because CNN is owned by the media giant, Time-Warner. Time Warner, however, is listed on the NYSE, and its stock ticker is TWX (so there is no stock under the ticker “cnn”).

Here are some technical information about Time Warner and TWX:

– Market Capitalization: Around $36 billion
– Number of shares: Around 1 billion
– Current stock price: $34.77 (valid as of October 24th, 2011)
– P/E ratio: Around 15
– Industry: Entertainment
– Main companies belonging to Time Warner are: CNN, Warner Bros. (producers of Harry Potter movies), and HBO. I believe CNN is the largest Time Warner subsidiary.

I’m not sure if TWX is a good stock long term, mainly because people’s habits when it comes to getting their news and information may change in the future. I personally avoid all companies that provide news services, whether online or offline.

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