June 16, 2014 | In: General

What Happens if You Don’t Pay Your Taxes on Time for Revenu Quebec?

I was asked by a friend who was a bit strapped on money on what happens if he didn’t pay his taxes on time for the Quebec government. I told him that the Quebec government follows the below process:

  • If the payment is not received by April 30th for the taxes owed for the previous calendar year, then the government will start charging you a yearly interest of 6% on the balance remaining (interest is accrued daily).
  • If the payment is not received by June 5th for the taxes owed for the previous calendar year, then, the Quebec government will send you a Notice of Recovery, asking you to pay your remaining balance (which will include interest up to the day of the letter) and giving you the option to defer the balance using the PAD (Payment Arrangement Proposal) program.

  • At a certain point, the Quebec government will give up on you and will send your file to a collection agency, where you will incur an additional $100 of penalty because of this file transfer.

So, if you haven’t paid your taxes yet, then do it quickly, because first of all it’s your duty towards your country/community to do it, and, second of all, you will incur taxes and various fees if you don’t do it immediately. Note that according to the Quebec government, they reserve the right to deduct the money you owe them from any payment made to you by a public body. It’s not clear though whether the term “public body” only applies for Quebec or to the Canadian government in general.

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