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What Are the Stocks That Make Up the Dow?

The Dow Jones Industrial Average, as most investors now, is an index that depends on the performance of 30 “Blue Chip” stocks. So what are these stocks? In order to answer this question, I have decided to compile a list of all the companies (or stocks) that make up the Dow. For your convenience, I have ordered these companies by market capitalization. I have also included, in the last column, their contribution to the Dow as a percentage.

Company Name Symbol Market Cap Contribution to the Dow
Exxon Mobil Corporation XOM $395,646,538,960 10.77%
Microsoft Corporation MSFT $229,502,396,805 6.25%
International Business Machines Corp. IBM $217,179,500,687 5.91%
Chevron Corporation CVX $208,814,942,261 5.68%
General Electric Company GE $190,192,556,880 5.18%
Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. WMT $183,038,659,036 4.98%
Johnson & Johnson JNJ $177,598,685,145 4.83%
AT&T, Inc. T $173,365,501,356 4.72%
The Procter & Gamble Company PG $172,220,212,861 4.69%
JPMorgan Chase & Co. JPM $158,167,592,983 4.30%
The Coca-Cola Company KO $155,946,934,898 4.24%
Pfizer Inc. PFE $152,088,863,910 4.14%
Intel Corporation INTC $118,393,659,595 3.22%
Merck & Co., Inc. MRK $105,345,145,797 2.87%
Verizon Communications, Inc. VZ $99,905,992,592 2.72%
Bank of America Corporation BAC $98,393,270,441 2.68%
McDonald’s Corporation MCD $89,742,547,964 2.44%
Cisco Systems, Inc. CSCO $87,837,954,577 2.39%
United Technologies Corporation UTX $75,277,775,876 2.05%
The Walt Disney Company DIS $72,997,734,454 1.99%
Hewlett-Packard Company HPQ $72,948,053,508 1.99%
Caterpillar Inc. CAT $63,689,184,816 1.73%
3M Company MMM $61,828,943,166 1.68%
Kraft Foods Inc. KFT $60,435,785,840 1.64%
American Express Company AXP $59,697,721,092 1.62%
The Home Depot, Inc. HD $55,617,130,526 1.51%
The Boeing Company BA $52,224,719,121 1.42%
E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company DD $47,754,112,239 1.30%
The Travelers Companies, Inc. TRV $23,085,066,301 0.63%
Alcoa, Inc. AA $15,675,416,016 0.43%

As you can see from the above list, the Dow Jones consists of five computer related companies, three pharmaceuticals company, two banking companies, two oil companies, two telecommunication companies among others. 10% of the Dow is controlled by Exxon, the mega oil company.

Note: The above data (market cap and contribution to the Dow) is valid as of August 1st, 2011.

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