November 19, 2013 | In: Consumer - Non Cyclical

What Are the Public Companies Producing Toilets?

According to the World Bank, today (November 19th) is World Toilet Day. While the thought of having a World Toilet Day is funny, it is also serious. Toilets are mainly about hygiene (imagine how your life would be without one), and can make living more tolerable. Unfortunately, there are still many people in the world we live in that have no access to toilets. The health implications on these people are often severe.

To celebrate World Toilet Day, I have done a quick research so that I can list all the public companies that manufacture toilets. To my surprise, I found that nearly all the companies manufacturing toilets are private companies including Kohler. On the European stock exchange, I did find Villeroy & Boch AG (ETR:VIB3), which has a market capitalization of merely 258 million Euros (seems that there’s not a lot of money to be made in the toilet business).

Well, there you have it, and happy World Toilet Today!

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