August 24, 2010 | In: Uncategorized

Unbelievable Bargains

Due to the major selloffs because of the fear of a double dip, there are so many bargain stocks at the moment, including, but not limited to:

AAPL: Apple’s Stock is currently trading at $239. Support is at $235. This stock is now trading dirt cheap, a must must must buy.
AIB: AIB is almost at a 52 week low trading at $2.08.
BAC: Bank of America is trading at $12.65, the stock will definitely go up to at least $14.50 when the current market insanity is over.
BP: BP is trading at $34.50. Even more delicious!
C: Citigroup is trading at $3.68. Give me, give me, give me!
IMAX: IMAX is trading at $13.13. Wow!
MAS: MAS is trading at $10.07, but I’d wait to buy under $10, preferably $9.80.

Of course, I still have no money to enter the market now, wish I had, but this is a lesson learned for me not to invest all my money in one week.

The Dow will probably close below 10,000 today, but I do feel that optimism will soon replace pessimism in this insane market.

It’s stressful, it’s ugly, but it’s fun!

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