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Top 5 US Banks by Market Capitalization

I was just checking C, and I noticed that Citigroup and Bank of America are very close to each other when it comes to market capitalization. Citigroup has a market capitalization of $114.90 billion while Bank of America has a market capitalization of $111.16 billion, 3.25% lower than that of Citigroup.

I then thought, what are the 10 largest banks in the United Sates by market capitalization? I did a quick search and all I found was outdated lists, so I have compiled my own list. Without further talking, here are the top 5 US1 banks by Market Capitalization.

Rank Bank Name Market Cap2 Diff. from 1st Symbol
1 JPMorgan Chase 165.66 JPM
2 Wells Fargo & Company 142.28 -14.11% WFC
3 Citigroup Inc. 114.40 -30.94% C
4 Bank of America 111.16 -32.89% BAC
5 US Bank 46.84 -71.72% USB

So, we can see from the list above that JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank by market capitalization. A year ago, Bank of America was the largest bank by market cap, but the good times are over! BAC has to go up to $16.35 for Bank of America to retake its position as the largest bank by market cap. C, on the other hand, has to be trading at $56.70 (not impossible at all!) to become the largest bank in the world by market cap. All assuming, of course, that JPM is steady at $41.67.

1All the banks listed are headquartered in the US and operate in the US.
2In billions of United States Dollars.

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