June 1, 2014 | In: Trivia

Top 10 Car Makers in Canada

After a few months of absence, I am going back to writing on my blog. Since I am actively looking for a car, I did a research to find what are the top 10 car makers in Canada. Here they are (each Car Maker is followed by the percentage of cars sold with respect to the top 10 car makers, and not to all car makers available in Canada):

  1. Ford (15.24%)
  2. Toyota (12.80%)
  3. Honda (10.98%)
  4. Mazda (10.08%)
  5. Hyundai (9.96%)
  6. Chevrolet (9.96%)
  7. Dodge (9.85%)
  8. Nissan (9.10%)
  9. Volkswagen (6.03%)
  10. BMW (5.99%)

Clearly, most Canadians pick price over quality any time!

How I created this data: I compiled a lot of data programmatically (I’m a programmer as well) from different car websites, I then aggregated the data and retrieved the top 10 car makers. I then added a simple line of code to calculate the market share that each car maker has with respect to the top 10 car makers’ share.

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