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The Ultimate Sin Stock

I was wondering what the ultimate sin stock is for a while now, and it seems that it’s Philip Morris (the makers of Marlboro, among many other cigarette brands). The cigarette company is one of the very few companies that regained its full strength after the 2008-2009 crash. The company (financial) fundamentals are great, and the stock is preferred by low risk investors as its fairly predictable (with the minor hiccups here and there when there’s a major lawsuit).

I do think that PM has still a few dollars to go, but from my personal experience, I am seeing that less people are smoking nowadays, and these people are smoking less (get it?). I think this is connected to regulations in many cities (no smoking in public places, pubs, etc…). Then again, it may just be my imagination. The company is also very diverse and I’m sure they’ll probably come up with something more addictive to suck more people in.

PM is a steady and a strong stock, but it’s also an evil stock (would you encourage a company that spreads diseases?). PM is a buy at around 45-47, and is bullish on the long term. Again, the stock is predictable, and one can make an easy profit when buying at these prices.

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