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The Most Expensive Stock in the World

…is the stock of the company with the ugliest website. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. (NYSE:BRK.A) is currently trading at $121,650.00 (yes, that’s only only one hundred and and twenty one thousand and six hundred and fifty dollars and 0 cents), which makes it, as the title states, the world’s most expensive stock listed on any market in the world!

Here are some facts about this stock:

– It was listed on the NYSE on June1st, 1990, and it started trading at $7,200 (the stock has rise 16 times since).
– The stock is issued by Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated, the company that is the fruit of Warren Buffet’s labor throughout the years, who’s been known to have made his money through safe, fair, and square techniques. If you don’t believe this, read his letter to the investors in 2010. Focus on the parts on how he met everyone who has worked with him towards building the company, read the last page about the $1,000 that should be put in a safe place, examine the part of how conservative he is with his investments, and how everyone working for him (at the executive level) works in the company as if it was for him. Honestly, I didn’t know much about Warren until I read this letter, which really explains everything, and makes anyone, regardless of his background, respect this man. The man reminds me of Scrooge Mc. Duck, he earned his money the right way, because he worked hard, because he loved money, because he respected money, and he ensured that that love and respect for money do not transform into hatred and greed. The man is also very conservative in his spending habits (by the way, and so are most of the other super billionaires).
– The stock is trading at a P/E of 15.33 and an EPS of $7,935.55. Yes, the company is making that much money!
– It is very hard to acquire the stock, few sell, and it’s really expensive.
– The volume on the stock averages around 500 shares a day, with a few shares being sold or bought every 5 minutes.
– The stock can make or lose ridiculous amounts every day (today for example, the stock has lost $660 so far – actually make that $1,285.00. In the 10 minutes from where I started writing the article the stock has lost another $600).

It’s a huge privilege to own this stock, not only because it’s very expensive, but because of the company behind it, and because of the man behind this company.

Now going back to the Berkshire Hathaway’s website, although I believe it is one of the ugliest websites in the world, I felt at ease when I visited it. I knew exactly what I wanted and I got it instantly, I didn’t have to search (well there’s no search functionality anyway), everything that I needed was just on the front page. With the exception of Google, I couldn’t think of a simpler website that offers the visitor exactly what he wants.

Oh, and by the way, read the Geico story in Warren’s 2010 letter to the investors. Actually, read everything in the letter, if a man so important has written such a letter, then the least thing we can do is read it all, and maybe learn from it a thing or two (optimism, how opportunities present themselves if you persist, etc…)

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