October 29, 2013 | In: Healthcare, Opinion

The healthcare.gov Debacle: Everyone Is Suddenly a Project Manager

I run a major site in project management – and so I read a lot about the topic. In the past few days – I’ve been reading quite a few posts on the healthcare.gov website, and what happened. What I noticed that everyone all of a sudden seemed to be a project manager – when I say everyone, I mean everyone! Kids, people with no PM experience whatsoever, janitors, you name it! Everyone who has access to the Internet has analyzed the situation and reached a conclusion that the website never worked and it’ll never work. This is just to prove my theory that the Internet nowadays is full of garbage.

Now – I’m not defending anyone here – but I’m pretty sure that all these people who blogged about healthcare.gov have really no idea whatsoever on what happened, what is happening, and what will happen. All these posts are based on assumptions perpetuated by the media (whose information was also based on assumptions) – even those posts that are written by real PM experts. Everything written on the subject so far is garbage, pure garbage.

The only non garbage post on the subject would be one written from a purely technical (non-political) perspective and based on data directly provided by the healthcare.gov stakeholders. But, we all know that this whole fiasco will end before anything of that sort ever happens. Nobody cares about the truth, everyone just wants to spread his FUD.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, this circus had zero effect on the healthcare stocks. In fact, the healthcare stock index on Google is up 3.83% since the beginning of the month. Apparently, investors kept their sanity throughout this madness.

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