September 9, 2010 | In: Opinion

Stocks I Would Love to Have

Here’s a list of some of the stocks that I would love to have, and the price I’d like to buy them at:

RIG: The most beautiful stock in the world, someone should name a whole city after RIG (let’s call it the “Rigged City”, get it?). I always made money on RIG, sometimes traded it multiple times a day. I wish I can get a hundred or so at $48. I thought RIG was going to go down after BP’s little fingerpointing today, but apparently it did not. RIG is one solid stock.

BP: I have traded BP only once, and I made money with it. I’ve studied for months now, and I think it’s a great buy below $35.

BIOS: A great pharmaceutical stock, company has excellent fundamentals, EPS is $1.01, and P/E is 4.87 (yes, it is that low). I would love to buy this stock at $4.40 (if we’re every going to see this level again). I bought it and sold it before for a little gain, I was terribly impatient with this stock, and I made a wrong decision by selling it at a bad time (that’s why I only made very little money out of it). The stock is solid. Even at $5 it’s a bargain if you’re in for the long run. BIOS can be very easily bought for 20 times EPS, which will make the stock price essentially $20 (4 folds gain).

MAS: A stock that frustrated me until I figured out its pattern, I made money with it though. MAS is highly dependent on home sales (because it mainly sells building products). I have noticed that MAS has an excellent support at $10: 2 weeks ago, the stock rebounded the moment it touched $10. I would love to buy MAS at $10.

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