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So Many Bargain Stocks At The Moment!

If only I had the money, here are the stocks that I think are excellent bargains, but don’t buy until Friday:

– BAC: The stock is now at the low 13s, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it touches the high 12s tomorrow.
– C: The stock will probably close tomorrow at 3.70-3.75. Citi is always an excellent bargain under 4.
– BP: BP went below the $40 level today, closing at $38.80 . The stock went down today not because of BP’s gulf problems, but because of the grim outlook.
– GS: Goldman Sachs is at $149, the stock was at $155 2 days ago. GS is always a bullish stock, and when you feel it’s undervalued you should always buy it.
– FAS: If I can only buy one stock, this would be the one, the market will not remain bearish for eternity. In fact a couple of weeks ago, the general sentiment was that the long term outlook is bullish. One could benefit greatly from FAS if he buys this week.
– AAPL: This stock has fallen so much in the last couple of days and for no reason whatsoever. Apple is one of the best companies out there with the best fundamentals. Assuming Steve Jobs doesn’t die in the next couple of months, you should buy this stock, for a quick rebound in the next week or the week after. Anything at $245 or less is a super must buy.

Stocks to avoid:

I wouldn’t touch RIG or RIMM at these exorbitant prices. I would also wait on MOT until it reaches the low 7s, at this point it would be a great buy.

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