October 28, 2010 | In: Services

SIRI Reaching a New 52 Week High

SIRI is up almost 10 cents since I wrote about it a week ago, does that mean that people have started to recognize that this stock is way undervalued?

The stock has a very good momentum currently (although it is still suffering from this stupid 1 penny up 1 penny down dilemma). I personally think that the stock will definitely go up from a technical perspective. Take a look a the JAN11 2 C, there are some people who think that the stock will reach $2 by January of 2011.

Again, I think SIRI is undervalued and it is worth looking into it, especially if you have some money that you are not investing properly (e.g. in a bank, accumulating a heft 0.5% interest over the year).

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