September 3, 2010 | In: Opinion

September: Bulls Are Back in Control!

This is the first week in a month where the DOW and S&P are closing significantly higher, and the S&P is closing over 1,100, which is is great! As a bull myself (I think you can see that in my writing), I’m exalted!

We had 3 terrible weeks in a row, where I’ve lost almost 20% of my portfolio (which consisted of mainly financials), but now this week was great. I was able to sell at least some of my stocks yesterday, and I’m looking into buying next week. I do think though that FAZ is a buy below $13, if it ever reaches this level, but again, FAZ should be bought carefully, and should be complemented with FAS at $2 minus your purchase price to protect your investment.

So this week brought optimism and bullishness back to the market (after hitting an 17 months low), and those who were skeptical and sitting on the side afraid of getting into the game will probably change their minds next week.

I hope that the momentum we have gained this week will continue into next week, and we can have another great week. Most of the stocks I’m trading were already hugely corrected back in 2008 and most analysts consider them as undervalued at the moment.

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