August 23, 2010 | In: Technology

PAR: A Stock That Tripled In Just Over A Week

PAR went up almost 100% on Monday August 16th, and will go up another 40% today after 2 bids to buy the company from DELL and HP, respectively. Hmmm…

A quick check on 3PAR:

– They’ve lost money in the last quarter for their investors yet they went up the same day. This is unusual, maybe DELL and HP were subtly acquiring stocks at that time? Which leads me to my second point…
– They are currently under investigation by a law group.

Stocks are dirt cheap at the moment because of the so called slowdown, but is it worth it for HP and DELL to go after companies that are losing money? Only time will tell if it’s worth it, and if there will be a bidding war on this stock.

PAR closed today at $26, up almost $16.50 from 9 days ago. Here’s a stock I wish I owned, and sold today. DELL and HP closed around 1% and 2% lower, respectively.

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