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My Statement of Purpose for the MBA

I know that this post has nothing to do with stocks, but I think that many MBA candidates will benefit from it, and that’s why I’m publishing it on my website.

When you want to apply for an MBA, you are asked for a statement of purpose, here’s what should be typically included:

– Explain why you want to pursue an MBA, while telling the reader a bit about yourself.
– Explain why you want to do an MBA at the specific university you are applying to.
– Conclude on how pursuing an MBA at the specific university you are applying to will help you fulfill your dreams.

Here’s my statement of purpose that I presented to JMSB (John Molson School of Business in Concordia) and got me accepted into the program:

I have made some drastic changes to my life since the beginning of the year: I have quit my job, I have started my own company, and I have freed myself from all the non-productive endeavors I was pursuing. Starting my own company was perhaps the most important change that I did, and what a change! It made me realize that when you’re the boss, you tend to work more because it’s your business, you tend to care more because it’s your business, and you want to learn more how to make your business better, because again, it’s your business. Since I was already working and caring more, I now wanted to learn more, and although I was an IT Manager in my last two jobs as an employee, I still lacked a lot when it comes to management, business, and people skills. I also knew that I was not following a standardized process when I’m running the business, my business; I’m merely applying what I’ve learned in my previous jobs, which may or may not be the right (or optimal) process. Learning more about all these things is no longer a want, it is now a need.

As I had already been accepted as an MBA student and had the chance to attend some sessions, I knew that an MBA is exactly what I want to become the man I want to be: It will give the discipline I so much need, it will give me the tools to run my business the right way, it will enhance my professional network (on the national and the international level), and, and last but not least, it will sharpen my management expertise.

But where I could do my MBA? I found that there is no better place than the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University (here in the very beautiful city of Montreal), not because I had already been accepted there in the past, but because of the school’s reputation and worldwide reach, the brilliant professors that teach in this school, the quality students that attend this school, and the advantage this school will give me over my business competitors.

I believe that an MBA at the JMSB is the right decision to advance myself and my business in this ever competitive world. It will open my eyes to opportunities I never knew existed before, it will complement my business, and it will make me a better man, a man who’s proud to look at the mirror and smile for the achievements he has made so far, and a man who can only see a bright, prosperous, and exciting future.

Feel free to adapt the above to your needs, and don’t forget to add your name (not mine) at the end of the document!

Good luck with your MBA!

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