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List of One Letter Stock Symbols

I was jogging with a friend of mine yesterday, and we started talking about X (United States Steel Corporation), a stock that I personally believe to be underpriced, and then I thought, how many other stocks have a ticker that consists of only one letter, and which ones are they? So I decided to create this list! Without any further delay, here are the stocks with one letter symbols:

Symbol Company Average Volume Current Price
A Agilent Technologies Inc. 3796000 48.18
B Barnes Group, Inc 546557 23.11
C Citigroup, Inc. 40442100 40.01
D Dominion Resource 2435880 47.27
E ENI S.p.A. 882817 47.02
F Ford Motor Company 65761900 14.18
G Genpact Limited 838405 15.56
K Kellogg Company C 1827110 55.49
L Loews Corporation 1296510 41.52
N NETSUITE INC 391185 37.73
O Realty Income Corporation 842555 34.12
R Ryder System, Inc. 675586 53.26
S Sprint Nextel Corporation 62783400 5.93
T AT&T Inc. 29249200 30.97
V VISA Inc. 4870470 80.70
X United States Steel Corporation 9476790 44.14
Y Alleghany Corporation 9285 328.99

Some notes on the table above:

– There are 16 one letter stocks.
– All the one letter stocks are listed on the NYSE. There is not a single one letter stock listed on the NASDAQ.
– Almost all one letter stocks have high volume, with the exception of Y. 4 one letter stocks have very high volume (over 10,000,000 stocks/day), and they are: C, F, S, T. X is also very close to having very high volume.

I wonder if it costs more for a one letter stock ticker. All of the companies above are rich enough to afford it anyway (including Alleghany Corporation). There is not a single company on the above list with a market capitalization less than $2 billion.

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