June 13, 2014 | In: Opinion

Laptops Will Cost Signficantly More in a Few Years

As I mentioned in a previous post back in February, Sony got out of the PC market, possibly forever. This news was a breath of fresh air for the makers of junk-packaged-as-laptops laptops such China’s Lenovo, China’s Japan’s Toshiba, China’s America’s Dell, and China’s America’s HP: they all now have one less competitor to worry about, and Sony was a real competitor: Sony’s laptops were of much better quality and had a much higher value for money compared to any of the above companies. In fact, the last Sony VAIO Z that was made back in late 2011/early 2012 had better specs than the best ultrabook currently on the market, and we’re in mid 2014 now.

In any case, the departure of Sony signaled the demise of the laptop market in general. The desktop market, for those who remember, experienced the same demise when laptops started taking over in the early 2000’s. The lower desktop sales lead to a higher price in the desktop price. Back in 2005, you could buy a desktop computer for $500 including the keyboard, the mouse, and a beautiful 20″ screen. Fast forward to now, and a similar desktop (with today’s specs) would run you about $1,500. The build quality is slightly better than 2005, but not enough to warrant the $1,000 price increase.

With tablets and smartphones taking over, laptops are now going through the same phase that desktops went through in the early 2000’s. The price of laptops is now super cheap, but, slowly but surely, we’ll see an increase in prices, until we get back to the $2,000 tag price that laptops were selling for back in 2003 (Sony Vaio Z laptops were selling for roughly $4,000 back then). The reason for that is that laptops sales are diminishing every month (nearly everyone has a tablet right now and/or a smartphone, and is using either to browse the Internet), which means that mass production of laptops will stop at one point, which means that laptops will sell for more.

At a certain point of time, the only people using desktops will be banks and designers, and the only people using laptops will be developers. You heard it here first!

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