October 22, 2010 | In: Services

Is SIRI Undervalued?

I had a chat with a friend yesterday, and he was telling me that almost every new (half-decent) car now comes with a Sirius satellite radio and a free year, that most people renew. I was thinking, probably this company is losing money at the moment, but it has a huge potential, providing its technology does not become obsolete with time, and no real competitors jump in the satellite radio bandwagon.

At the current price of $1.31, there is a possibility that this stock is largely undervalued in the medium run, but let’s wait and see. I personally think that Sirius need to change a substantial part of their vision, enter global markets with a firm feet, and not just restrict themselves to the fluctuating and the currently weak US market, also provide stations in local languages.

To be honest, even though people like this service, I don’t see the point or the advantage of having a satellite radio, but then again, I’m not a die hard Howard Sterns’ fan, and I’m sure I will never be…

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