August 4, 2014 | In: Opinion

Is PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi Really the Best Hire in the Last 100 Years?

There was an article on LinkedIn that was published last Friday that praised Indro Nooyi’s guidance of PepsiCo and claimed that Indra is considered to be the best hire in the last 100 years.

Now I have searched and searched for a single reference that confirmed the 100 year thing – but I found nothing. Even if such a reference existed, I don’t understand who ranks people as best hires in the last 100 years (100 years? really?) or best CEOs or best whatever. The financial performance of any public company can be easily verified. Mrs. Indra became CEO of Pepsico on October 1st, 2006. From October 1st, 2006 until Friday’s afternoon, Pepsico’s stock (NYSE:PEP) increased by 35.01%. Coca Cola’s stock (NYSE:KO), on the other hand, increased by 75.87%. Conversely, from January 2nd, 1998 to September 29, 2006 (8 years prior to Mrs. Indra becoming Pepsico’s CEO), Pepsico’s stock has increased by a staggering 87.80%, while Coca Cola’s stock has decreased by 30.59% (Source: Google Finance)

Clearly, Pepsico was much better off without Mrs. Indra at the helm.

Please, LinkedIn authors stop with the propaganda and the blatant advertising for your favorite CEO. We can all do our research to verify your (usually false) claims.

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