August 5, 2011 | In: Financial

Is Citigroup Undervalued?

I was just checking C this morning in the wake of yesterday’s horrors. It is trading at a one year low (of course, after taking the reverse split back in May into consideration) of $34.81 (that’s only $3.48 before the reverse split). The stock right now is dirt cheap, here’s why:

– Citigroup is here to stay: This is a very, very strong back. Too big to fail? You bet!
– The stock is trading way below its book value: Citigroup’s book value is $58.46, which is a whopping 67% above its current price.
– The company is making money, the current EPS is $3.29, and it’s climbing.
– The P/E ratio of the stock is just over 10.

I think Citigroup is a very attractive buy at this point, and I’m sure that a $35,000 investment will definitely make you at least $3,000 within a week or so. Not too bad huh?

I have never, ever lost money on Citigroup. I just love this stock more than any other stock!

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