December 17, 2013 | In: Technology

For Twitter’s Stock (NYSE:TWTR) To Be Worth Real Money, Twitter Must Control the Spam

Sometimes I search Twitter to find up-to-date information about something. Just right now, I was searching for a stock, and as usual, I was bombarded with spam in the search results. Spam was about 80% of my search results – literally.

I started wondering on what basis a company that doesn’t even have a mechanism to filter the most basic spam can become public. I understand that some spam is very hard to detect with generic algorithms, but 80%? Come on Twitter, you can do better than that.

So, how does this spam look like?

Well, the spam is a meaningless tweet that ends with a random hash. This tweet is always made from someone with zero followers. The meaningless hash is most likely used to trick Twitter into thinking that the tweet is unique, and it’s working, because Twitter’s spam filtering is by far the worst.

In any case, I don’t want to go very technical in this blog (I’m a programmer by the way), but the fact of the matter is, how can the market put value, any value, on a company that doesn’t do what it should do well.

Twitter, in my opinion, is a reactive (but very useful) company that should focus on its technology and how to generate money before begging asking for money from investors. But hey, I don’t run the NYSE, and there are many suckers out there with lots of money willing to buy TWTR at $50+, regardless of whether the search results work or not, and regardless whether the company generates money or not.

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