September 7, 2010 | In: Consumer Cyclical, Healthcare

Examining Top Losing Stocks: CLDX, ZQK, AVNR

I was having another pass at the top losing stocks of Friday, and I found these:

CLDX (Celldex): A pharmaceutical company that reported a net loss of 30 cents per share on Friday morning. The stock dropped 26.15% on 20 times average volume. The stock went down to an all time low of $2.91 in the beginning of the trading, and then closed at $3.53. I would stay away from this stock, EPS is -$1.30, small company, scary, unless, of course, they get bought. The only attractive thing about this stock is that it reached an all time low on Friday, so maybe… But I will not touch it myself.

ZQK (QuickSilver): First I want to give my personal opinion about this apparel brand, I really hate it. Now let’s go back to the stock, it dropped 11.5% on 6 times the average volume after the company lowered its forecast for the fourth quarter. EPS is -8 cents, the stock has still room to drop. I would stay away. ZQK looks very similar to APP, in my opinion.

AVNR (Avanir Pharmaceuticals): Another horrible pharmaceuticals company that is losing money (EPS is -29 cents). Stock dropped 7% on 2.5 times the average volume to $2.71, after traders noticed a high put activity on this stock. This stock, in my opinion, is the worst in this list, and it has room to drop below a buck. I would definitely stay away.

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