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Europe Slowly Becoming a Chinese Colony

I remember meeting an Italian Canadian on the plane flying from Paris to Montreal nearly 3 years ago. Besides telling me that she was gluten intolerant (I never knew before I met her that some people are not able to eat bread or pasta, imagine being an Italian and not being able to eat spaghetti or pizza), she was telling me that Italy has changed for her from the last time she was there. There are many non-Italians who are now working and living in Italy. Most of these non-Italians are Chinese. She was telling me that the majority of Italians underestimated the Chinese labor. She told me that they (the Italians) thought that they were more advanced than the Chinese. I was not surprised, because prejudice is the norm where labor travels to a country not really open for immigration. But then she said, as if she was talking to a fellow Italian, “These people, that you think are stupid, are going to come and buy your country”. Her face expressions were very serious, and she was really afraid about her home country, her original country, her Italy. I didn’t think much of the conversation back then, but for some reason, I still remember it as if it just happened. I also never believed that what she’s saying will materialize, at least not that fast!

Fast forward 3 years, and now China is buying Spanish and portuguese debt (and maybe Irish and Greek debt as well). Not only that, China expressed its will and determination to “save” any other European country that may need help. Why not? China is sitting on trillions of dollars (or Euros) and can easily buy any country’s debt, including, but surely not limited to, the US debt (I think they’re the only ones buying US debt at the moment). But why? Well, it’s a long term financial investment, and buying debt in financially weak countries will give China more political and financial influence in these countries.

China is also quickly expanding in Africa, especially West and Central Africa, where most of the undertaken projects and investments are Chinese.

The financial crisis in 2008-2009 changed the rules of the game, and although not officially, it changed the world map, it removed boundaries and added others. Money has changed hands. The US money that the US treasuries are printing is no longer in the US, it is now everywhere but the US.

Now is what China doing considered right? Well it is right from their point of view, as for the others, I don’t think the problem is China, the problem is with the whole system, it’s broken. People are now taxed to death in Europe and North America, sometimes paying over 50%, yet their governments are broke. A century ago, when people were paying little or no taxes, economies were flourishing… Can we solve the problem if we reduce taxes? Definitely not. In fact, the heart of the problem are the thousands of useless government agencies where government employees spend the whole day doing nothing. Fire those and you’ll have a bigger problem. I just don’t know what the solution is. Meanwhile, we can only watch China expanding financially and politically…

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John Walsh

June 17th, 2011 at 12:34 pm

This is what happened in Ireland and Greece and will eventually happen to the entire west when the richer countries finally fall. The collapse of Industrial infrastructure in some parts of Europe more notably Britain has led to a a service based economy which relies on consumers and middlemen conpanies to keep the economy moving, its a little like the abolition of the gold standard , with money being printed which bears no relationship to any actual asset.

Everybody is swapping work and money back and forth amongst themselves without there being anything REAL produced and with no real n out of paper cash.

Enter China a REAL end user hungry for investment, raw materials and REAL mineral resources to fund its growing REAL industries and infrastructure , everybody who is anybody is now working for them and those that cant or wont are replaced by Chinese Labour from the mother country of which China has a huge surplus and often neither wants or needs Local Labour.

The west, Like the Roman empire complacent in its assurance of its on former success and continued dominance is too busy trying to create utopia with its meddling governments promoting multiple programmes of save the planet and stop smoking campaigns , health and safety laws and Human rights legislation which lead to the stiffing of innovative business ideas and schemes sorely needed to drive the a new European economy based on large projects and even the exploration of Space and many other REAL projects.

China has no such arrogance built into its national character to them people are commodities like any other , profit and the achievement of the end goal is everything , even if it cost a few lives in the process ( the great Wall of China was not built with the inclusion of H&S polices or wringing lazy people on the dole all their lives) China right to live comes from the effort that one and indeed all individuals make to the overall success of the entire Country.

It used to be this way in England in the 19th Century and nobody needs reminding how successful the British were ( half the world speaks English and a four new countries were created by the British empire all of them successful stable societies to this day.

Europeans have lost the plot and are busy in LA LA land while China takes over the world by trade ( much like the British before them) also they do not allow large scale immigration into their countries of third world uneducated people to drive buses and be traffic wardens , hiding behind they principle that they have enough of their own , in reality they are ( as seen in their African adventure) just as racist as any European , many Chinese firms in Africa will not employ local Labour and bring in their own who they regard even at the manual workers level as superior to Africans. the same polices apply in China but for different reasons they do not want their culture and history belittled and destroyed over time by large alien threats such as Islam and what they term as sub standard peoples from other cultures.
While their incursions into the west may not engender similar tactics certainly they will exercise tight control over the leading managers and designers in any given Chinese owned factory in the West.
Euro and the west has to grow up or in as little as two generations in may find they are second class citizens in their own countries


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