September 29, 2014 | In: Technology

Crackle Closes Its Services for Google TV

I have the Sony Google TV, and I think I am one of the first people who bought it (back in 2012). I use it every day to watch videos on YouTube (I love watching the Sherlock Holmes series, the one from the 80s-90s starring Jeremy Brett), I also use it to occasionally stream movies on Crackle.

Yesterday (or was it Saturday), I was surprised, when I opened Crackle, to see something like the following message:

Crackle is no longer supported on GoogleTV. You can still use Crackle on your PC or your Android device.

What was surprising is that it happened all of a sudden (much like everything else these days), but what wasn’t surprising is that it happened: The service wasn’t working properly on Google TV (it was working, but not properly) and it was probably costing Crackle more money to maintain than it was actually making through advertising revenue.

What was a bit ironic is that Crackle is a Sony business, and it is no longer working on that Sony device.

Sony seems to be taking a very proactive approach towards its services and products recently, immediately canceling those that are deemed unprofitable or generating losses.

I’m not sure I will miss Crackle as much as I miss the VAIO laptop, maybe because I can live without it or maybe because I can still use it on my other TV (which is Android powered).

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