August 8, 2011 | In: Financial

Citigroup Inc. Market Cap Now Below $100 billion

For the first time in nearly 2 years, Citigroup’s (NYSE:C) market capitalization is now below $100 billion, thus reducing the number of US listed banks (note: US listed banks are not the same as US banks) that have a market cap over $100 billion to just 3: HSBC Holdings ($164.42 billion), JPMorgan Chase ($147.02 billion), and Wells Fargo & Company ($133.06 billion). Bank of America lost access to this exclusive club of wealth banks nearly 2 months ago.

In order to regain a market cap of $100 billion, C needs to be trading at $34.25, which may or may not happen this week. Personally, I think this week will be another horrible week for C (the stock is now down 3% in the pre-market). Bank of America, on the other hand, has to be trading at just over $9.87 to regain access to that club.

I remember when a friend of mine had nearly 10,000 C stocks (before the reverse split) and he sold half of his position when the stock reached $5, I advised him not to do so. In retrospect, he was right, I was wrong. I think 2011 is another bad, bad year for bank stocks. PIIGS, unrest in the Middle East, and a deteriorating US economy are making things worse than last year. I would stick to trading oil ETFs, at least they are predictable.

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