October 18, 2010 | In: Financial

Citigroup: A Resilient Stock

Every day there are some bad news coming about banks: foreclosures, new regulations, etc… Of course, bank stocks are hugely affected by these bad news, there is one bank stock that is resiliently moving up: C.

I love C, I always feel depressed if I don’t own this stock. I regret not selling the stock a few days ago when it was at $4.26, but then again, this stock is always bound to move up (in my opinion).

BAC on the other hand, is one stock I really loathe, yet I keep buying, with the hope that it will go up one day. I bought again at $12.50. IMO, BAC is a good buy below $13, and right now at the current price of $11.98, it can really go up tremendously. The main difference between BAC and C is that most investors seem to like the latter but hate the former.

CVBF is finally coming up, it went up to $8.20 last week, which means, in my book, that the jinx for this stock is finally over. I still own it and I would not like to sell it at a loss. Let’s wait and see.

PS: Financials are going up in the pre-market, maybe because of this report? (I like the word “ended” in the title)

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[…] Every time I buy BAC I regret it later on, even though I vowed many times not to buy this stock, I still buy it thinking that it’s undervalued, and I still believe that it’s undervalued, but obviously the market doesn’t. BAC is now trading at $11.59 in the pre-market, there’s a huge difference between BAC and Citi, a resilient stock. […]


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