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Canadian Big 5 Banks on Twitter – Which One Has the Most Followers?

Canadian banks are finding that Twitter is a powerful platform to gain more clients by going casual with their existing/potential clients and pretending that they are the nicest people on earth… Anyhow, I found it interesting to know how many Twitter followers each of the Canadian Big 5 Banks has, and here are the results:

  1. CIBC: 57.7 K followers.
  2. TD Canada Trust: 49.2 K followers.
  3. ScotiaBank: 43.9 K followers.
  4. RBC: 27.8 K followers.
  5. BMO: 19.5 K followers.

There you have it – CIBC has the strongest presence on Twitter (they also offer 24/7 support through Twitter – or at least they claim they do). CIBC, by the way, is the smallest Big 5 bank, with total assets just above $350 billion. RBC, which ranks at #4, is the strongest bank and has $825 billion in assets.

Oh, and by the way, all the tweets of the Big 5 banks are in English. I couldn’t find a single tweet in French. I wonder how long will it take the Federal government to enact an English/French law for tweeting.

If you’re in Quebec, then you might be interested in knowing that Quebec’s DesJardins Group has 2,530 followers on its English Twitter account and 10.4 K followers on its French account. Quebec’s Desjardins is the 6th largest financial institution in Canada, with total assets of around $190 billion.

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