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Bad Trading Day And The Bright Side

Today was a really bad day for me, I didn’t do any trades, at all, mainly because all my money was invested in stocks that lost money today. I try my best no to sell on a loss.

One of the worst performing stocks in my portfolio is BAC, which is on a losing streak for a week now. I have lost so much money on this stock right now it’s not even funny. The stock will hopefully rebound, it’s just a question of time, but the problem is that the money invested in this stock is locked. I hope tomorrow BAC will come up with some good news. I should have bought BAC at a cheaper price, but now I know…

On the bright side, I am now an Active Trader, which means that I can do trades for way less commission fee than before, which will make my profit margin higher. The problem is that today I saw a lot of opportunities, but my money is already locked in some stocks that underperformed.

Moving forward, I will split my portfolio into cash and equities evenly, I will use the cash to buy equities that will most likely rebound in a very short period (I’m talking an hour or two here) and sell them as they rebound. The equities part will be used to buy high ris stocks that were beaten to near death, and I will wait for them to go up (usually this happens in a week or two). An example of these stocks is BIOS, NVIDIA, etc…

I can’t wait for my stocks to go up…

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