June 6, 2011 | In: Financial

BAC Below the 52 Week Low

BAC (a stock that I loathe and thankfully have stopped trading for a while) is currently trading $10.93, which is just 2 cents above the 52 week low. Will it break this $10.91 barrier today?

I think if it does, then there’s a huge potential that BAC will be trading in the single digit (below $10) by the end of this month, and this is where the real panic starts.

C is also not doing great. It has fallen below the $40 level last week (below $4 before the split, which is always attractive). At the current price of $38.44, C is trading just $2.24 (5.82%) above the 52 week low.

I don’t know where and when all this bearish trend will end, but I know for sure that C is at a very attractive price at the moment, but it still has the potential of going lower.

June of last year wasn’t great for both stocks!

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