November 7, 2012 | In: Technology

Apple Pays $2.5 Billion in Dividends

If you have checked AAPL’s stock today, then the thing you would have noticed (other than the stock dropped 3%) is that it has this cute little blue square that looks like a “D” (for dividend). Yes, you’re right, Apple paid a dividend today for the second time since November 1995 (that’s exactly 17 years ago) – first time was back in August. It seems that Apple has conceded to the fact that it now must compensate for the bad products it’s releasing to make sure that investors won’t just dump the stock.

But, how much did Apple pay?

Well, it has paid $2.65 per share as dividend, which means that in total, Apple has paid $2.5 billion (there are 940.69 million AAPLs) – not that bad, but considering the stock has dropped by almost 7 times that amount, I don’t think it was a great day for Apple investors.

AAPL shares are extremely overvalued as the company is now facing increasing pressure from Samsung, Microsoft and the likes. Apple, as a company, has lost all of its competitiveness when it released a very disappointing (and overpriced) iPhone 5. Yes, there are many Apple fans out there, and they just buy Apple because it’s Apple, but the majority wants the latest in technology – something that Apple is no longer offering.

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