December 27, 2010 | In: Financial

AIB and IRE: Some Investors Are Making Lots of Money!

…that others are losing…

Both stocks can be considered a success story or a sad story, depends on which side of the fence you are. The rules of the game are simple: it’s a buy for AIB when it’s below $1, and sell when it’s above $1. As for IRE, it’s a buy below $2.4, sell when it’s above $2.4. But you know, with stocks as crazy as these, the rules of the game keep on changing, and you might be unlucky enough to buy AIB at $0.9, and having your stop loss order triggered at $0.8. Who knows?

I think trading both stocks is nothing more than a crapshoot at the moment, you just don’t know what’s going to happen. Sometimes these stocks react proportionally to positive reports, other times they just go down for equally positive reports. They really have a mind of their own.

Both stocks can go up 20% or down 20% intraday (and this is happening frequently for the last couple of months). I would never ever trade these stocks myself, too much risk for my appetite, and I feel trading AIB and IRE should no longer be called trading, gambling is a much better word.

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