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AAPL: The Scandal Every Other Week Stock

One of the most interesting stocks (besides BP and RIG) for me is AAPL. I am noticing that the stock is affected by a scandal every other week, whether it’s the antennagate, or selling confidential data about Apple products. It’s interesting to see how Bloomberg focuses constantly on the bad news on Apple, with stupid stories like these receiving a front page article every day, and sometimes twice a day, through updates. Clearly, the world listens to Bloomberg, and AAPL is often manipulated by their news, not to say that the stock is worth much more than what it is right now, but there is always massive shortage when Apple hits a certain threshold (which is around $265-$270), and suddenly a flood of bad news, and the stock goes down another $20-$30 in a few days.

I wonder what’s the next mountain out of a molehill for Apple, is it that their products cause deafness? Or would it be a security breach on the iphone / ipad? I have to say that the latter is very easy, but not as easy as reviving the antennagate another time (I believe that the antennagate can be revived up to 9 times, just like a cat, after that Bloomberg and others will need to have another big story to short the stock).

I’m not complaining, I’m just highlighting a pattern here and I hope someone, somewhere, will put this information to good benefit. For me AAPL is a great buy at around $240 (even $247 is not bad). I never short stocks.

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