November 14, 2013 | In: Opinion

56% of the World’s Oldest Companies Are Japanese

While doing a small research for this post on the oldest company in the world (that still exists), I noticed that the majority of the world’s oldest companies are Japanese. There are quite a few Swiss, Austrian, and German companies, but the absolute majority are Japanese.

This means 2 things: 1) that Japanese work ethics are the best in the world, and 2) that the Japanese are resilient people that can wither the effects of a recession (or many recessions), a natural disaster, or wars.

This also means that the majority of people living on this planet don’t have the long term vision that the Japanese have, most of us look after our children and that’s about it. We don’t care what’ll happen to our business, to our money, to our vision, to our countries, 100 years after we die. We just care about the present. All this “we think about the future” slogans that we see all over the place are fake. Rare are those who care about the future, and if there are people on this planet who are most likely to care about the future, it’ll be the Japanese.

I’m sure that if the majority did care about the future, then we world would be a cleaner, less corrupt place. Unfortunately, few do.

Kudos to the Japanese for being the only people about this planet who genuinely care about the future in a form other than worrying about global warming and using recyclable plastic bags.

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