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10 Facts About Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN) For Investors

AMZN, in my opinion, is a very risky stock, but, in the opinion of many, many others, it is a safe haven and a golden egg. Regardless of what I think and what other investors think, here are some 10 facts about Amazon:

  1. Amazon became public on May of 1998.
  2. Amazon started trading at $18/share (Google Finance shows that it started trading at $1.5, but remember that the stock was split 1:12 between 1998 and 1999).

  3. Females constitute about 65% of Amazon’s traffic.

  4. AMZN had 3 splits between June of 1998 and September of 1999. In short, 1 share of AMZN back in 1998 is 12 shares of AMZN at the current moment.

  5. Amazon never paid dividends.

  6. AMZN was hardly hit during the NASDAQ crash of 2000. However, even in its worst days, its price remained above IPO level.

  7. It took AMZN 10 years to regain its 2000 peak price.

  8. If you bought 1,000 shares with AMZN back in 1998 (worth $18,000) and kept them to this date, you would have $3,936,000.

  9. April of 2007 was the most active month for AMZN, where 250 millions shares were traded (about 10 times the average).

  10. AMZN is trading at a P/E of 862, which means that it’ll take Amazon 862 years to pay off its investors.

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